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More Fache 1866-1930

 Leonardo Da Vinci Ginevra de' Benci (1474)
Surname From To Migration Comment
Fache 1797 5/2/1873



died in 5 Pelham Place Brompton London W.
Forster 1953

New Zealand>



JULY 26 1905     Incidentally Mr. Campbell expressed his satisfaction at the formation of a New Zealand Referees' Association, and put in words liis conviction that it would be for the betterment of the game of football, throughout the colony. Mr. Garrard mentioned that when he left for Wellington, Canterbury viewed with misgivings, tho proposal to institute a New Zealand Association ; .but he could assure his hearers that he was now perfectly safe in saying that Canterbury would join the association that had just been formed. Mr. A. Campbell proposed the toast of "The New Zealand fiugby Union," replies to which were made by Messrs. Fache, Isaacs, and Wylie.
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  2 Arthur Street Dunedin New Zealand
David Goodman <David.Goodman@obhs.school.nz>
To: spacermike007@yahoo.ca
Sent: Mon, March 14, 2011 6:41:43 PM
Subject: George Fasche. Otago Boys High School

Greetings again Mike,

                                 George attended the school from 1883-1887 and I have located his original registration entry. The registering parent detail is not well recorded. But shows an address of Clyde, a small town in Central Otago and an occupation as printer. I cannot find Georges name in any academic prize list, sporting results or cadet notes and the school magazine started in 1885. Photographs were non existent in the magazines in this era. I am still scanning the magazines for mention of George


Hon Judith CollinsJudith Collins is a highly qualified and experienced lawyer and was a company director prior to being elected to the constituency seat of Clevedon in 2002. Following electorate boundary changes, Judith was elected MP for Papakura in 2008.

Judith has been awarded Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws (with Honours) and Master of Taxation Studies degrees by the University of Auckland.

She has over 20 years professional experience as a lawyer. Prior to becoming an MP, she had been Chair of the Casino Control Authority, President of the Auckland District Law Society, Vice-President of the New Zealand Law Society and a public company director and chairperson.

In the area of Veterans' Affairs, Judith campaigned successfully to force an Inquiry into the effect of Agent Orange on War Veterans.

Judith is married and lives with her family in South Auckland. She is formerly a member of Rotary and Zonta International, an honourary member of the Royal New Zealand Naval Association (Counties Branch) and an Associate member of the Papakura, RNZRSA.

She was awarded the Ex-Vietnam Services Association Pin in 2004.

Email: j.collins@ministers.govt.nz

Website: www.judithcollins.co.nz

Phone: (04) 817 6806 (Parliament)

Phone: (09) 299 7426 (Electorate)

Hon Judith CollinsCorrections - MinisterPolice - MinisterVeterans' Affairs - MinisterAttorney-General - Acting MinisterSocial Development and Employment - Acting MinisterSerious Fraud Office - Minister responsible

 For th« extra half back in the New Zealand team for England the selectors need not lcok further than the player from Southland. Of a fine lot of forwards, who played the game as a combination and not as a disjointed concern, Porteous stood out by him; self for general excellence. The Kaikorai player was in the forefront of every rush, »nd was generally the first man to get on to the opposition. Next to Porteous, that pair of sturdy Southlanders, O. and 1 E. Purdue, ■were ever prominent. The solidity of the scrums of the combined provinces was mainly due to the Southland heavy-weights. The two front-rankers, M'Nie and Spiers, worked -well together, and in the second spell in particular weTe successful in hooking th ball. Low played a solid game, and monestly earned hi 3 place in the team. CHven wag noj; so prominent as usual, but on one occasion in the second half he mad© a nice br*ak-away from the line, just failing to finish up a- fine bit of play by hanging to th« ball too long. An Auckland telegram states that in "senior football the City beat Newton by 19 points to ml, Grafkon beat Poneonby by 5 to nil, North Shore forfeited to Parnell. The City wins the Cup, having won all ■iatch.es played. A Wellington telegram states that.Petone defeated Old Boys by 14 points to 3, and thus again won the Senior Championship. Wellington beat Southern by 12 points to 8, and Melrese beat Poneke by 12 points to 6. , Th« following is the team selected to re- i present Canterbury against New Zealand on > Thursday;— Full back, S. Turtill; threequarters—A. Love, D. Fraser, E. Harper (captain) ; " five-eighths, R. Deans and G. Gray; half back, P. -Burns; forwards— G. ■ Ormandy, A. Brown (Ashburton), G. ' M'llwraith, P. Vincent, G. Chambers, P. L. j Orr (Ashburton), 0. C. Pearce, F/Drake. Abbott (Taranaki) has "been requested to attend atf Wellington on Saturday and play wing three-quarter for New Zealand, with the view to his proceeding to England with th© team should his play satisfy the selectors (Messrs Bayly and Fache).

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Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened
Into the rose-garden....

There they were, dignified, invisible,
Moving without pressure,
In the autumn heat, through the vibrant air,
And the bird called, in response to
The unheard music hidden in the shrubbery...

Go, go, go, said the bird: human kind
Cannot bear very much reality.
Time past and time future
What might have been and what has been
Point to one end, which is always present.

Bill Gye

Prior to 1860 immigrants like George and William Fache (Jr.) had to travel by sail  to New Zealand

Here are some of the birth/death records

1870: FACHE George Cox                 folio no    1374

1872: FACHE William Michael  D6wk. 2/5/1872    1552 (Dunstan)

1874: FACHE Florence Mary                                      1945 (Dunstan)

1876: FACHE Elizabeth Cecilia D14yr.4/1/1891    2795 (Dunstan)

1879-1913: FACHE Ernest William                            4165 (Dunstan)

1881: FACHE Ethel May                                               3169 (Dunstan)

1883: FACHE Eva Gertrude                                         2105 (Dunstan)

1885: FACHE Iris Isabel                                               1019 (Dunstan)

1887  FACHE Hugh Ethelbert                                       3297 (Tapanui)

1900-1978?: FACHE George                                        4174 (Wellington)

1904-1972: FACHE Sybil Grace                                   4752 (Wellington)

1907: FACHE Elizabeth Mary                                       2674 (Dunedin)

1908-1984?: FACHE Phyllis Rose                                817 (Wellington)

1918: FACHE Ada                                                           141 (Balclutha)

1929: Forster Annette                                (Wellington)  

1953: Forster/Milne Michael    21/9/1953                  (Plymouth, Eng.)



New Zealand Death Indexes searched from  1910 to 1950


1913: FACHE Ernest             Folio no 2439 (Naseby) Central Otago

1914: FACHE Bessie Walmsley (sis?of George Sr.)  2349 (Otago)

1915: FACHE George                          2457 (Wakatipu) Otago Kawarau Falls Station

1918: FACHE Grace Alice                    3871 (Wellington)

1948: FACHE George Cox                   (Gore)

From our genealogy marriage records    Ethel May Fache aged 31 m. McBride 1912
                                                          Eve Gertrude  Fache         m. Charles 1907
                                                          Iris Isobel  Fache  aged 30 m. Mitchell 1915
                                                          George Fache m. Lizzie Cox 24 Oct 1868
From local  death registration records    2 May 1872  William Michael Fache inflammation of the bowels aged 6 weeks b. NZ  Informant W Fache
                                                          3 Aug 1881 William Fache printer of Clyde.  Stricture of the urethra aged 52  b. Eng. Informant G Fache
                                                          4 Jan 1891 Elizabeth Cecilia Fache dau. of Geo Fache of Clyde  Tuberculous meningitis aged 14
                                                              Informant G Fache
                                                          11 Aug 1914  Mrs Fache wife of G C Fache at Ophir of childbirth. Resident of Ida Valley born NZ   
Hope this is useful for the family tree     Regards  Joan Stevens

 Ron,Thanks for the quick response, I am very excited of your news of my great grandfather, who comes with a very illustrious  history of the family of Fache's, even his dad was a founding figure in th colonization of the Dunstan area in the 1860's( George Fache not Jr. (Cox Fache)as well as his emigrating brother William. The family history shows they all seem to have a wierd facination with repeating names, even my middle name is George,even unconsciously when my daughter was born I gave her a French name as per our Heugenot roots. I named her Mirielle(my reason was however due to a Q.C. girlfiend who played records by a Mirielle Mathieu (sp?)a French chantuese. I especially loved  songs like " Aux Bicyclettes du Versailles, and Aujourd'hui, Je Reviens"

Route map

 from Arrowtown to Frankton.Arrowtown

Henrietta Hunt,Baptized 27th October 1811 Saint Marys, Lambeth, London, England

Married: 7th March 1835 Old Church, Saint Pancras London, EnglandDied before April 1863

Married: Charles James Fache

possibly brother of my great-great-great-grandfather William (mike)
7th March 1835 Old Church, Saint Pancras, London, England
You may like to know that three or four years ago I found the 1905

 All Blacks team list written by hand by George Fache, complete with crossing out of some names and ticks by others. I gave it to the NZRU and the last time I saw it, it was hanging in their boardroom.


: "Ron Palenski" ron.p@clear.net.nz
>Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 Hi Inductions are considered by an induction panel rather than by me. I can send you a nomination form if you wish.>Ron   Original Message From: Mike Milne To: ron.p@clear.net.nz,  Subject: Re: consider another inductee into your sport hall of fame, George Fache O.B.E.> Retired public servant; Care >of
> the Wellesley Club, Wellington. >Born in Clyde Otago N.Z. on
> >April8/1870, son of George Fache, proprietor >"Dunstan Times". Married Grace daughter of Alfred Clark. One son, two daughters. Educated Clyde and OBHS. First XV(rugby) and first XI >(cricket) 1886-7. Wellington rugby football representative 1890. Rugby referee 1892-1904. NZ selector 1896-1905. Member of WRFU, NZ Rowing >Association. > Cadet and clerk Government Insurance Department 1889-1902, chief >clerk Pensions
> >Department 1902-1909, Deputy Commissioner of Pensions >1909-1912, Commissioner 1912-1929. Secretary and member War Pensions >Board1915-1929.,died in Gore in Oct1948.http://fachefiles.tripod.com/
Surname From To Migration Comment
Fache 1873 5/2/1873 France>England died in Pelham Place Brompton London W.
Forster 1920 New Zealand>England

Sent :  November 28, 2004 11:21:12 PM
To :  "Mike Milne" <spreadtheword75@hotmail.com>
Subject :  Re:heritage
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Dear MikeThanks for the further information: this may be helpful to the reference staff at the Hocken Collections, who do have shipping lists and may also have more information on the Dunstan Times.  They can be contacted directly by email via their query form,  at http://www.library.otago.ac.nz/services/email.html
Good luck with your research, and do let us know if you find any indication he was a student at Otago.
Best wishesKarin Warnaar24/11/2004, you wrote: thanks for your offer, here is what I found so far..its from "who's who in New Zealand dated 1932
Fache, George Cox O.B.E.
Retired public servant; Care of the Wellesley Club, Wellington. Born Clyde Otago 1870, son of George Fache, proprietor "Dunstan Times". Married Grace daughter of Alfred Clark. One son two daughters. Educated Clyde and OBHS. First XV(rugby) and first XI (cricket) 1886-7. Wellington rugby football representative 1890. Rugby referee 1892-1904. NZ selector 1896-1905. Member of WRFU, NZ Rowing Association.Cadet and clerk Government Insurance Department 1889-1902, chief clerk Pensions Department 1902-1909, Deputy Commissioner of Pensions 1909-1912, Commissioner 1912-1929. Secretary and member War Pensions Board 1915-1929." I still however have no idea why he won an O..B.E. which was my original goal ...very perplexed that he had a son (name), my grandma( Phyliss) never mentioned a brother. If you have the grandfather in Englands name or the boat they came to N.Z. in, or siblings names would be great  Dear Mike Thank you for your email.  I've looked at the old University of New Zealand Roll of Graduates, and find no Fache or Forster on the list in the time frame you mention, but this is not an infallible roll. 
I would suggest you contact the reference section of the Hocken Collections
http://www.library.otago.ac.nz/libs/hocken/index.html, and also see if you can get any more information from your family in the meanwhile, as this may help identify which would be the appropriate records to look through - eg, what might he have studied, why was he awarded the OBE?  I'm sorry I can't be more help, the  Alumni & Development Office holds few historical records but I hope you may have more success with the Hocken. All the best with your research.Warm regards Karin Warnaar 19/11/2004, you wrote:I was studing our family history and I was wondering if my great grandfather George Cox Fache who went on to be an Allblack, he was also awarded an O.B.E..attended your university around the 1890's. I have spent weeks trying to find out about our family history without any luck.He was born in Clyde NZ April8/1870 died in Gore Oct.5/1948.His daughter Phyliss (later to become Forster) may have attended. definitely my momAnnette(later to become Milne) attended around 1950 have you any info to share? thanks in advance, Mike Milne in Canada

Tue, 12 Apr 2005
To: spacermike00@yahoo.ca
Subject: Dunstan Times
Dear Mike Milne,Your email of 11 April 2005 asked about putting the Dunstan Times
                                    (1864-1948) on our Papers Past site.  Unfortunately there are no plans
                                    to do this at the present.  We hold a portion of the Times on microfilm
                                    - 1890-1939 to be precise.  I'm not sure if that's the period you are
                                    interested in. If it is you could interloan the microfilm through
                                    international interlibrary loan.  Alternatively you could email us with
                                    details on your gg grandfather that you would like researched.
                                    Yours sincerely,Nigel Murphy
                                    Librarian New Zealand & Pacific Published Collections
                                    ALEXANDER TURNBULL LIBRARY
                                    New Zealand ph: 04 4743000

Hodgkins, William Mathew, 1833-1898 The Dunstan Flat, from the Knobby's Track, 1864.
19 May 2005 Dear Mr Milne FACHE FAMILY Your email dated 11 May 2005 requested information on the above family, in particular the arrival of George Fache to New Zealand.On receipt of a postal address I can mail you the following photocopies referring to George Cox Fache: 'New Zealand obituaries', v 34, pp 137, 138 ·New Zealand free lance, 19 December 1903, p 4d In attempting to ascertain an arrival date for the family in New Zealand, I tried to check for the earliest evidence of George Fache (Snr.) residing in the country. A check of V Maxwell's Settlers to Otago pre 1861 was unsuccessful. There appears to be conflicting references to his tenure as proprietor of the Dunstan times. According to the Cyclopedia of New Zealand (Christchurch, 1902), v 4, p 721, the Dunstan times was founded by G Fache in 1862. However, D R Harvey's Union list of newspapers preserved in libraries, newspaper offices, local authority offices and museums in New Zealand (Wellington, 1987) lists the publishing dates of the Dunstan news and Wakatip advertiser as 30 December 1862 -ca.1864 and the Dunstan times as February? 1864-24 May 1948.
Artist unknown [Gold-mining village in Central Otago, probably Hartley & Riley's Dunstan diggings on the Clutha. 1862?]
pages 199-200 from G H Scholefield's Newspapers in New Zealand (Wellington, 1958) referring to these two newspapers. These references suggest he arrived some time before 1862 or 1864. The Otago Settlers Museum, PO Box 566, Dunedin holds indexes to Otago arrivals from 1848-1863 and may be able to help you further. It is possible that George Fache's death certificate may note how many years he had resided in New Zealand. The Registrar General's Births, deaths and marriages indexes (Lower Hutt, 1986), includes a death registered at Wakatipu for a George Fache in 1915 (folio no. 2457). You may wish to apply for this certificate via the Births, deaths and marriages website www.bdm.govt.nz .There are several references to members of the Fache family in M J Kelly's Births, marriages, deaths from the Dunstan times 1866-1900 (Auckland, 1991). These can be photocopied for you at a cost of fifty cents per page. Staff in the Manuscripts and Archives Section report that TAPUHI, the online database of the Library's unpublished collections, has been checked on your behalf. TAPUHI can be accessed at
http://tapuhi.natlib.govt.nz. One folder containing material relating to George Fache has been located among the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand Records (MS-Group-0206). The folder, Visit to Australia - Mr Fache (MS-Papers-0444-684), contains material relating to a visit to Australia by Mr Fache in 1946-1947 when he was a vice-president of the Forest and Bird Society. This material deals with Australia's regulations regarding the control of wildlife and does not contain biographical material about Mr Fache. Access to this collection is restricted and requires the permission of the General Manager of the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society. Staff in Turnbull Library Pictures have checked files for photographs of George Fache and of Dunstan or Clyde. There are no photographs of George Fache, but there are two of Ada Howard Fache who may be a family member. There is also a selection of photocopies of Clyde that may be of interest to you.

Canterbury: 1896: AD DOWNES, Otago: FT EVANS, Canterbury: GC FACHE, Wellington: 1897: HJ COUTTS, Wanganui: GC FACHE
Mail coach, and passengers, about to leave the township of Dunstan (now known as Clyde) for Roxburgh, circa 1880s. The Dunstan Hotel is alongside, and the Hartley Arms Hotel is also just visible.

 could you please
include his paper The Dunstan Times
in your site?
You should find the reference to Bartholomew Fache towards the middle
of Chapter 5 "Persecutions and Martyrdoms."

Tom Stewart
"Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy
to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand
before the Son of Man" (Luke 21:36).I found only one reference to the Vaudois Christian martyr,
>Bartholomew Fache, in James A. Wylie's "The History of Protestantism."
The sum of all that Wylie wrote of Bartholomew Fache's martyrdom at the hands of his Roman inquisitors: "Bartholomew Fache, gashed with
sabres, had the wounds filled up with quicklime, and perished thus in agony at Fenile."
The God, Who willingly sacrificed His Only Begotten Son for us, must have been desirious of making another powerful statement to the world of the Truth of His Gospel to allow Bartholomew the necessity of such an intense death. "But He giveth more Grace" (James 4:6).I hope this helps.Tom Stewart"Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His Saints" (Psalm
116:15).I cannot access info on my family (Fache) in book 16 0f Wylie's writings. I am at library and only get 1 hour,which is not enough time to find info...
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 2:44 AM
Subject: Williams Family

read your family tree which intersects my family, Fache  I had a great great great grandfather William Fache in London in 1873.http://www3.sympatico.ca/ouipie/BDG/geneal.htm
Granserre, Marie {I20759}
Gender: Female
Marriage:Abt 1640
Spouse: Fâche, Jean {I20758}
Gender: Male
Father: Suret, Jean {I20756}
LeConfesseur, Denise {I20757}
Marriage:7 OCT 1669 Québec,Québec
Spouse: Fâche, Nicolas {I20754}
b. 1642 St-Eloi de Mesnelies,év. Amiens,Picardie Historically, France was born here when Clovis made Soissons the first capital of the Franks, in 486, and later Hugues Capet, elected king of France at Senlis, was crowned at Noyon in 987. This proud past made Picardy the first French region, not only for historical buildings and monuments but, also, the premier region for its Gothic cathedrals. Amiens has been specially honoured, by UNESCO, for its architectural heritage. From an area 30 kms North of Paris, close to the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, the southerm boundaries stretch eastwards towards Champagne and the Belgian border. Westwards, it extends to the English Channel. This ancient and hospitable region will not disappoint the visitor, with its choice of 4,000 hectares of lakeland, 1,200 kms of rivers, 70 kms of dunes, cliffs and luminous beaches, coastal marshes, forests and the bays at the river mouths of the Somme and the Authie
Maps of France


region mapClimate:   Tempered humid
Capital city:   AmiensFaçade of the Musée de Picardie

The city of Amiens was set up as a borough in 1117.
A first belfry was then erected, to protect the new local rights.
Following the example of
Amiens, many belfries were built during the 12th century in cities in the north of France
.Le Beffroi
They usually had a meeting room for the city aldermen, an archives room, a weapon store and a jail.
A watchman would stand in the upper part in order to warn the population of threats from without or from within. This watchman would also strike the hours.

In 1875,  Jules Verne , who showed an enormous interest in his new city of adoption, published a short story called "An ideal city, Amiens in the year 2000".

d. 3 DEC 1714 Charlesbourg,QC
Gender: Male
Father: Fâche, Jean {I20758}
Granserre, Marie {I20759}
Father: Cadieux, Jean {I20744}
Valade, Marie {I20874}
Marriage:1 DEC 1696 Montréal Québec,QC
Spouse: Fâche, Robert {I14839}
b. 29 OCT 1670 Charlesbourg,QC
d. Bef 1741
Gender: Male
Father: Fâche, Nicolas {I20754}
Suret, Catherine {I20755}

 Our newspaper was started in 1862 by George Fache, an original settler in New Zealand.It was named the"Dunstan Times", as Clyde was previously named Dunstan. The shop was located on Sunderland Street, Clyde. This journal was founded in 1862 by Mr. G. Fache, who conducted it till 1895. The premises were on freehold land, and consisted of a wooden building, which contained a Wharfedale printing press and a complete jobbing plant. The paper was a weekly publication of eight pages of seven columns, and had a wide circulation throughout Central Otago. I have been wading (drowning) through miles of NZ history to find info photos of my family "Fache" who became influential from the 1860's in Dunstan and then spread out. I have had little success. Can you share anything from your findings. mike

to the Dunstan Times