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 This website has been established primarily in honour of  George Fache,  founder of  The Dunstan Timesin 1862 as an early settler in what is now Clyde, New Zealand. He was the  great-great grandfather of Mike Milne, editor 2005. This is http://dunstan-times000.tripod.com This is the first full color hologram, a 4 x 5" full color one step white light transmission hologram by Dr. Stephen A. Benton, Herbert Mingace, Jr. and William R. Walter, The Polaroid Corporation, in 1979.


Holography - virtual gallery 
click for enlargement of installation views in separate window 3d holograms Screen image 
      Bronze Ship 
      Click for multi-color INTERFEROMETRIC HOLOGRAMS by Al Razutis

2 Channel Flip
full color holograms
3D Morph
A World of Trim 
  promotional full color hologram
3D Zoom Hologram
3D Hologram

mmmmmmmmaaaaaadddddddd       dddddddddooooooggggggggsssss

A beam of laser light is optically separated into two beams. One, the reference beam, is directed toward a piece of holographic film and expanded (its diameter increased) so that the light covers the film evenly and completely. The second (object) beam is directed at the subject of the composition and similarly expanded to illuminate it. When the object beam reflects off the subject, it carries with it information about the location, size, shape and texture of the subject. Some of this reflected object beam then meets the reference beam at the holographic film, producing an interference pattern which is recorded in the light sensitive emulsion

Holographic Space-Time

Two universes of different dimension and obeying disparate physical laws are rendered completely equivalent by the holographic principle. Theorists have demonstrated this principle mathematically for a specific type of five-dimensional spacetime ("anti­de Sitter") and its four-dimensional boundary. In effect, the 5-D universe is recorded like a hologram on the 4-D surface at its periphery. Superstring theory rules in the 5-D spacetime, but a so-called conformal field theory of point particles operates on the 4-D hologram. A black hole in the 5-D spacetime is equivalent to hot radiation on the hologram--for example, the hole and the radiation have the same entropy even though the physical origin of the entropy is completely different for each case. Although these two descriptions of the universe seem utterly unalike, no experiment could distinguish between them, even in principle.

Physics: Dose of 'Reality'If you're one of the thousands of people who bought Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time" in 1988 and then let it gather dust as it sat on the coffee table impressing your visitors, better clear some space. There's a new theory-of-everything book on the way, and it's even more likely to wow your dates--assuming you can convince them you've read it. The first 400 pages of "The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe," by Hawking's equally renowned colleague Roger Penrose, are solid math. The next 600... let's just say those first 400 were worth their weight in anti-matter. Our innate perception that the world is three-dimensional could be an extraordinary illusion.
More than one 3-dimensional image can be recorded on the same piece of film. For example, the two-channel hologram, "Brain/Skull" (produced by The Polaroid Corporation in 1982), displays two different images as it is viewed from left to right.

Hologram of Methane-Powered Bus
Candy Holograms Collector's Selection

al gore hologram - live earth tokyo '07

Al Gore Hologram - Live Earth Tokyo '07watch video

Madonna & Gorillaz at the Grammy AwardsAl Gore launched Live Earth Tokyo in a high-tech, virtual way – as a hologram using Musion Eyeliner Holographic Projection. After a stirring introduction by Lumi, the virtual-reality singer of Genki Rockets, a head-to-toe-likeness of the former U.S. Vice President materialized on stage

Musion Eyeliner System was the holographic projection technology behind the 3D animation of the popular animated band Gorillaz, who performed 'live' at the Grammy Awards 2006. What's even more surprising is that the Eyeliner System also re-created a virtual Madonna, who performed her hit single Hung up on the same 3D stage
David Beckham appeared live on stage at the Adidas Press Launch for the London Olympics 2012 in the form of a hologram, as Adidas unveiled its 100 million sponsorship deal with London 2012, the biggest so far for the Olympic Games organiser.

On Endeavour's maiden voyage in August 1768, Cook sailed to the South Pacific (to observe and record the infrequent event of the planet Venus passing between the Earth and the sun). Determining the transit of Venus enabled early astronomers to find the distance of the sun from the Earth, which then could be used as a unit of measurement in calculating the parameters of the universe. The ENDEAVOUR departed England in 1768 and after visiting Tahiti the following year he discovered New Zealand and claimed it for Great Britain. In 1769, Cook was the first person to fully chart New Zealand (which was previously visited in 1642 by the Dutchman Abel Tasman from the Dutch province of Zeeland). Cook also surveyed the eastern coast of Australia , navigated the Great Barrier Reef and traveled to Hawaii.

The Dunstan Times

This website has been established primarily in honour of  George Fache,  founder of  

The Dunstan Timesin 1862 as an early settler in what is now Clyde, New Zealand. He was the  great-great grandfather of Mike Milne, editor 2005. This is http://dunstan-times000.tripod.com 

Life Saver

It often only takes a few days to learn, but it could save someone's life.Check for signs of circulation for no more than 10 seconds.
If there are no signs of circulation, begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
CPR for an Adult (No breathing or circulation):

8. Find hand position on breastbone.

a. Find notch at lower end of breastbone and place the heel of one hand next to and above this notch.
b. Place your other hand on top.

9. Give 15 compressions.

a. Position shoulders over hands.
b. Compress the sternum
c. 3.8-5 cm (1 - 2 inches) deep at a rate of about 100 compressions per minute.

10. Give 2 slow breaths.

a. Tilt the head back and lift the chin to open the airway.
b. Take a deep breath for yourself.
c. Pinch the nose shut and seal your lips around the person’s mouth.
d. Breathe slowly into the person.

11. Repeat compression/breathing cycles.

a. Do 4 cycles in approximately 1 minute.

12. Recheck for signs of circulation and breathing.

a. Look for movement, coughing, breathing and colour of skin.
b. Feel for a carotid pulse.
c. Take no more than 10 seconds to do so.

Continue CPR until the scene becomes unsafe, or signs of circulation return.

 "Village Idiot."

11/04/05 Mark Carmichael's blunders won him the good-natured award that's been handed out for years in the tiny Brown County, Indiana town of Story. The winner is whoever gets the most votes from regulars at the Story Inn's saloon. Carmichael, the inn's maintenance man, won in part for an incident in which he cut through a live wire while using a circular saw to replace the inn's galvanized steel roof. But he also damaged his just-purchased 1998 Dodge truck -- the day after he got it.His foolishness earned the 27-year-old a $100 bar tab

Game Of Fetch

J.D. did his job as a Labrador retriever and played fetch for his owner. But just this once his human companion wished he’d just left well enough alone. According to police, the dog’s owner was playing Frisbee golf with friends in a suburban Dallas-Fort Worth spot when an officer arrived on the scene. Then J.D. walked into a creek and came back with a plastic bag of marijuana, which he promptly delivered to the officer. Now J.D.’s owner and one of his friends are facing charges. Maybe it’s time the retriever learned a new trick.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The FBI confirmed Tuesday the accuracy of a New York Times report that software on routers, computers that control the Internet, were compromised last year by a hacker who claimed that he had infiltrated systems serving U.S. military installations, research laboratories, and NASA.The Times reported, and the FBI confirmed, that the focus of the investigation is a youth in Uppsala, Sweden, who has been charged as a juvenile.

March 13, 2005 I'm going to live forever
Some scientists predict that today's children will be able to live for more than 1,000 years. Is immortality just around the corner? Bryan Appleyard peers into a hair-raising future without death
Somewhere in the world today lives a child who will change everything. Imagine this child is called Sally. Today is her 11th birthday. She lives in Esher in Surrey. Her parents are happy and wealthy. All her grandparents are old, alive and well.

I’ve given her this background for specific reasons. Sally is a girl because women live about five years longer than men. She is 11 because, at that age, she has successfully navigated the diseases of childhood and her body has yet to endure the effects of ageing. She lives in Esher because it is one of the high life expectancy areas of one of the richest countries in the world.

Her parents are happy so they are less likely to divorce and cause life-threatening stress to Sally. They are wealthy because that means they can afford private medical care and Sally will not have to take the appalling risk of attending an NHS hospital. Finally, her grandparents lived a long time so the family has a history of longevity.

In short, Sally’s life prospects are optimum for a human child in 2005. According to current projections, she can expect to live well into her eighties. But it’s not going to be like that, because Sally is not going to die until 3194.

Hundreds of thousands of people die in the world every day, two-thirds of them from ageing. Is this just life, the way things must be, or is it a problem to be solved? If, as the western tradition teaches, every human life is valuable in and of itself, shouldn’t we be doing more to stop this appalling carnage? Or should we, as the eastern tradition teaches, accept it as the eternal becoming, samsara, or the veil of Maya, the illusion of existence?

Forget all that. This is what will happen to Sally. When she is at university in about 2013 she will hear news of an astonishing experiment performed on a mouse. A healthy two-year-old mouse will have been subjected to numerous protocols to suppress the division of cells and clean them of debris. In critical areas of cell depletion such as the brain and heart, stem cell therapy will have been used to rejuvenate the organs. Mitochondrial and chromosomal DNA will have been manipulated to stop damaging mutations.

The experiment began in 2010. The mouse is now five. Being an average mouse it should have died at three, almost certainly of cancer. At the genetic level, mice are surprisingly like humans.

Society is transformed by the

 news. In response to public demand, medical researchers are flooded with government money in the expectation that science is on the verge of delivering massive human life extension if not the holy grail itself — immortality. People begin to look after themselves fanatically, cutting out dangerous sports, smoking, excessive drinking, all sugar and red meat, and exercising daily. Everybody wants to live long enough to live for ever.

And sure enough in 2035, when Sally is 41 and beginning to feel the effects of ageing that humans have lamented throughout history, human rejuvenation becomes available. Privileged Sally is the first in the queue. Soon she looks and feels no more than 30 and, as the years pass, continued therapy ensures that she never ages. She has become, in fact, the first immortal

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MicroBios Systems
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                         SMOG SMOG SMOG


On a hot, smoggy summer day, have you ever wondered: Is the air safe to breathe? Should I be concerned about going outside? In fact, breathing smoggy air can be hazardous because smog contains ozone, a pollutant that can harm our health when there are elevated levels in the air we breathe. what kinds of health effects ozone can cause, when you should be concerned, and what you can do to avoid dangerous exposures. Ozone can irritate the respiratory system. When this happens, you might start coughing, feel an irritation in your throat, and/or experience an uncomfortable sensation in your chest. These symptoms can last for a few hours after ozone exposure and may even become painful.
Healthy air lung

where to eat
The Knight's Table
....116 Kennedy Rd. S.
Brampton Ont.
the restaurant is hidden behind the House of India restaurant fronting onto Kennedy. Meals have been mostly pathetic lately, often only dryed-up old pizza, rarely vegetables or meat. Pasta and sauce on a good day....it's not only that, but to sit down and eat roast chicken and vegetables in front of your patrons is not only weak and lame, it's also morally reprehensible.

Resume of Randy Stroud

42 Drake Rd.

Bramalea, Ont.


Ph. 905-796-7083




To obtain a full time position within an organization that will provide myself an opportunity for challenge and growth.


Hard worker

Excellent organizational and management skills

Quick learner

Work well as a team

Work Experience

  1. D & R Steel: forklift operator, shipping ,receiving, grinder, jobsite lead hand, field work crane operator

2) Northern Dame Agencies: fork lift operator, lumber yard, customer service

  1. Milk Bone: Case Piler, Sanatation, Oven Operator


Booth Memorial: Grade 12


References available upon request

Ozone can reduce lung function. When scientists refer to "lung function," they mean the volume of air that you draw in when you take a full breath and the speed at which you are able to blow it out. Ozone can make it more difficult for you to breathe as deeply and vigorously as you normally would. When this happens, you may notice that breathing starts to feel uncomfortable. If you are exercising or working outdoors, you may notice that you are taking more rapid and shallow breaths than normal. Reduced lung function can be a particular problem for outdoor workers, competitive athletes, and other people who exercise outdoors.

Ozone can aggravate asthma. When ozone levels are high, more asthmatics have asthma attacks that require a doctor's attention or the use of additional medication. One reason this happens is that ozone makes people more sensitive to allergens, which are the most common triggers for asthma attacks. (Allergens come from dust mites, cockroaches, pets, fungus, and pollen.) Also, asthmatics are more severely affected by the reduced lung function and irritation that ozone causes in the respiratory system.

Ozone can inflame and damage the lining of the lung. Some scientists have compared ozone's effect on the lining of the lung to the effect of sunburn on the skin. Ozone damages the cells that line the air spaces in the lung. Within a few days, the damaged cells are replaced and the old cells are shed-much in the way that skin peels after a sunburn. If this kind of damage occurs repeatedly, the lung may change permanently in a way that could cause long-term health effects and a lower quality of life.

Scientists suspect that ozone may have other effects on people's health. Ozone may aggravate chronic lung diseases, such as emphysema and bronchitis. Also, studies in animals suggest that ozone may reduce the immune system's ability to fight off bacterial infections in the respiratory system.

too many potholes!
Rumours are spreading of  Bramptons potholes that are so huge vehicles and small animals are disappearing on Brampton streets. "I saw a VW turning the corner and then just disappear" stated one dubious source."I believe the pothole ate it.“ He may have been kidding, but some holes are quite nasty...and getting bigger.“There's too many potholes because we’re always on the roadway,” complains Nuheid Sharman. “We keep on bouncing around. If you don't have the kids buckled up, they will be flying around.” Potholes are caused not only the amount of use a roadway gets, but the constant temperature fluctuations that cause rapid freezing and thawing. The city patches about 500 of them a year, but for some motorists, it comes far too late. “Yesterday my car went in the pothole, and, you know, I was just scared,” laughs one woman nervously. “I can't control my car’s skid.” ... reminds me of the one where the guy finds a RCMP hat  on top of a pothole. He picks it up and finds a cop under it. Let me help you out of the pothole the concerned citizen says. Never mind me, help my horse says the cop. Random Image of Peel a local man digusted with city hall runaround prepares to patch potholes himself.


Resume of Suzanne Sorrie

        67 Joseph St.

       Brampton ON L6? 2Z2

       Phone No: 905 416-389-8563

       E-mail: spacermike00@yahoo.com



Job Objective: to find work in the hospitality industry       




        I have been a waitress/ bartender most of my adult life. I enjoy and am experienced in dealing with bar/ restaurant customers.

        I have a firm knowledge of the running of a successful, busy enterprise; with the help of other staff, I am able to facilitate  the ordering, restocking, cleaning and other management related duties necessary to maintain a successful business. Provided excellent service to the clients

        I maintain a large network of previous clients who choose to revisit my most recent place of business.

         With my experience I have developed a better approach to providing excellent customer service, which has won back many old clients and expanded on new customer base. 

         I have continued to provide excellent and accurate feedback to the clients about the upcoming events in house such as weekly specials.

        Exceptional customer service skills with the ability to develop and maintain client                             relationships

        Excellent communicator with great interpersonal skills.

        Team player with strong leadership qualities

        Proficient in the ability to multi task and work in a fast paced environment



        Double S (Grand Falls Nfld.):  Bartender

        Eastern Passage (Melanie Dr. Bramalea) Waitress

        Bunnies Sports Bar: Bartender/ Waitress. 

        Club Kaos: Bartender/ Waitress.



         Grade 11



NZ.......the NZ Ministry for
Culture and Heritage website discussion forum is here
http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/forum/index.php  I'm pretty sure one of
the historians would be able to help you
Includes excellent information on how to choose a mover and how to estimate costs.
Robert Bateman Bald Eagle Portrait Bateman's Eagle........ Vancouver.. another group of butchered birds found

Fathers Rights (child rights)

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