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Ontario To Appoint New Supervisor At Brampton Civic Hospital  New Supervisor At Brampton Civic Hospital ... Ontario's privately funded hospital in Brampton opened just six weeks ago, but it's already getting a new supervisor.The move comes after a group of Bramptonians raised concerns that long wait times are leading to health complications and even deaths. Premier Dalton McGuinty said the government got the message after residents staged a large protest Sunday calling for more staff, beds and reduced wait times at the Brampton Civic hospital. The premier rejects suggestions from the opposition and some protesters that the hospital's private-sector involvement is somehow to blame for problems in delivering health care. "There needs to be someone accountable to me, but we're going to work closely with the local community that's reflected in the board of the hospital," explained Health Minister Smitherman. "There's about 300 more people working there than at the old hospital, but obviously for all of the investment and efforts that have been made, the underlying circumstances aren't getting the job done and confidence is not where it needs to be."
While the shooting was a terrible act, we should have been able to help this misguided youth. As a street worker I see many signs of "going over the edge" which it is rare to get professional attention for, at least in a timely manner. We need to have 'safety nets' in place for those who are treading on dangerous ground, but we don't. What bothers me is it is easy to find someone itching to pull the trigger and this church volunteer story is disturbing. Here is how I see it.
At first I felt the church shooting  in Colorado was more 'sensational' journalism; not worthy of reporting on, but the issue of a church with armed guards tweaked my interest. When I discovered it was a undercover ex-cop, volunteer, woman, I couldn't resist. She was kicked off the police force when caught and convicted of perjury. By her own admission she killed the man which now appears  untrue; unless she picked up his gun and shot him fatally. She says she identified herself and then shot the man twice. Now, this poor fellow was probably deranged, at least in need of help, but I try to picture the actual scene for myself. As a volunteer I assume the woman was a church member. Now how did that go? Was she sitting in the church on the edge of her seat, listening to a sermon on "thou shalt not kill' with the Glock sticking out of her belt digging into her abdomen; or was it a sermon on loving your enemies  with a 357 Magnum bruising her groin area? Such trivial 'before the fact' issues are of interest to me, maybe thats why I love being a journalist. For instance,whether she was a believer or not is not as important to me as while 'undercover' was the woman carrying a bible as part of the 'disguise'? If so was she still holding the bible in one hand while shooting with the other. I count three commandments broken by this one church representative. #1 Thoushalt not kill. #2 Thou shalt not bear false witness. #3 Thou shalt love...etc...The following comes from a local reporter.....The security guard who stopped a killer at New Life Church on Sunday was fired from the Minneapolis Police Department a decade ago for lying under oath. While on duty, Assam swore at a public bus driver, who complained to police, Garcia said. “Under oath she denied doing any of that,” Garcia said. But police had the incident on video-tape, he said. Assam, a New Life member who serves as a volunteer security guard, fired multiple shots from her handgun at shooter Matthew Murray, 24, who killed two teenage girls and wounded three other people, including the girls’ father, on church grounds shortly after 1 p.m. Sunday. Assam credits God with helping her bring down the shooter.New Life Pastor Brady Boyd said all of New Life’s armed guards have the proper weapons licenses and permits. Colorado concealed carry permits are not public information, and El Paso County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Lt. Lari Savene declined to comment on Assam’s permit status.  This week a parishener wounded in the attack has been barred from the church for comments he has made. And then, the preacher turned to those who had come to mourn and left them with one final thought: "Live life on purpose. Every day matters. Every hour matters. Every relationship matters. Every friendship matters. That's what I'm hearing from Rachel and Stephanie."
Can You Dig It? GTA Tries To Clear The Way After Huge Storm GTA  HIT BY WHOPPER....If the biggest storm of 2007 were a fast food meal, there's no doubt it would be a Whopper. But unlike the famous slogan, no one was having it their way. The storm hit southern Ontario with a vengeance .The record was 28 centimetres set on December 11, 1944, and while we didn't quite shatter the mark, we came close.
Toronto Skyline To Go Dark In Climate Change InitiativeToronto Skyline To Go Dark...
The twinkling lights of downtown Toronto will fade to black in late March as this city joins 11 others around the world in darkening their skylines to raise awareness for climate change. The first ever Earth Hour happened this past year, when Sydney, Australia shut off its non-essential lights for an hour. In 2008, twelve cities will do the same, involving millions of people around the world, according to organizers WWF Australia. The CN Tower and Chicago's Sears Tower will reportedly be part of the event, which happens at 8pm local time on March 28, 2008.

Woman Comes Face-To-Face With Mountain Lion In Her Hot TubWoman Comes Face-To-Face With Mountain Lion In Her Hot Tub...Marlene Todd doesn't much like winter. And living in the town of Deadwood, South Dakota, she knows a thing or two about the coldest season of the year. So you can imagine how she leapt at the chance to take a soak in her outdoor hot tub on a cold wintry day last week. She never expected what happened next. As she relaxed in the bubbling water, she heard a noise and turned to see what it was. To her astonishment and horror, she glimpsed a mountain lion staring back at her. "It jumped on the side of the hot tub," Todd relates. "We locked eyes, and it kicked off of the hot tub and ran away. When it jumped, it flipped my robe into the hot tub." Lucky she wasn't made " soup of the day"!
 Filthy Souless Bastards
Peel police said the men charged with the first-degree murder in the Mississauga mansion slaying of a housekeeper were getting ready to leave the country. Christian Figueroa, 35, a landed immigrant originally from Ecuador - was arrested in Toronto in the death of Jocelyn Dulnuan. He had a plane ticket booked for Dec. 22, and was headed to South America, a police source said. Figueroa, a general labourer, appeared in court. His hands were cuffed in front of him and he was often expressionless. Peel police had promised an arrest in the Jocelyn Dulnuan case by Christmas. "We expect there will be other people looking over their shoulder," Peel homicide Insp. Norm English said at a news conference.
Just one day after a 35-year-old Ecuadorian day labourer was arrested in the murder of the maid in the million dollar Mississauga mansion, cops have taken a second suspect into custody. Officials haven't said much about 35-year-old Fabian Loayza-Penaloza of Woodbridge, except that he was apprehended without incident. He's also been charged with first-degree murder in the case, which has been the focus of attention since last October. That's when the owners who live in the opulent home on Doulton Place in Mississauga arrived home to find the 27-year-old Dulnuan dead. She'd arrived from the Philippines and took a job as a housekeeper to try and send money back home for her child and find a new life.

Felix The Cat Yummy for your Tummy Camisole


art.nobel.gore.ap.jpg Al Gore and Rajendra Pachauri hold their awards at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony Monday. We, the human species, are confronting a planetary emergency; a threat to the survival of our civilization that is gathering ominous and destructive potential even as we gather here," Gore said at the gala ceremony in Oslo's City Hall, in front of Norway's royalty, leaders and invited guests. Gore urged China and the U.S.the world's biggest carbon emitters to "make the boldest moves, or stand accountable before history for their failure to act." His remarks came as governments met in Bali, Indonesia, to start work on a new international treaty to reduce climate-damaging carbon dioxide emissions. Gore and Pachauri plan to fly there Wednesday to join the climate talks. The Bush administration opposed the Kyoto treaty on climate change, saying it would hurt the U.S. economy and objecting that fast developing nations like China and India were not required to reduce emissions.

Conrad Black Gets 6-8 Years In PrisonConrad Black Gets 6-8 Years In Prison... The judge overseeing the disgraced publishing mogul's case has recommended he spend between 6-8 years in prison for defrauding stockholders of his Hollinger International. The decision came down in a Chicago courtroom on Monday.

Thousands Protest Healthcare Issues In BramptonThousands Protest Healthcare Issues In Brampton. A sea of bodies worked its way down Brampton streets Sunday, as some 3,000 locals gathered to protest what they feel is a lacking commitment to health care in their ever-growing city. "Issues are related to the manner in which people are receiving services," said Raj Sharda, co-chair of Bramptonians for Better Healthcare. "Issues are related to the capacity of the hospital." The hospital in question is the newly-built Brampton Civic Hospital, a new supposedly state of the art facility. But protestors say that bed shortages and severe understaffing are preventing the building from operating at optimal efficiency.The family of Harnek Singh Sidhu led the march. The 52-year-old died November 19th after, the family alleges, he waited for hours in emergency before being seen by a doctor.

  Aimee Balogh, 5, helps Rob Williams stack boxes as The Brampton Guardian Santa Claus Fund boxes arrive at the depot in Brampton. Donations are still desperately needed to help cover the contents of the nearly 2,000 boxes, which are destined for less fortunate Brampton children.

Schreiber Not Testifying Until Stay Of Extradition Is ClearKarlheinz Schreiber testifies before the Commons ethics committee on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, Thursday Dec. 6, 2007  He arrived on Parliament Hill, surrounded by an entourage of lawyers and politicians. Former arms dealer Karlheinz Schreiber said he was told to funnel proceeds of the Airbus sale into a Swiss bank account destined for the former prime minister. The accusation represents the first time Schreiber has explicitly said the former prime minister may have benefited from the Air Canada purchase Airbus jetliners. Schreiber told a House of Commons committee that Fred Doucet, Mulroney's former chief of staff, asked him to open an account in the name of Mulroney's lawyer in 1992 or 1993. But the drama surrounding Karlheinz Schreiber's appearance in front of the House of Commons ethics committee is not over by a long shot.Mulroney has admitted taking $300,000 in cash from Schreiber in three separate hotel room meetings in the early 1990s. The ex-prime minister said he believed the payments were for helping Schreiber launch a pasta business, but he has never explained why he took the payments in cash, nor when he paid taxes on the payments. He is expected to appear before the Commons ethics committee as soon as next week.
Schreiber Offers One Revelation Before Clamming Up At Commons Committee  The president sent a letter  to N.Korea's Menta Lee Il Saturday, along with letters to other leaders of nations participating in six-party talks about Pyongyang's nuclear program, said National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe. Bush also spoke by phone Thursday with Chinese President Hu Jintao, according to China's Xinhua news agency."In these letters, the president reiterated our commitment to the six-party talks and stressed the need for North Korea's Menta Lee Il to come forward with a full and complete declaration of their nuclear programs, as called for in the September 2005 six-party agreement," Johndroe said in a statement. Bush and China's Hu discussed bilateral relations and the Iranian and Korean Peninsula nuclear issues, Xinhua reported. Along with Beijing, South Korea, Russia and Japan have been participating in the talks, which were spurred after North Korea defiantly conducted its first known nuclear weapons test in 2006, prompting international condemnation and sanctions. Pyongyang also is suspected of sharing its nuclear technology with other nations.

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said it was "heartbreaking" that the deaths of women killed by a convicted rapist who was released from prison after Huckabee supported his parole had become politicized.
art.huckabee.debate.gi.jpg Huckabee denies pressuring the Arkansas Parole Board to release Wayne DuMond. On Wednesday, the mother of the woman the convict later murdered pledged to campaign against the former Arkansas governor. "There are families who are truly, understandably and reasonably, grief stricken," Huckabee told CNN. "And for people to now politicize these deaths and to try to make a political case out of it rather than to simply understand that a system failed and that we ought to extend our grief and heartfelt sorrow to these families, I just regret politics is reduced to that." The case of the rapist, Wayne DuMond, began in 1985, when he was accused of raping a 17-year-old girl. He was later convicted and sentenced to a life term. Before trial, DuMond was attacked in his home and castrated, and the local sheriff kept the severed testicles in a jar. No charges were brought in the attack. In 1996, Huckabee, during his first term as Arkansas governor, expressed support for the parole of DuMond in a letter to him. The Arkansas parole board, which has the final say on such matter, later approved DuMond's parole. Less than a year after his release from prison in 1999, DuMond was accused of raping and murdering Carol Shields, a woman in Kansas City, Missouri. DuMond was convicted of the crime in 2003. He died in prison in 2005.

art.paris.soldier.afp.jpg A soldier stands in central Paris near where the parcel bomb exploded.Speaking from the scene hours after the blast, Alliot-Marie said a courier delivered the "makeshift" letter bomb a short time before it detonated at approximately 12:50 p.m. (6:50 a.m. ET). She said two explosive devices were inside the parcel -- one detonated and the other did not. The package containing explosives was delivered to a fourth floor law office in a building on the Boulevard Malesherbes in Paris' 8th district, near the Champs-Elysees.

It didn't take much - only a few keystrokes - for a Huntsville, Ontario man filling out an online passport application on the Passport Canada website to access the personal information of other applicants. The apparent security breach on the federal government website was discovered by 47-year-old IT worker Jamie Laning last week. Laning discovered that by changing a character in the Internet address he could see other people's applications - including their social insurance numbers, addresses, phone numbers and driver's licences.He informed Passport Canada of the problem and they shut down the site to traffic last week. An agency spokesperson conceded there'd been a security breach. The site was accessible again Monday following a separate problem, but according to the report it was still possible to access names, addresses and contact information for passport applicants. Unlike in the U.S., where many states require organizations to acknowledge that they've suffered a security breach within a certain amount of time, at this point there's no such law in Canada.

Ohio's Gas Station Ghost Drawing A CrowdOhio's Gas Station Ghost Drawing A Crowd
There's a new resident at Marathon Gas Station in Ohio, and you might call him Casper. A ghost-like blue glow has appeared on security cameras at the filling depot, and it's causing quite a stir. The image moves around the screen for half an hour, leaves, then returns. At one point it seems to land on a car windshield, and then it floats away.


Out of Time was the topic @ a recent bluez-viper show. Spacermike again wowwed us with wardrobe that should place easily in the top three in the annual Wildest Wardrobe in the World contest! This second DVD, Out of Time, still being crafted shows promise for its progression and maturity.... not only that but it also rocks hard. It is still unfinished but is promised for early in 2008. Seasons Greetings bluez-viper! You have a busy holidays ahead!  Here you will find Hey Joe
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtzHWh70XhwZeppelin Led Zeppelin with late drummer John Bonham's children. Guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant and bass player John Paul Jones will perform Monday at London's 02 Arena, a benefit tribute to Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun, who died last year.It will be the rock band's first concert in almost two decades."I must say that after our initial get-together it was so exhilarating and fun that I did feel I would like to do more," Q music magazine quoted Page, 63, as saying."I've got things I've been working on for the past four years that I'm proud of," he says. "Some of the songs I've got ready are as good as anything I've done in the past. I wouldn't necessarily save them for my solo career."

Our Dollar is Up again, this should help price drops on many of our imports like electronics in the very near future.   PARIS RIOTS Violence in a Paris SuburbViolence in a Paris Suburb A vandalized classroom in Villiers-le-Bel, a northern Paris suburb where violence has flared. And while the scale of the unrest of the past few days does not yet compare with the three-week convulsion in hundreds of suburbs and towns in 2005, a chilling new factor makes it, in some sense, more menacing. The onetime rock throwers and car burners have taken up hunting shotguns and turned them on the police.  Residents, march for slain teenager Mohsin Sehhouli, who was killed with a friend in a motorbike crash with a police car that caused riots. The riots first broke out following the deaths Sunday of two teenage boys in a motorbike crash with a police car in Villiers-le-Bel. Some residents refused to believe the deaths were accidental, blaming the police. On Thursday, some 300 mourners marched through Villiers-le-Bel carrying a banner at the front of the funeral procession that demanded "justice and truth" for the dead teens, Mohsin Sehhouli, 16, and Lakamy Samoura, 15. Samoura will be buried in Senegal, the country his parents immigrated from in 1966, said Jean Chevais, a lawyer for the family.

More Money For Edcuation And The Poor In Throne SpeechMore Money For The Poor ...Weighing in on the provincial Throne Speech, Region of Peel officials say they welcome the Liberal government's commitment to tackle poverty. "We welcome the initiatives outlined in the Throne Speech targeting poverty and have identified dental care for the working poor as a priority, however there's more to be done," said Region of Peel Chair Emil Kolb. "In Peel, poverty is hidden, growing and very real." Peel residents face many poverty-related challenges that Kolb said the region is eager to work with the provincial government to address. Among these challenges are addressing the average wait time of 21 years for social housing and four and a half years for subsidized seniors housing. Also, Peel spends nearly $10 million annually on homelessness funding to help the most vulnerable citizens.
   The Ontario government is awash in cash and appears ready to spend it on a host of social issues. It unveiled its Speech from the Throne on Thursday, promising big bucks for big programs to alleviate poverty, boost education, aid health care and help clean up the environment. Among the highlights of the document, read by new Lt. Gov. David Onley, is an already leaked dental plan for low income families to help those who can't afford treatment for their kids. Child poverty is one of the central elements for the Grits, who join previous governments in trying to reduce the size of that ever growing problem. "A new cabinet committee will begin work developing poverty indicators and targets and a focused strategy for making clear-cut progress on reducing child poverty," Onley explained. Education spending will grow to $15.5 billion by 2011, a $3.1 billion increase. And while college and university students, who have long complained about rising tuition fees and increasingly unaffordable courses, won't get a freeze in that area, they will get access to a $300 a year grant to help pay for books and technology. At the other end of the age spectrum, a caregiver grant will be doled out for those looking after elderly family members. The environment wasn't ignored, with a vow to cut greenhouse gas emissions to six per cent below 1990 levels by 2014 and new laws that are sure to upset landscapers, making a ban on pesticide use in cities and towns province-wide.

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Court Rejects Karlheinz Schreiber's Bid To Stay In Canada
Hackers set up websites designed to fool search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo into thinking they were legitimate online destinations that had thousands of previous visitors. So anyone entering common terms like "Christmas gifts" would be referred to a website that appeared to contain useful and real information. The perpetrators apparently used several techniques, like spam comments on blogs, to get their pseudo-sites moved to the top of the page results on all the services. But when users clicked on the links, they'd be taken to a place containing endless amount of malware, malicious programs that would exploit holes in Internet Explorer and instantly infect their machines without their knowing it. Internet security firm McAfee issued a report on Thursday warning a "cyber cold war" is coming and computer threats may wind up being the world's biggest security problem in the coming years.

Bush wows Mideast Peace Talks  With handshakes, leaders of the United States, Israel and the Palestinians agreed on Tuesday to launch immediate talks to secure a peace treaty by the end of 2008 that would create a Palestinian state. President George W. Bush announced the deal at the opening of a 44-nation Middle East peace conference, with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas standing at his side. "We're off to a strong start," Bush told delegates to the day-long conference, which included 14 Arab states -- among them Syria and Saudi Arabia -- as well as major powers Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany. The U.S.-backed peace effort is the most intense in the seven years since the collapse of negotiations and the outbreak of Middle East violence in the twilight of Bill Clinton's presidency.
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has put her reputation on the line by delving into Arab-Israeli peacemaking, a high-risk gamble that experts say will be hard to pull off. Rice is expected to do most of the Bush administration's heavy lifting in negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians that were revived at a U.S.-hosted Middle East conference in Annapolis on Tuesday. But skepticism is rampant over how far Rice will be able to go to get the deal both sides say they want in the remaining 14 months President George W. Bush has in office."The odds, it seems to me, on succeeding are very, very long," said Charles Dunbar, professor of international relations at Boston University. "Clearly, this is an effort to give President Bush an achievement. It's heritage-building time," added Dunbar, a former U.S. ambassador to Qatar and Yemen. Largely untested so far as a negotiator, Rice brings a usually cautious, measured, approach to diplomacy that experts say may not be suited to Middle East peacemaking."We have never seen her deeply involved in a process of this sort that allows us to judge her creativity and her capacity to think outside the box," said Marina Ottaway, director of Middle East programs at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a Washington think-tank.Video Thumbnail

 NEWS IN BRIEF   Musharraf Says Emergency Rule Will End on Dec. 16 Questions remained about the effects of the announcement, which Pervez Musharraf made after being sworn into a second term as president of Pakistan today.  

Kasparov, Freed From Jail, Warns of ‘Chaos’ in Russia  Released from jail after serving a five-day sentence for leading an opposition march, Garry Kasparov, the former chess champion, warned today that Russia was heading toward chaos under President Vladimir V. Putin.
Rebel Officers Surrender in Manila Philippine SWAT teams stormed a five-star hotel commandeered by dissident army officers today.
Briton Convicted in Sudan Blasphemy Case British teacher Gillian Gibbons was convicted of insulting Islam for letting her pupils name a teddy bear Muhammad and sentenced to 15 days in prison and deportation from Sudan.
Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal Vexed Nixon Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal Vexed Nixon A declassified 1969 memorandum shows that the Nixon administration was worried that Israel’s acquisition of a nuclear arsenal could touch off an arms race in the Middle East.

Rare Faberge Egg Sells For Almost 9 Million PoundsRare Faberge Egg Sells For Almost 9 Million Pounds
A pink Faberge egg cracked a world record when it was sold at an auction in London. Faberge egg owned by the Rothschild banking family has become the most expensive Russian decorative artwork ever auctioned at a Christie's International London sale. The gold-and-enamel egg sold for 8 million pounds ($16.5 million), surpassing the $9.6 million for Faberge's Imperial Winter Egg, an Easter present from Czar Nicholas II to his mother in 1913. ``It's going back to Russia,'' said the buyer, Alexander Ivanov, who is head of the Russian National Museum, a private gallery in Moscow. ``It is the best and most expensive work by Faberge ever,'' said Ivanov, who is known for his Faberge collection.
LOSIN' IT! Judge Robert Restaino was hearing a case involving some domestic violence offenders and had ordered everyone present to turn off their cell phones while court was in session. Inevitably, someone forgot and one of the mobile devices began ringing while the case was in progress. The judge went ballistic when he heard the sound, and immediately halted proceedings. What happened after that has since been dramatized on some of those hour-long lawyer-based TV dramas. The judge insisted the offender present himself and his phone right away or face dire consequences. "Everyone is going to jail," Restaino threatened. "Every single person is going to jail in this courtroom unless I get that instrument now. If anybody believes I'm kidding, ask some of the folks that have been here for a while. You are all going." When no one came forward, the enraged jurist sealed the courtroom and made good on his threat, sending 46 people - 45 of whom were completely innocent in the "crime" - to jail. He had everyone searched and then they were all packed into several crowded cells. Most were released that same afternoon. But 14 of them didn't have the money to post bail and were eventually shackled and bused to another place of incarceration. He then revoked the bail of the defendant who was before him - a man who had nothing to do with the phone - and proceeded to recall 11 previous accused to ask them if they knew where the ringing monster was. But no one did, prompting him to compare them to mob members, revoking all their releases and coming forth with this outburst: "If you saw somebody got shot or killed, you would say, "I didn't see nothing, I heard shots." And if a body dropped right in front of you, you would say that, "I didn't see a thing."

Saskatchewan Rides Past Bombers To Win Grey CupJOHNSON CRIES; JOSEPH FLIES, CHICK CRUSHES DIMWITTY DIES... that about sums it all up  on last weeks Grey Cup. A record was set by game MVP Johnson with three interceptions.
When Andy Fantuz hauled in a 35-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter, the Saskatchewan Roughriders were in prime position to end an 18-year Grey Cup drought . Minutes later, that's exactly what they did with a 23-19 win over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the 95th CFL title game played at the Rogers Centre, previously known as the SkyDome.

YES WE HAVE WINNERS IN T.O!     Raptors' Carlos Delfino drives hard to the basket on Stromile Swift of the Memphis Grizzlies last night at the ACC.

It was Spanish Night at the Air Canada Centre last night, but it was an Argentine who sparked the Raptors to 103-91 victory over the toothless Memphis Grizzlies. Carlos Delfino was not the game's high scorer, but his play off the bench in the second quarter was certainly the difference. Delfino scored all 14 of his points in the second quarterMats Hits #400!

MAPLE LAFFS, LOFFS, LOSERS. Amidst swirling rumours of the dismissal of GM John Ferguson Jr. and/or head coach Paul Maurice, the Leafs dropped a heartbreaker to the Montreal Canadiens 4-3 in a shootout Tuesday night. It was almost a great triumph for the Buds, who tied things at three inside the final minute of regulation and had several chances in the extra five minutes, but couldn't beat Habs netminder Carey Price a second time when they had the chance in the shootout.


RADIATION POISONING..... It's a report with results years in the making for residents of Port Hope, Ont., and on Tuesday those results were made public, allegedly showing what residents there feared the most - parts of the town may be contaminated by elevated levels of uranium. The reason: reportedly a Cameco facility that refines uranium for U.S. nuclear reactors. In fact Cameco is the world's largest uranium producer, and residents have been demanding for years that officials look into allegations the plant was creating a hazard for those who live in its shadows. But when nothing was done, the town used bake sales and sold chocolates to raise the funds necessary to conduct the tests independently.

Pilots And Gov't. Officials Plead For UFO ProbePilots And Gov't. Officials Plead For UFO Probe...They're admittedly not the usual collection of people you often hear on late night radio discussing such things. An international panel made up of two dozen pilots and government officials came to Washington on Monday with a request that rarely echoes through the hallowed halls of government: start looking into UFO sightings. The group is demanding the government open up a new investigation into the cylindrical orbs, round discs, glowing spheres and other odd objects seen by many that remain unexplained. The panelists come from seven different countries and include former military pilots who admit they've seen some strange things in the sky during their flying careers. Just about all of them say they've witnessed a UFO or conducted investigations into the sightings. "It's a question of who are you going to believe: your lying eyes or the government?" asks former U.S. Federal Aviation Administration investigator John Callahan, who charges the CIA tried to cover up the sighting of a huge lighted ball four times the size of a jumbo jet in Alaska back in 1987.hbccufo@telus.net

Led Zeppelin Fan Pays Almost $200,000 For Pair Of Concert TicketsLed Zeppelin Fan Pays Almost $200,000 For Pair Of Concert TicketsTalk about an act of charity.
A man from Glasgow paid 83,000 pounds ($170,000) for a pair of tickets to the Led Zeppelin reunion gig in London on December 10, according to the BBC which organized the charity auction.Kenneth Donell was the winner of Thursday's sale held by radio host Terry Wogan for the Children in Need charity. Over the last four days, the auction managed to raise a whopping 894,000 pounds, which amounts to almost $2 million CDN.Several million fans tried to buy tickets to the Led Zeppelin reunion at London's O2 arena, which had to be postponed after guitarist Jimmy Page broke a finger. The tickets went on sale at 125 pounds each, although they're trading at several times that on the online auction site.In addition to watching the concert, Donell will also be allowed to watch Zeppelin rehearse the day before and take home a signed memento from the band. Perhaps he hopes his generous actions will buy him a stairway to heaven
"The whole world is heavily interdependent. That is the new reality," the Dalai Lama said. "There is one humanity. This is not a holy view, this is a practical view." "The crises unify people and make us feel that we're connected," he said. "Everybody is part of one human experience." To this day the Dalai Lama is revered in Tibet, embodying his people's resistance to efforts to suppress their culture, religion and language.   Queen's Throne Speech Queen Elizabeth II formally opens British Parliament in the House of Lords, outlining her Parliament's policies for the coming session. (Nov. 6) Window on the Christmas past  The old-fashioned Christmas scenes unveiled last week in the windows of the Bay's Queen St. location have an abundance of rag dolls and dolls with china faces.

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It doesn't have any yeast. You don't have to put it in the oven. And you don't have to be a baker to watch this dough rise. The Canadian dollar has been cooking up some amazing results during the last few months, hitting that amazing US$1.10 mark on Wednesday. Banks are not giving you that exchange rate however. In Brampton the worst is the Bank of Montreal who are only giving $1.05 U.S.. What a rip!Are You Getting Value For Your Cdn. Dollar Exchange?Stupidest Laws In The World Chosen In Online Poll
Stupidest Laws In The World Chosen In Online Poll....There's nothing quite so ridiculous as laying down the law when the law makes absolutely no sense. An online poll by a cable TV outlet in Britain highlights that truth in a big way, by allowing entrants to choose the stupidest laws of all time that for some reason remain on the books. At number one is a prohibition that only the Brits could think of: it's illegal to die in any of the Houses of Parliament (top left). Second place went to a rule that makes it an act of treason to put a postage stamp of the Queen upside down on a letter. Thankfully, email has lessened the number of prosecutions for this heinous act. The best one of all may be the entry that came in third. Apparently, only a female clerk working in a tropical fish store has the right to go topless in public in the city of Liverpool. Now there's a law that was clearly needed. Apparantly none voted on Brampton Family Law judges like Honourable Pervert Karswick.

In Toronto, almost 200 people are waiting for a stem cell match. Needed: Donations of many colours. Disease may not see colour, but stem cells and marrow do.If they are Caucasian, they have a 75 per cent chance, while non-Caucasians have a 10 to 30 per cent shot. The OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network is partnering with HipHopCanada to close this ethnic gap by hosting conferences and concerts, including one yesterday at The Berkeley on Queen Street East. Phillipa Lue knows the struggle well. Her six-year-old daughter Elizabeth died in 1990 from a rare blood disorder after a bone marrow match could not be found. Jesse Plunkett, founder of HipHopCanada, a group that promotes and supports hip hop in Canada and overseas, got involved when a member of the organization died while waiting for a bone-marrow transplant that never arrived. He said hip hop is a young and diverse culture, the perfect audience for this cause. "Diseases that require stem-cell transplants don't pick and choose between ethnic cultures," Plunkett said. A survivor of acute myloid leukemia and transplant recipient, Charlie Abeziz, was told his chances of finding a match were slim because of his North African Jewish background. He said he was surprised and thankful when a match was found six months after a relapse in 2005. "There is such a lack of young, ethnic donors and I think the message is; it's easy to help and you can save a life, because someone saved mine."

It's a bug so resistant to drugs that doctors at the Hospital for Sick Children had to use adult-strength antibiotics on a 14-month-old child. The youngster has a form of meningitis caused by a strain of the Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria that wasn't reacting to the usual drugs administered to children with the infection. That's when doctors had to increase the strength of the medication, and apparently it's now having some effect. But the case has doctors at the hospital worried about a possible superbug.The facility's head of infectious diseases, Dr. Upton Allen, said doctors in the province should be prepared to deal with such a bug."The most important thing ... is that it identifies and confirms the need for there to be a heightened state of alertness as this relates to surveillance to determine the full extent of this ... and whether or not this truly represents a sporadic event or is this part of any evolving trend," Allen said.

Couple Convicted Of Killing Son Is Ordered Back To CourtMarco and Anisa Trotta from Oshawa were convicted in the death of their eight-month-old son Paolo back in 1998. He was sentenced to life with no chance of parole for 15 years for murder and she was given five years for negligent homicide and failure to provide the `necessaries of life.' Anisa served her full sentence and Marco spent nine years in prison and was released on bail last May after a doctor whose testimony helped put Trotta behind bars was discredited. Dr. Charles Smith, a former pathologist with the Hospital for Sick Children, performed dozens of autopsies and testified in a large number of trials where his evidence helped convict an accused. Since the inquiry, his work has been called into question in several other serious cases. New evidence from two other doctors discrediting Smith's testimony has prompted the Supreme Court of Canada to order a new trial for the couple

 HOME, SWEET HOME....The space shuttle Discovery angles downward as it returns to the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida November 7, 2007.The seven shuttle astronauts and three residents of the International Space Station teamed up during the docked mission to save a mangled solar wing. It was one of the most difficult and dangerous repairs ever attempted in orbit, but the future of the space station was riding on it and Scott Parazynski pulled it off in a single spacewalk.

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monks protestingMonks marching

Global Day of Action for Burma: Saturday October 6th 2007 A global day of action has been called by Burma campaigners for Saturday October the 6th, twenty days since the monks first took to the streets.Toronto*Global March for the people of Burma and Candlelight Vigil Saturday Oct 6 at 6pm Beginning in front of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China 240 St George
For contact: Minthura Wynn at 416-533-3656 or C: 416-882-3868
Ulla Laidlaw at 416-605-2588, Carol Lee at 647-588-9758


Protests are expected right across the world at 12-noon local time. They have already been scheduled in key locations including: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, India, Ireland, France, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, the UK and the US. Around the world campaigners will wear red headbands in solidarity with the monks under arrest and tie these onto government buildings, religious shrines or key landmarks to signify the thousands of lives currently hanging in the balance. In London, the day of action will start at 11am with monks leading a march from Tate Britain over Westminster Bridge where they will drop petals into the Thames. The events in London are designed to show the people of Burma that we stand with them and the generals that we are watching their every move.” Please...sign and fax, or mail, or email this petition (below) against the brutal treatment of the Burmese monks and other protesters.


Since the dawn of democracy, petitions have been a simple and powerful tool--combining many voices into a single message. Help humanity today!The petition has exploded to over 500,000 signatures in a few days and is being advertised in newspapers around the world, delivered to the UN Security Council, and broadcast to the Burmese people by radio. We're trying to get to 1 million signatures this week, please sign below and tell everyone!

EDITORS COMMENT... I feel very strongly about abuse of any kind, but when you pick on Buddhist monks, it is more than I can bear. We need to be able to act as if we love our fellow man enough to stand in harms way for them . Please help the monks NOW, all WE need is  to learn to love..... For the Burmese people, Aung San Suu Kyi, 62, represents their best and perhaps sole hope that one day there will be an end to the country's military repression.

Aung San Suu Kyi

As a pro-democracy campaigner and leader of the opposition National League for Democracy party ( NLD), she has spent more than 11 of the past 18 years in some form of detention under Burma's military rule.Buddhist monks address a crowd at the Shwedagon Pagoda (23 September 2007)The participation of the monks is significant because there are hundreds of thousands of them and they are highly revered. The clergy has historically been prominent in political protests in Burma.

Hollywood: UN Should Act on Burma

Letter from Celebrities Calls on U.N. Secretary General to Intervene

Helen Clark
 Prime Minister Helen Clark and her New Zealand governments Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade last week warned New Zealanders not to travel to Myanmar - previously known as Burma - following a military crackdown on anti-government protesters which has left at least 13 people dead. Hundreds more, including many Buddhist monks, have been jailed after Myanmar's ruling generals unleashed security forces on demonstrators to put down the biggest wave of public dissent in the Southeast Asian nation for 20 years.

Today, over 25 Hollywood celebrities sent a letter to the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urging him to "personally intervene" to secure the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, the world's only imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize recipient. The letter was organized by the US Campaign for Burma and Human Rights Action Center and led by Oscar-winning actress Anjelica Huston. The petition will be advertised in a massive ad campaign all this week, delivered by a Nobel Prize winner to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, and broadcast into Burma over the radio.
The more people sign, the more powerful the message will be. So please send the following link to your friends and family if you haven't already: 
http://www.avaaz.org/en/stand_with_burma/tf.php?cl_tf_sign=1  Thanks again for your help,Ricken, Paul, Pascal, Iain, Graziela, Galit and the Avaaz team You are getting this message because you signed "Stand with the Burmese Protesters" on '2007-10-04 10:12:34' using the email address spreadtheword75@hotmail.com.

Myanmar in Revolt ( cont'd.) Burmese security forces cracked down hard on the monk-led protests in Rangoon over the past week. The protests are the stiffest challenge to the generals in 20 years. The crisis began August 19 with protests over a fuel price hike, but expanded dramatically into mass pro-democracy demonstrations when monks started leading the marches. Some reports said the dead included Buddhist monks, who are widely revered in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. The emergence of such martyrs could stoke public anger against the government. Thirty-one government troops were also injured. Witnesses said an estimated 70,000 people gathered in the streets Thursday, but there were only a handful of monks in the crowd, compared with previous days when thousands marched.But there is little sign, thus far, that China plans to use its position as Burma's biggest trading partner to put any pressure on the junta — or that the generals would heed Beijing's wishes even if it did demand restraint. "I think China has very little influence; you can compare it to the influence China has over North Korea," says Zhai Kun, an expert on Southeast Asia at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations. "The expectations from the West are that China has influence, but because Myanmar is a closed society, I don't think they listen to advice from the outside, including China." At a press conference in Beijing Thursday, Jiang Yu, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, "We hope all parties continue to exercise restraint and properly handle the current issue." But when asked whether Beijing condemned the killings of protestors in Rangoon, Jiang declined to answer directly. She also criticized the foreign press for "exaggerating and hyperbolizing" allegations that China had failed to play a constructive role in resolving the conflict. Oct4/07...United Nations Development Programme staff member arrested by the Burmese authorities has now been released. She was arrested early yesterday morning in Rangoon by Burmese security forces who were targeting residences in the Shwedagon pagoda area. Mynt Ngwe Mon, who is a programme assistant with UNDP, was arrested along with her husband, Than Tun, and her brother-in-law, Aung Kyaw Sint, at around 4am yesterday. Mynt Ngwe Mon’s driver, Win Tin, was arrested at the same residence around two hours later. The arrests were made during a sweep of the area by security forces and a number of other residents were also detained as part of the ongoing crackdown by the Burmese government on recent mass demonstrations in the country. Burma is ruled by one of the worst military dictatorships in the world.  Last month Buddhist monks and nuns began marching and chanting prayers to call for democracy. The protests spread and hundreds of thousands of Burmese people joined in -- but they've been brutally attacked by the military regime.

Petition to The Honorable Stephen Harper                                              September 28, 2007

Prime Minister of Canada                              Re:  Canadian Action to End the Violence in Burma


Dear Prime Minister Harper,

Hundreds of thousands of people, under the leadership of Buddhist monks, have joined in national peaceful demonstrations inside Burma, demanding a government that respects the will of the people. We are encouraged by the statement of the Honourable Maxime Bernier, Minister of Foreign Affairs, on September 24, 2007, condemning the arrests of peaceful protesters and Aung San Suu Kyi.

However, we believe the Canadian government must do much more to support the brave people of Burma.  We urge you to use your position to compel the Burmese military regime to move towards an inclusive and representative national reconciliation process under the guidance of UN Special Envoy for Myanmar Ibrahim Gambari.

Global attention is focused heavily on Burma right now, and we support the statements from the United Nations, ASEAN, the United States and the European Union speaking out against the violence and calling for the release of the world's only imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, as well as the release of the thousands of others political prisoners.  It is critical at this time that the world speaks with one voice. We ask you to follow the lead of U.S. President George Bush, U. K. Prime Minister George Brown and the European Parliament and come out strongly and publicly in your condemnation of the Burmese government’s violent attacks on peaceful protesters.

  We, the undersigned, urge you to recognize the wishes of the people of Burma.  We respectfully ask you to:

1)      Publicly condemn the Burmese government’s use of violent force against peaceful protesters and demand an end to the killing and the release of arrested demonstrators and Aung San Suu Kyi;

2)      Call on China and Russia to support a UN Security Council Resolution condemning the regime’s use of brutal force and empowering the UN Secretary General to take action to facilitate a transition to democracy;

3)      Coordinate with the US, ASEAN and the European Parliament on additional urgent measures to be taken if the regime continues its brutality,  including such targeted economic sanctions as an investment ban, a ban on financial transactions, an asset freeze, and a ban on imports of timber and gems;

4)      Call on ASEAN to use its influence over Burma to end the bloodshed in the cities, as well as ongoing attacks against ethnic minority civilians in the countryside;

5)      Work with other nations to compel the Burmese military regime to engage in a real dialogue of national reconciliation with Aung San Suu Kyi and other members of the opposition parties and ethnic minority leaders;

6)      Provide support, including economic support, to the pro-democracy movement and NGOs that are working to bring peace and good governance to Burma.



  Sincerely, (your name)

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All goods things must come to an end. And nowhere is that more the case than with summer in October. It should be about 12C at this time of year. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this unprecedented weather isn't that we're basking in it, but that at least a few of the days actually occurred when most people were off. Rain is expected to move in Monday night and last most of the day Tuesday, ushering in more typical fall-like conditions. Climate experts suggest this will go down as the warmest October in history. 

Dalai Lama In Toronto For Blessing, SpeechDalai Lama In Toronto For Blessing, Speech. The Dalai Lama spoke about hopes for world peace and encouraged the discovery of inner contentment in individuals when he addressed 30,000 awed listeners to close out his Canadian visit at the Rogers Centre Wednesday. The exiled Tibetan spiritual leader's speech, called "The Art of Happiness," stressed that true joy comes from discovering the interconnectedness of all people. "Whether you love others or not, your existence depends on them -- that's a reality," he said."Many problems, essentially man-made problems...are created due to the demarcation of `we' and `they.' On that basis, the whole concept of war happens.""Affection and friendship is the source of security, the source of happiness," he said. While he emphasized peace, his visit to Canada has created political rumblings in China, which sees the 72-year-old as a dangerous separatist, and didn't approve of his official meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Parliament Hill. China accuses Canada of gross interference in its domestic affairs and warned that bilateral relations could be damaged. Speaking on the second day of his visit to Canada, the spiritual leader of Tibet says he will tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper that "using violence to counter violence" can exacerbate problems. The Dalai Lama says changing people's minds through love and reason is the way to peace rather than relying on the use of force. The Dalai Lama said he was speaking as a Canadian citizen. The spiritual leader was awarded honorary Canadian citizenship last year. Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney stood by trying to interrupt the holy man during his remarks to reporters without success.

Chrysler To Cut Up To 12,000 JobsChrysler To Cut Up To 12,000 Jobs. At a time when Canadians are flocking across the border to try and buy cars - and finding themselves refused - comes a move from Chrysler to cut up to 12,000 jobs. The big chop, which involves about 15 percent of the auto giant's workforce, involves both U.S. and Canadian workers and will have a huge impact at the Brampton sedan plant. At least 1,100 people are expected to be laid off in the purge and employees in Windsor will feel the crunch, too. As with the short strike against G.M. in September, there are dozens of dominoes that will fall along with all those jobs, especially at parts suppliers who may find themselves facing bankruptcy as a result of the moves. The news comes just a week after the United Auto Workers reached a new four-year deal with the company down south. Four cars are being discontinued, including the Brampton-built Dodge Magnum station wagon (which will end production in early 2008),

How does the Torontonian cross the road? Any way they want to. Starting next May, the city is planning to turn four intersections in the downtown core into scrambles, whereby all lights turn red and pedestrians can cross any way they please including diagonally. The scrambles are tentatively scheduled for the intersections of Bloor-Yonge, Bloor-Bay, Bay-Dundas and Yonge-Dundas. "We picked those intersections partly because we felt we'd have the highest success rates (there)," said Bruce Zvaniga, manager of urban traffic control. "But if we're wrong, we'll probably be wrong about it in a big way."

Passport Canada is reporting continued long delays in processing mailed-in passport applications, despite a streamlined renewal process and hundreds of new employees.

Our dollar is at 47 1/2-year high  at 104.54 cents US.


 This image of Diana Princes of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed was made from CCTV footage showing Diana, Princess of Wales holding hands with Dodi Fayed, right, at the Ritz Hotel.
A rescuer who tried to help Diana after her Paris car crash says the Princess of Wales spoke as she lay in the wreckage. Damian Dalby  told a British inquest into Diana's death that he and his brother rushed over to the wreckage after the car crashed in the Pont d'Alma tunnel on Aug. 31, 1997. Dalby, who was a volunteer French firefighter at the time, says by videolink from Paris that the car was surrounded by photographers. He says the car's rear right door was open, and a photographer was close by. Asked whether the lady in the car was trying to speak, Dalby replied: "Yes, she was saying: 'Oh my God, oh my God'." Earlier Thursday, a French man claims Diana died in a trap set by photographers. Jacques Morel alleges that the late French photographer James Andanson organized a plan to stop the car carrying Diana and Fayed in the tunnel so paparazzi could take photos and get interviews. He says he has written a book on the subject, so far unpublished. Morel, who began testifying Wednesday, said he saw a line of 10 to 12 photographers and a man with a video camera just inside the tunnel before the crash. No other witness has claimed to see photographers waiting in the tunnel, though several have said photographers were quickly at the scene.

Retired U.S. Army Col. Ann Wright was to speak at an antiwar news conference with New Democrat MPs on Parliament Hill today. However, while other passengers passed through Customs, Wright was held back. She was to have been accompanied on the trip by fellow activist Medea Benjamin, but Benjamin was arrested and jailed Wednesday during a protest in Washington. Wright and Benjamin were refused entry at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, Ont., earlier this month because their names are on an FBI crime database. The women say they shouldn't be on the database - which is supposed to inform border officials about serious crimes - and that the FBI hasn't explained why they're on it. The pair suspect it's because they have been arrested at peaceful protests against the war in Iraq.

Take Part In Action for Burma...The Fight Continues

The Global Day of Action for Burma was a major success. Within a week, we and other organizations were able to organize events in 35 countries around the world, with  well over one hundred events happening in the US alone.  Images and news articles of thousands of people wearing red, marching through the streets of the world capitals, are appearing all over the internet. In two weeks time Burma has gone from being a country that no one has ever heard of to an issue that is talked about by the world's major leaders and media. On Friday, Jack Healey and the Human Rights Action, with support from us, spearheaded a press conference with actor Jim Carrey near the UN calling for the Security Council to pass a global arms embargo on Burma's military junta. Carrey made it clear that no country should be shipping weapons to a military regime that only uses guns on its own people.  At the conference he called for the UN Security Council to do more.

It should be embarrassing for Canadians that our very own Louise Arbour says we aren't as committed to human rights as we like to portray ourselves. Arbour, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, says it is "astonishing" Canada has refused to support the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which passed the General Assembly last month by a vote of 143-4. Not surprisingly, we joined in our opposition the likes of the United States, Australia and New Zealand, all nations with large aboriginal populations. The refusal to sign, explains the Tory government, was based on the fact the UN declaration is too broad and conflicts with the Canadian constitution.

Lack of action clouds T.O.s vision in fight against city smog. The city earned points for developing good plans and aggressive targets for engaging the community and adopting sustainable energy. But Toronto lost points for lack of public consultation, little or no investments and failing to act on these plans. The report also outlines seven recommendations for Toronto's 2008 budget that will help Toronto attain cleaner air and a higher grade. Apart from funding the TTC and green energy, TEA also recommends support for anti-smog actions and the adoption of a community right to know bylaw. According to Toronto Public Health, about 1,700 people died from smog-related health issues, something Hartman called "unnecessary deaths

Pilot of Plane That Dropped A-Bomb Dies Paul Tibbets, 92, had requested no funeral and no headstone, fearing it would provide his detractors with a place to protest.

Father Of World's Most Famous Missing Girl Goes Back To Work Father Of World's Most Famous Missing Girl Goes Back To Work. The father of a missing four-year-old, whose plight has drawn worldwide attention, believes he has to return to some kind of normal life even as the hunt for the child continues. The McCanns, both doctors, launched an urgent appeal for information that has seen celebrities like David Beckham and JK Rowling making pleas for help. A huge reward has so far gone unclaimed. The fingers of suspicion have since been pointed at the mother and the father, after authorities in Portugal claim the girl's DNA turned up in a car they rented after her disappearance.

KILLER COP GUILTY...She was found entombed in the wall of his home, but a former Toronto police officer always insisted he didn't kill her.The case dates back to February 2002, when Linda Mariani went missing. Evidence led to Wills's Richmond Hill home and he eventually took cops to her body in the last place they might have looked - stuffed in a garbage can and entombed in one of the walls of his home. It appeared there was no explanation but Wills had one. He claimed the love of his life had fallen downstairs and died of her injuries and he made a clumsy attempt to cover it up. He told the stunned court he intended to bury her at his Wasaga Beach cottage, part of a lovers' contract the two had supposedly secretly made. But he wasn't able to make it up there. The Crown never bought that excuse and the jury didn't either. They took less than a full day to decide that Wills killed the woman because she refused to leave her husband. A bat and a skipping rope - which was wrapped around the victim's neck - were found with the body.  According to his lawyer Raj Napal, the 50-year-old convicted man is refusing to accept the decision. "He said to me, 'Raj, I'm innocent, and I'm going to challenge this, I'm going to appeal.'" Wills gave all his assets to his ex-wife before getting more than $1 million worth of legal aid, another contentious aspect to an already bizarre case. He now faces a stiff penalty for his crime of passion. He could be sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for at least 25 years.

 Ferrari BrazilFlying High on and off the track McLaren were excluded from this year's constructors' championship and a record fine imposed on them by the FIA.
Kimi Raikkonen has been crowned the 2007 Champ. McLaren were stripped of all their manufacturers' points and fined $100 million.Two-time champion Fernando Alonso was directly implicated and test driver Pedro de la Rosa were in unauthorised possession of secret technical information belonging to F1 rival Ferrari

Attention: to F1 authorities, press and all advertisers.    11/9/07... I have been a rabid F1 fan since 1975. Being at the circuit was important to me and when unable to attend, I would watch races religiously on tv. I have noticed over the last few years how F1management has changed into some kind of monster, introducing dumb rule changes and imposing fascist-like decrees. They have gone way too far this time with the penalties imposed on McLaren. You have destroyed the sport for me and probably every other intelligent fan and driver who operates on the love of the art level. Money grubbers and mechanics will do their same old routines but you have broken the heart of the sportsmen and vituosos. Good bye. I will forever boycott you, your products and any who dare advertise with you, until somewhere in the far future when you are powerless against . Ten million you penalized McLaren? Chicken feed to what you will lose from us. Ex- fan-atic, Mike Milne (please print or forward) spacermike00@yahoo

Rockies Embarrassed 13-1 By Boston In First Game Of World SeriesRED VOODOO....7 WINS IN A ROW AND A SWEEP!
Rockies Embarrassed By Boston In World Series. The Boston Red Sox trampled the Rockies with 4 straight wins.


HERE IS HOW WE WERE WINNERS THIS WEEK...It's official - We set a brand new temperature record for the city of Toronto.

Funny Things in print


 Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert  met U.S. Sec. of State Rice  but did not comment publicly after the meeting. Rice had started her day with a visit to Jesus' traditional birthplace in the West Bank town of Bethlehem. Rice, the daughter and granddaughter of Presbyterian ministers, lit a candle in the grotto and paused for prayer. Referring to recent Israeli actions, including army raids and a decision to renew excavations near a key Jerusalem holy site, Abbas said: "These actions ... are hindering the endeavour to reach a document with substance, to go to the conference." "Being here at the birthplace of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, has been a very special and moving experience," said Rice. "It is also, I think, a personal reminder that the Prince of Peace is still with us."

Robert Baltovich And The Elizabeth Bain Murder Trial: The Timeline Robert Baltovich And The Elizabeth Bain Murder Trial In June 1990, Elizabeth Bain, the girlfriend of 24-year old Robert Baltovich, a recent University of Toronto graduate, was murdered in Toronto.  Her body has never been found, nor the weapon used to kill her.  Two years later, Baltovich was convicted of the murder and sentenced to life in prison.  In March 2000, AIDWYC filed a defence brief at a bail hearing and argued that there was new evidence to suggest that Baltovich was innocent and that the real perpetrator was Paul Bernardo.  The bail hearing was successful and, after spending eight years in prison, Baltovich was released pending the appeal of his conviction.  In September 2004, Baltovich's appeal was heard.  In December 2004, the Ontario Court of Appeal unanimously quashed Robert Baltovich's murder conviction. In 2005 a new trial was ordered. This second trial is scheduled to commence sometime in 2008: The case of Robert Baltovich contains as many twists and turns as a mystery novel. But unlike one of those books, this story still doesn't have an ending. Here's a timeline of one of the longest running legal battles in recent Ontario history.The accused boyfriend's first trial, with more than 100 witnesses taking the stand, the Crown drops the charge to second-degree murder, painting Baltovich as a spurned lover who became murderously angry when Bain tried to end their relationship. Baltovich continues to insist he's innocent, offering a not guilty plea. His lawyers claim there's significant evidence someone else may have committed the crime, introducing witness testimony about a blond man seen near her before she vanished. It comes at the same time the so-called "Scarborough Rapist" is on the prowl, and will later lead to speculation that Paul Bernardo could be a viable suspect. Paul Bernardo is arrested and accused of being the Scarborough Rapist, among other crimes. When Baltovich's lawyer hears about the arrest, he hires a private investigator to probe the suspect's background. The P.I. claims to have found evidence that may tie Bernardo to Bain. The Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted takes up the case, filing its own documents with the Court of Appeal. For the first time, Paul Bernardo is directly named in a legal brief as a possible main suspect. The group demands Baltovich be released while the appeal is considered. He's been behind bars for eight years.
Sometime around 1986 I and my Asian girlfriend were being harrassed by a wierd trio, whom I did not know. They had just moved into a one bedroom apartment in our building in Brampton.Their leader was a tall blond guy, his friend short with long staight black hair and a pretty blonde girl. When police were seeking the Mahaffey murderer I called 222TIPS describing my neighbour, as I felt that this guy was capable of such things. When they finally caught Bernardo I was sure that it was the same guy. In fact, his friend looked like the other guy that shared the adjouning apartment to ours. I became convinced more when I heard of their connection to Brampton. These people would shout stuff late at night about killing and raping that would wake us and was especially terrifying to my girlfriend. He left notes on my van ( I believe I still have one somewhere), often bending down my rear view mirrors and once broke one. They even tailed us one day as we drove away from Brampton. I had called Peel police about him several times who as usual did nothing. The trio moved out after about 3 months. To me this may be of interest to the Bains case as I believe we were targeted by these loonies for my girlfriends oriental ethnicity which I understand Ms. Bains had in common. Feel free to share this info where-ever this may help; please contact me to deny or confirm as this has always bothered me. I too would like closure. Mike Milne 416-760-4755 email spacermike00@yahoo.ca

U.S. Senator: Canada Home To More Terror Organizations Than Any Other CountryCanadians Get Some Cash Back As Federal Debt LoweredU.S. Senator: Canada Home To More Terror Organizations Than Any Other Country A startling claim and a startling report has some American officials taking a second look at our border security.
Canadians  To Get Some Cash Back
The federal government's efforts to cut the debt by $14 billion in 2006 will translate into a tax break of about $40 per person. Speaking in Toronto, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the cost-cutting measures saved $750 million in interest payments, suggesting that the debt payment is the largest in Canadian history. The PM said the federal government took in more money than it expected to and spent $700 million less than planned.Thursday's announcement comes as rumours of a fall federal election continue to swirl. It's believed the minority Conservative government could fall following next month's throne speech. Both the NDP and Bloc Quebecois have hinted they won't support it, meaning Stephane Dion's Liberals must if they don't want an election called.
World's Largest, Most Luxurious Airliner Makes Aviation HistoryThey made history, and they did it in style. The world's largest and most luxurious passenger plane completed its first commercial flight Thursday, travelling from Singapore to Sydney. With 455 passengers and 30 crew aboard, including four pilots, the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 took off from Changi Airport and landed seven hours later in the Australian city. The so-called superjumbo jet, filled with posh suites and double beds, runs on four Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines. Flight attendants passed around champagne to flyers, some of whom shelled out thousands of dollars to be part of the craft's maiden journey. Australian Tony Elwood  paid US$50,000 for two tickets. Singapore Airlines waited a long time for this flight to happen - Airbus fell 18 months behind schedule in construction and experienced cost overruns in the billions. The carrier is the plane's exclusive operator for 10 months. Seven storeys tall with wings big enough to hold 70 cars, the A380 replaces the Boeing 747 jumbo jet as the world's biggest passenger airline. It's capable of carrying 853 passengers if the plane was configured purely for economy class. However Singapore Airlines decided instead to provide 471 seats in three classes - 12 private suites, 60 business class seats, and 399 economy-class seats
Myanmar Soldiers Kill At Least Nine Protestors

Buddhist monks march in the western Yangon suburb of Ahlone Pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi - under house arrest for 12 of the last 18 years - met for about one hour with a Myanmar government official Thursday afternoon, a diplomat said. Suu Kyi, a Nobel peace laureate, was driven a few minutes from her home to a government guest house, where she held talks with newly appointed liaison minister, Aung Kyi. Meanwhile, a UN envoy met Chinese officials for a second day of talks Thursday to push Beijing to do more to get Myanmar's military junta to stop its crackdown on pro-democracy protests.
Tens of thousands defied the military crackdown with  ten days of demonstrations in the country's largest city, Yangon. Security forces also reportedly raided several monasteries, beating monks and arresting more than 100.The protests are the stiffest challenge to the generals in 20 years. The crisis began August 19 with protests over a fuel price hike, but expanded dramatically into mass pro-democracy demonstrations when monks started leading the marches. Some reports said the dead included Buddhist monks, who are widely revered in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. The emergence of such martyrs could stoke public anger against the government. Witnesses said an estimated 70,000 people gathered in the streets, but there were only a handful of monks in the crowd, compared with previous days when thousands marched.

Dognappers Come Up Empty As Bizarre Abduction Plot Goes WrongDognappers Come Up Empty As Bizarre Abduction Plot Goes Wrong...Two men are in custody, wounded in a shootout after they allegedly came to pick up a ransom. The victim is safe and doesn't seem to be all the worse for his terrifying experience. It sounds like a movie plot or some fiction novel. But it really happened; and it's even stranger than the scenario would suggest; the cause of all this violence and gunplay is a family dog. Kidnappers snatched the animal from a rich neighbourhood in Bogota last month while the owners were away and demanded US$350,000 for his safe return. When the abductors made contact with the owners of the German shepherd (similar to the one pictured in the file photo, top left), they contacted police. Authorities then arranged a sting to lure out the pooch-takers, which ended when two men were shot last Tuesday after they apparently came to pick up the ransom. The story moved between high drama and outright farce, after his captors sent the family a video of their pet to prove he was still alive. It was accompanied by a note that read, "This is how your dog cries at night."

BLACKWATER IN HOTWATER....WASHINGTON -- When Jeremy Scahill's book Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army was released last February, it was generally met with a chorus of ho-hums. So there were "private soldiers" on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq, and they were being paid seven to eight times as much as regular forces, which was angering and demoralizing the American troops. In the most egregious example of trigger happy excess, a Blackwater employee, who was drunk at the time, shot and killed a security guard who was protecting Iraqi Vice President Adel Abdul-Mehdi. In the most recent troubling incident, Blackwater guards last month engaged in a wild shootout in downtown Baghdad that left 11 Iraqi civilians dead and may have significantly alienated the very people America is trying to help. In questioning Blackwater spokesman stated " we pay $5000 US. to the family, we do not set the rates these are the standard for Iraq".That this modern-day Praetorian Guard was founded and operated by former Navy Seal Erik Prince, a gazillionaire Christian and conservative activist with close ties to the Bush White House, certainly confirmed the widely held suspicions that a lot of Republicans were getting rich on the war. What with all those billions pouring out of the Pentagon, war profiteering was inevitable. Since 2001, the company has received more than $3 billion in federal contracts, mostly from the State Department, and mostly "without full and open competition" according to Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, who yesterday opened a public hearing on Blackwater. At the hearing, Prince defended his company and rejected accusations his employees "acted like cowboys" in Iraq.

Police Seek Help Finding Teen's Killers Akila Geegana was an A student described by those who knew him as "model," but around 4pm Friday inexplicable tragedy befell the Brampton teen. While on his way to his after-school job, the 16-year-old was swarmed and stabbed to death in an attack that's left police baffled and devastated a family. It's alleged Geegana was attacked by four or five young men in a seemingly random act of violence that occurred on Lord Simcoe Drive. The victim managed to get to a bus shelter at the intersection of Dixie Road and Howden Boulevard before his assailants caught up and left him lying on the ground. He was later taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The senseless murder has left a father grasping for answers. "He was an outstanding character, he was very good in studies, he was very good in sports," Nihal Geegana said Sunday, the same day his son was laid to rest. "My whole life I will suffer." Police are appealing to witnesses in the search for suspects. "Four o'clock, Friday afternoon, somebody somewhere has had to have seen or heard something," said Peel Police Cst. Adam Minnion. "He never had any contact with the police ... one of our youth has been taken from us."Police Seek Help Finding Teen's Killers

Nuit Blanche Takes Over T.O.Police Identify Housekeeper Murdered In Mississauga Mansion As Wall Of Silence Descends On Case
Paris Hilton plans to visit Rwanda as part of her post-jail commitment to use her celebrity status to bring attention to social causes. "I'll be going in November, after I get back from filming my movie,"  posted Tuesday on her website. "There's so much need in that area, and I feel like if I go, it will bring more attention to what people can do to help," Hilton says.Nuit Blanche Takes Over T.O.
Traditionally speaking, New York is known as the city that never sleeps. But for at least one night Toronto will be worthy of the nickname, as Nuit Blanche took over T.O. Saturday night, promising to keep the lights on well into Sunday morning.The overnight art extravaganza features hundreds of artists at dozens of installations in three zones across the city, including Yorkville, The Grange/Chinatown and West Queen West/Liberty Village. And the party doesn't stop until 7am Sunday. "It's really incredible to see it all out on the street at once, all free," boasted Nuit Blanche's Michelle Jacques. "This idea came from Paris, but Toronto's embraced it," seconded Mayor David Miller, taking part in an interactive installation at Queen's Park. One artist featured among the scores is Adad Hannah, who's bringing a little bit of the Rex Hotel's past into the present with a multimedia installation featuring video screens. Other displays that had early crowds buzzing included a giant inflatable locust in the middle of Lamport Stadium and a massive storefront projection display near King and Dovercourt. "It gives me an opportunity to see all kinds of things that I never would normally get a chance to see," said tourist Brianna Browning in anticipation of Saturday's displays. If you're trying to see it all, the TTC will be running all night long for the first time in its history. To accommodate the artists and art lovers, several roads in the downtown core will be closed during the festivities, which overlap with the Word On The Street Festival.

Southern Ocean 7.4 quake hits New Zealand A large earthquake which struck in the Southern Ocean was widely felt throughout the lower South Island.The 7.4 quake was recorded at 6.23pm and was located about 200 kilometres from the sub-antarctic Auckland Islands. A spokesman from the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences says the quake was also felt in Bluff, Dunedin, and Queenstown. Locals reported feeling gentle and slow rolling motion, which lasted about six seconds. There have been no reports of damage.The Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management issued a tsunami advisory, but it was withdrawn a short time later.A second quake in the same general area struck at 10.47 last night. It measured 6.8 and was located 230 kilometres south-west of the Snares Islands or 440 km south-west of Invercargill, at a depth of 12 kilometres.

A woman, 27, whom Peel Regional Police Const. Samantha Nulle called the family's "housekeeper," was reported murdered just after 5 p.m. Monday by one of the owners of the Doulton Pl. estate, the maid is from the Philippines.  A contractor renovating another mansion on the dead-end street northeast of Mississauga Rd. and the QEW estimated the home to be worth "at least $15 million."They have revealed the name of the victim found in the Doulton Place home in the Dundas St. W. and Mississauga Road area. She's 27-year-old Jocelyn Dulnuan, a native of the Philippines who came to Canada on a work permit in 2006. She held various jobs as a nanny since then, and had only been working for the Mississauga family at her current address for the past two months. She has no immediate family here. "Her mother, who lives in Hong Kong, has spoken with our investigators," informs Inspector Norm English. "To our knowledge, she has never had any previous contact with the police." Cops received a phone call from someone in the residence around 5pm Monday, after her body was discovered inside."This was an isolated incident, and the location was targeted for a specific reason that I'm not prepared to comment on today," English answers carefully. "I do believe, though, that there was property taken from the residence.

Historic Bonds Ball To Be Branded With AsteriskThe ball was purchased in an online auction by fashion designer Marc Ecko, who then set up a website for fans to vote on its fate. The options were branding it with an asterisk, sending it to the Hall unblemished or launching it into space.The fans chose the asterisk many hoped would be applied to Bonds' record, which some feel is tainted because of the San Francisco slugger's alleged use of steroids."We're going to be working with the folks at the Hall of Fame," Ecko said Wednesday. Bonds called Ecko "an idiot" last week, after he secured the ball with a winning bid of $752,467, a total well above what most assumed the ball, which marked the fall of one of baseball's most cherished records, was worth. Bonds blasting past Hank Aaron's previous all-time home run mark of 755 doesn't mean the record is tainted in the eyes of Cooperstown, said Hall of Fame president Dale Petroskey. "We're happy to get it," he said. "We're a nonprofit history museum, so this ball wouldn't be coming to Cooperstown without Marc Ecko buying it from the fan who caught it." In other Bonds news, the Giants announced Friday they will not seek a new deal for next season with their star of 15 years, opting instead to go in younger, less expensive direction. During his 22-year career in Major League Baseball, Historic Bonds Ball To Be Branded With AsteriskBonds has been the National League MVP seven times and says he will seek another team to continue playing with for 2008.

September 20 Leafs BIG TIME LOSERS...again.
Sports Star Accidentally Text Messages Wife About TrystSports Star Accidentally Text Messages Wife About Tryst
Here's a cautionary tale - if you're trying to repair a failed marriage, at least know the right telephone number. It's a lesson an Australian cricket star named Shane Warne learned the hard way, after he accidentally sent details of his tryst to his ex-wife, with whom he was attempting a reconciliation.  Warne was in London when his former significant other, Simone Callahan, received an odd text message on her phone back home in Melbourne. "Hey beautiful, I'm just talking to my kids, the back door's open," it read. She immediately recognized what was going on and sent him a follow-up message he wasn't expecting. "You loser, you sent the message to the wrong person," she typed. She'd long believed her husband was cheating on her and the note finally affirmed her suspicions
Losingest Horse In Racing History Saluted After 125th Straight LossLosingest Horse In Racing History Saluted After 125th Straight Loss...Psst, hey bud? Looking for a sure thing at the track, a can't miss racing tip? Here's one you can take to the bank. If you ever go to Woodbine and see a horse named Dona Cepa in the racing form, don't bet on her. She's as sure a loser as they come. In fact, the nine-year-old brown mare is believed to be the biggest loser in the history of the Sport of Kings. The equine lost her 125th consecutive race in Puerto Rico on Wednesday, unofficially earning the title of the worst race horse in the world.  It's hard to say whether Dona actually earned the coveted title, because there's no official body that keeps track of such things. But those who follow the sport closely believe her latest exercise in futility broke the old record of 0-124 set by an Australian steed named Ouroene between 1976 and 1983. And Dona's not done yet. The horse is a descendant of champions, but has still lost every single race since she first started galloping for the money on Valentine's Day 2001.
...and speaking of losers....WEENIE WACKER
This story is not only uncomfortable but also amazing, not only for what happened but for the way the victim got to hospital. A 43-year-old Indonesian man has undergone emergency surgery, after a complaint about one of his spouse's bedroom skills led her to allegedly try and cut off his penis. The argument started when the husband, who is married to two women at the same time, was lying in bed with his 48-year-old spouse and began talking about his new wife's prowess. The original bride was so angry by the comparison that authorities say she lost control, picked up a kitchen knife and headed straight for the sensitive region. Doctors  used 11 stitches to  reattach the nearly severed organ. But it's how the victim got to the hospital that's almost as shocking as the crime itself. Instead of calling an ambulance, the man is said to have pulled on his pants, jumped on his motorcycle and driven for what must have been a painful but mercifully short distance to the emergency ward for treatment. No word on penis prognosis.

Peel Still Missing the Bus Again and AgainThree-Year-Old Left Wandering The Streets After School Bus Mishap ***A three-Year-Old Left Wandering The Streets After School Bus Mishap.Now a 5 year old. Fire and prosecute the freaks responsible!
 Little Isaiah's sister waited for her three-year-old brother Thursday, as the first-year kindergarten student returned from another day at school. She waited and waited, but her brother never showed. A short time later, her and her father began frantically looking for the boy."What I can't understand is how come the school bus driver leave him on the street with nobody to pick him up," said Isaiah's father, Michael Harris.What happened was the young boy boarded the wrong bus as school let out, and instead of being let off at Williams Parkway and Highway 10, he was dropped off at Williams Parkway and Highway 410, where he was left standing on the sidewalk alone about four kilometres away.

Brampton is the first "Safe" city in the GTA and only the 10th in North America to be recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) Ha-ha-ha. As a result of recent contract negotiations between the Regional Municipality of Peel Police Services Board and the Peel Regional Police Association, some members of the Association have indicated that they will commence a “job action” campaign on Wednesday, September 26, 2007. As negotiations continue between the Police Services Board and the Association, Chief Mike Metcalf and his management team will ensure that the necessary staff and resources are in place to maintain the safety and security of our community. In response to this development, Chief Metcalf states; “The men and women of the Peel Regional Police Service are dedicated professionals who are committed to the safety and security of the citizens of Peel Region.” Melcalf further stated; “During this campaign, Peel Regional Police will continue to provide the exceptional level of service expected by the citizens that we serve.”
Hollywood, Florida, police on Wednesday were trying to sort out a bizarre bank robbery in which a bomblike device was strapped to a bank employee. A bank employee was found sitting outside a Wachovia in Hollywood, Florida, with an unknown device strapped to him. The employee told police that two armed men abducted him from his house Tuesday in nearby Dania Beach, taped the device to him and told him they were activating a bomb, Hollywood police spokesman Tony Rode said. Rode said the men then drove to a Wachovia branch in Hollywood where the bank employee worked. Witnesses said the men walked up to a drive-through window and, threatening to detonate the device, demanded cash from a teller who gave them "a large amount," according to Rode. The two men then fled with the money, leaving the bank employee behind wearing the device, he added. Broward County deputies used a robot to remove the device from the man and then detonated it, police said. The bank employee was unhurt. A police source said the device appeared to be two cylinders surrounded by wires. The bank employee, whom police described as a victim, was questioned until 2:30 a.m. ET Wednesday. "There are a lot of holes, a lot of loose ends that we're not quite sure with," Rode said. Police are trying to determine, "Is this legit? Was this all a hoax? Is he truly a victim?" Rode said. "Did he somehow participate in this alleged bank
robbery that apparently procured an enormous amount of money?" Police were looking for the two suspects, using only a vague description because the robbers were wearing masks. The story is reminiscent of the 2003 case of Brian Wells, a pizza deliveryman who robbed a bank in Erie, Pennsylvania, then died when a bomb affixed to his neck exploded.

  DEMENTOS  DERAILED Police Arrest Man In Connection With Sexual Assaults At York University  Police have made an arrest in connection with two recent sexual assaults at York University.Thornhill man Daniel Katsnelson, 25, was taken into custody by authorities Wednesday. He faces 11 charges including two counts of sexual assault, two counts of gang sexual assault, two counts of forcible confinement, and five counts of break and enter. Katsnelson was due in court Thursday. Meanwhile, police have now caught the second suspect, which caused women on campus to fear for their safety at the start of the school year. "We're hoping the second suspect will turn himself in to police as soon as possible," said Det. Christine Long. "It's only a matter of time. It's not like we won't know who he is, it's just a matter of when we're going to positively (identify him)."

Canadian Dollar Nears Parity With U.S. Buck $$ AN EVEN TRADE $$.LOONIE/U.S.$
The loonie officially hit $1.0004, at 10:58am, making it virtually even with the Yankee dollar. It's since sunk back to the upper 99-cent level, but just about every analyst agrees it won't stay there long. Our currency hasn't been this high since November 1976, when disco was just starting to become king. Thankfully, it's only the buck that's made the resurgence.
Tom Allain, president of the Brampton Kiwanis Club, and former Premier Bill Davis listen to Andrew Dicker, 11, Emma Meinrenken, 8, and Arash Noori on guitar as they warm up for The Kiwanis Club’s 50th anniversary celebrations Monday night.
 Dubai Skyscraper Tops CN Tower As World's Largest Free-Standing Structure
Dubai Skyscraper Tops CN Tower As World's Largest Free-Standing Structure
For decades it was a worldwide first, the tallest structure on the face of the planet and the source of pride for Torontonians and Canadians. Thursday, the CN Tower was allegedly surpassed in the skyscraping department, as the world's tallest building, being constructed in Dubai, crept past it by a mere two metres. At 555 metres, Burj Dubai is now two metres taller than the 553-metre CN Tower, Emaar Properties said in a release. To its credit, the new building is a architectural marvel, with 150 livable levels, the largest number of storeys for any building in the world. Burj Dubai already beat Taipei 101, which at 508 metres has held the tallest-building title since it opened in 2004.

Cops Red Faced After Own Undercover Car StolenHandcuffed Boy Manages To Steal Police Car And Flee After Arrest
You know who to call if someone steals your car. But who do cops call when one of their cruisers goes missing? That's the embarrassing dilemma facing Halton Regional Police after someone made off with one of their unmarked vehicles in Hamilton overnight. The great car caper wasn't discovered until Monday morning. It didn't look much like an official vehicle from the outside and could easily have fooled a crook. But inside, it was obvious what it really was. The interior contained a Halton Police-issued 40-calibre Beretta pistol and some ammunition, a canister of pepper spray, a pair of handcuffs, a bullet-proof vest, a police radio and five black T-shirts with Halton Police markings. There's no word on how the thief managed to get into the vehicle, creating major embarrassment and headaches for the local force. Cops put out an APB for the unmarked four-door, grey 2004 Buick Century, which didn't look like anything special from the outside. But in this case, it's what's inside that counts. A local resident spotted the missing vehicle not far from its original location on Tuesday, but when cops arrived they were dismayed to discover the contents had been pilfered. It appears they're not the only law enforcement group that's been involved in some unfortunate circumstances involving automobiles. A U.S. Border Patrol agent in California is still trying to explain what happened after he stopped three young boys driving a pick-up truck along a remote highway near the Mexican border city of Mexicali last weekend. He suspected they were carrying a load of pot, and decided to check the vehicle, handcuffing the suspects, placing them into his own squad car and then returning to the suspicious truck to search for evidence. But in a scene right out of a movie, one of the shacked lads somehow managed to squirm his way into the front seat, put the gear into drive and zoom away as the stunned officer stood starting in surprise at the brazen getaway. "As the agent was doing his search, he left the vehicle running and the keys in the ignition, so one of the lads, still wearing handcuffs, grabbed the steering wheel and they headed back to Mexico," a police spokesman explains. Mexican police later found the abandoned cop car in a remote area near the border. The desert spot is the frequent scene of cat-and-mouse-like skirmishes between drug smugglers, illegal aliens and American agents. 
Cops Warn Parents After Man Tries To Grab 10-Yr.-Old GirlCops Warn Parents 
 Man Tries To Grab 10-Yr.-Old Girl  It is the kind of incident every parent fears - the attempted abduction of a child. Authorities are on the lookout for a suspect after police say someone tried to take a young girl by force as she walked to school in North York Tuesday morning. The 10-year-old was on her way to class in the Caledonia and Lawrence Ave. area around 8:20am  when a man she'd never seen reportedly came up behind her, grabbed her by the arm and grunted "Come with me!" When she refused, the man repeated his demand and the pair began to struggle. She fortunately was able to break free and did the right thing, running with all her might toward the protection of her school, where she sought out her teacher and told her what happened. The youngster was scared but observant and was able to get a good look at the guy she claims tried to carry her off. He's described as: White, 30, 5'8", Moustache and goatee, Grey/green eyes Mole on his face beside his nose. The best clue may be his odd hair. The child recalls a man with short brown hair that had some kind of brown item woven into one side. She especially remembers that the second shade of brown was different from the first.  His car was a light-to-medium-blue, late-model Chrysler 300 with "spinners" on the wheels and a distinctive decal in the driver's side rear window of a female wearing a bandana on her head. Both the clues and the descriptions are more detailed than cops usually get in these kinds of cases, and they're hoping they lead to an arrest before the suspect tries to carry out his dangerous mission on someone else. Call (416) 808-1300 with info.

art.bomb.test.ap.jpg HOW STUPID/ CHILDISH/ EVIL WE ARE... (or how to blow mankind to smithereens) The Russian military has successfully tested what it described as the world's most powerful non-nuclear air-delivered bomb, Russia reported Tuesday. The new weapon, nicknamed the "dad of all bombs" is four times more powerful than the U.S. "mother of all bombs." "The tests have shown that the new air-delivered ordnance is comparable to a nuclear weapon in its efficiency and capability,". The statement reflected the Kremlin's efforts to restore Russia's global clout and rebuild the nation's military might while the ties with Washington have been strained over U.S. criticism of Russia's backsliding on democracy, Moscow's vociferous protests of U.S. missile defense plans, and rifts over global crises. The Russian bomb contains 7.8 tons of high explosives compared to more than 8 tons of explosives in the U.S. bomb, it's four times more powerful because it uses a new, highly efficient type of explosives that the report didn't identify. While the U.S. bomb is equivalent to 11 tons of TNT, the Russian one is equivalent to 44 tons of regular explosives. The Russian weapon's blast radius is 990 feet, twice as big as that of the U.S. design, the report said. Like its U.S. predecessor, first tested in 2003, the Russian bomb is a "thermobaric" weapon that explodes in an intense fireball combined with a devastating blast. It explodes in a terrifying nuclear bomb-like mushroom cloud and wreaks destruction through a massive shock wave created by the air burst and high temperature.The bomb's detonation is shown in this image. It was the latest show of Russia's military muscle amid chilly relations with the United StatesMORE RUSSIAN MUSCLE FLEXING... President Vladimir Putin dissolved the Russian government Wednesday in a major political shakeup ahead of parliamentary elections in less than three months and a presidential vote next year, news agencies reported. The dissolution is expected to result in a new prime minister, who will be seen as Putin's choice to succeed him after he steps down next spring.
  Larissa Palaszczuk paints the face of Xavier Augier, 2, at the first anniversary celebrations of the Rose Theatre.
BAD PEEL COP...A 4-year member of the Peel Regional Police Service was arrested following an investigation conducted by the Internal Affairs Bureau. Constable Sean OSBORNE, 32 , has been charged with Assault Causing Bodily Harm and Perjury. The charges stem from his involvement in an investigation while assigned as a patrol officer at 21 Division. Constable OSBORNE is set to appear at the Ontario Court of Justice in Brampton on October 1st, 2007.
ROTTEN INSIDE and OUTSIDE...The northbound lanes of Hwy. 10 between Ray Lawson Boulevard and Sir Lou Drive were closed again Friday afternoon after panels from the Brampton courthouse fell to the ground. High winds blew the panels off the side of the building. The same thing happened two weeks ago. The road was closed to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists in the area and was not to re-open until the winds died down and repairs could be made, police said at press time Friday.

The FBI arrested 11 public officials, including a mayor and two state lawmakers, Thursday in a federal corruption probe that spread across the state, the U.S. Attorney's office said.  Passaic N.J. Mayor Samuel Rivera was arrested (picture below) related to insurance contracts for local governments, a law enforcement officials said on condition of anonymity because the formal announcement was pending. Democratic state Assemblymen Mims Hackett Jr. and Alfred E. Steele were both arrested, along with Mayor Rivera, the law enforcement official said. Also arrested were the chief of staff to Newark's City Council president, Passaic Councilmen Jonathan Soto and Marcellus Jackson, and five Pleasantville school board members.
Passaic Mayor Samuel Rivera applauds at a ceremony outside Passaic City Hall in Passaic, N.J., in this Nov. 7, 2005 file photo. (AP Photo/Mel Evans, File) An RAF Typhoon shadowing a Russian BEAR-H aircraft over the North Atlantic last month (PA)
An RAF Typhoon shadowing a Russian BEAR-H aircraft over the North Atlantic The RAF was involved in its biggest scrambling mission since the Cold War today, launching four Tornados to intercept eight Russian long-range Bear bombers which were approaching Britain in formation. The four Tornado F3 air-defence aircraft from RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire and RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire headed off the Russian Tupolev-95 Bear-H bombers which turned away before entering UK airspace.

Attention: to F1 authorities, press and all advertisers.                        11/9/07

       I have been a rabid F1 fan since 1975. Being at the circuit was important to me and when unable to attend, I would watch races religiously on tv. I have noticed over the last few years how F1management has changed into some kind of monster, introducing dumb rule changes and imposing fascist-like decrees. They have gone way too far this time with the penalties imposed on McLaren. You have destroyed the sport for me and probably every other intelligent fan and driver who operates on the love of the art level. Money grubbers and mechanics will do their same old routines but you have broken the heart of the sportsmen and vituosos. Good bye. I will forever boycott you, your products and any who dare advertise with you, until somewhere in the far future when you are powerless against . Ten million you penalized McLaren? Chicken feed to what you will lose from us!

      Ex- fan-atic,

          Mike Milne (please print or forward) spacermike00@yahoo.ca

Tsunami Hits Indonesia Hours After Powerful EarthquakeTsunami Hits Indonesia Hours After Powerful Earthquake.. A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 hit Indonesia last Wednesday caused a tsunami. Waves between one and three metres tall crashed into the town of Padang, killing one man and injuring dozens of others. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said, "Earthquakes of this size have the potential to generate a widespread destructive tsunami that can affect coastlines across the entire Indian Ocean Basin."

 STILL NO BARGAIN...The steep price of the new iphone has been slashed; less than three months after the iPhone's launch on June 29! Also, the discontinuation of the 4-gigabyte iPhone, which sold for $499; were surprising from Apple, which usually keeps prices steady while adding new features. It normally discounts products only when they age. Iphone 8gig are now selling for $399US down from $599!
    New Iphone              Aussie Bin Laden Strikes! Members of an Australian TV comedy show, one of them dressed as Osama bin Laden, drove through two security checkpoints Thursday before being stopped near the Sydney hotel where U.S. President George W. Bush is staying.Police arrested 11 cast and crew members from the TV program, "The Chaser's War on Everything," and impounded three vehicles. Cast members put together a sham motorcade, hiring two motorcycles and three large cars on which they put Canadian flags. Police waved the motorcade through two checkpoints before pulling it over near the Intercontinental Hotel where Bush is staying. Cast member Chas Licciardello got out of the car dressed in a white tunic and cap and wearing a long, fake, Osama bin Laden-style beard.

art.bush.ap.jpg Presidents Hu Jintao and Dopey shake hands after their meeting at the APEC summit in Sydney. Dopey was in the Australia ahead of an annual Asia-Pacific economic summit where Iraq, climate change and trade are expected to dominate the agenda.The Chinese leader said " I am committed to working together with  Bush to further advance our constructive and cooperative relations."Regarding climate change,  Dopey said both leaders want to work together. "We believe that the issue of climate change bears on the welfare of the whole of humanity and sustainability of the whole world,"

 "Mars Hoax"There is an email circulating the internet—called the "Mars Hoax" or the "Two Moons email"—claiming that Mars will soon swell as large as the full Moon, and the two will hang together side by side on the night of Aug. 27th. "Mars will be spectacular," it states. "No one alive today will ever see this again." No one will see it, because it won't happen. Earth and Mars are converging, and right now the distance between the two planets is shrinking at a rate of 22,000 mph--or about 25 miles per sentence.

see caption

Ultimately, this will lead to a close approach in late December 2007 when Mars will outshine every star in the night sky. Of a similar encounter in the 19th century, astronomer Percival Lowell wrote the following: "[Mars] blazes forth against the dark background of space with a splendor that outshines Sirius and rivals the giant Jupiter himself."


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 Singer Steele was among the entertainers at Monday's annual Air Jamaica Day at the Powerade Centre  There were around 10,000 spectators, all well behaved and having a good time.

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City Of Brampton Named One Of The Safest Places In The World THEY DON'T KNOW THIS TOWN!...the City Of Brampton has been named One Of The Safest Places In The World by the World Health Organization (WHO). In fact, it's the first GTA municipality to be designated as an International Safe Community. An official announcement will be made September 22 on "Brampton Day." The accreditation will be presented by WHO's Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion from Stockholm, Sweden, the world's recognized authority on community safety. Other North American cities that made the list were Calgary, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., Dallas and Chicago.
BRAMPTON - A woman with identification in two names, one with a Brampton address, was arrested at the U.S. border trying to carry roughly 100 rounds of ammunition and three firearms into Canada. A vehicle with Florida licence plates entered Canada at the Peace Bridge in Fort Erie around 2:30 a.m. Thursday when customs officers pulled it over for a secondary inspection, say Niagara Regional Police. A search of the vehicle revealed the ammunition and firearms. The woman, 21, was arrested by Canadian border officers and turned over to Niagara police. She had identification listing a Florida address, as well as identification with another name listing a Brampton address. Further investigation resulted in 13 firearms-related offences. She was held in custody pending a bail hearing. Police will be looking into any possible affiliations to gangs or organized crime groups as well as immigration status. A 0.45 cal. Smith and Wesson pistol, 0.357 Ruger revolver and a 0.44 Ruger revolver were seized by police from the woman's car. Charged is Patrice Jeremiah.
.....A cyclist was stabbed and robbed in the Kennedy Road and Williams Parkway area Friday night. Peel Regional Police said the 20-year-old victim was riding near Kingswood Drive and Horne Drive at about 9:15 p.m. when he was cut off and forced to stop by four males on bikes. According to police reports, one of the suspects immediately approached the victim and stabbed him in the stomach. The assailant then took the victim's MP3 player that was clipped to his belt, while another suspect grabbed a bag containing beer bottles from the injured man's handle bars. The culprits were last seen riding away. The victim was able to call 911 from his cellular phone. He was transported to hospital and underwent emergency surgery. He was last listed in stable condition, police said. The suspects are described as black, 16-18-years-old, all wearing dark clothes and dark baseball caps.

Steven Truscott's Long Journey To Justice: "It Is A Dream Come True" Steven acquitted!!!???
The youngest Canadian to ever face a death sentence fell victim to a "miscarriage of justice" 48 years ago, Ontario's highest court said yesterday as it acquitted Steven Truscott. No other suspect was ever charged or has still never been caught. 75% of 3400 Canadians polled believe he should be exonerated rather than aquitted. The Ont. Att. General Mike Bryant should get off his perverted ass and exonerate Mr. Truscott.  
Bizarre Plea From U.S. Senator: Bizarre Plea From Senator: "I Am Not Gay. I Have Never Been Gay"..there's nothing like a hot political scandal to heat up an election campaign. Revelations about an Idaho conservative senator's hidden arrest prompted one of the strangest news conferences in recent history. Sen. Larry Craig was arrested on June 11th in a Minnesota airport washroom, allegedly for making a sexual advance to an undercover officer. When news of the incident came out in the local newspaper, the Idaho Statesman, it was like a political bomb had exploded. Craig is a Republican in a state where many have deeply held religious and conservative views. The story implied it wasn't the first time the senator had allegedly had such encounters with other men. "Let me be clear," he intoned. "I am not gay. I never have been gay ... I love my wife, family, friends, staff and Idaho.

City Swelters In Day Of Intense Heat, Humidity And SmogCity Swelters In Day Of Intense Heat, Humidity And Smog. Some think this may be summer's last gasp. And if it is, 'gasp' could be the perfect word. The GTA will swelter through conditions on Wednesday that are more like mid-July than late August. Temperatures are expected to hit the 33C range, but with the humidex, it will feel more like the 40s. All that hot, sticky air will also create another problem - breathing it in. The Ministry of the Environment has issued a smog alert for a wide area of Ontario, including Toronto and its surrounding cities. Air quality is expected to deteriorate as things get hotter, prompting the usual warnings for people with respiratory ailments, the elderly and the very young. Toronto Public Health estimates at least 1,700 people are admitted to hospital every year because of pollution - and as many as 600 die from complications caused by the bad air.

it's a wierd wierd world...

WRONG WONG..er..WANG...It's the kind of story that sparks only one reaction: how could it happen? Chinese twins are suing a hospital in Beijing, after they allege a mix-up led to them being separated for two decades - with one believing someone else was his identical sibling. The incident began 21 years ago when Xiang Nan and his twin brother Wang Yiwen were born just minutes apart. But Xiang somehow went home with the wrong family, and another child was given to his real parents. That infant grew up as Wang Yiwu and everyone thought he was Yiwen's twin brother.That was the unknown lie everyone lived with for more than two decades until a strange series of circumstances led to the truth. The real brothers grew up not far from each other and when mutual friends of both men began commenting on how similar looking they were, they decided to introduce them to each other. No one thought much of the resemblance until neighbours started wondering why a man they thought was Wang Yiwen was ignoring their friendly greetings and treating them like a stranger. It turned out they'd been talking to Xiang, who had no idea who they were. Word got back to the real Wang, who immediately thought of the guy his friends had introduced him to two years earlier. That started the suspicions rolling and both men had blood tests. The results: Xiang was a 99.999 percent match for Yiwen, while the kid who grew up as Wang Yiwu had absolutely no biological relationship to the people he knew as his mother, father and brother.

Naked Male Hula Dancer Tries To Pull Off Stolen Beer ScamNaked Male Hula Dancer Tries To Pull Off Stolen Beer Scam
Here's a question that's quintessentially Canadian - how far would you go to get a free case of beer? The mystery may never be solved here, but at least we appear to know what the answer would be south of the border: too far. At least if you consider what happened earlier this month in De Soto, Missouri. Three guys were thirsty and looking to drown their sorrows with some brews, but they didn't want to pay for them. So they allegedly came up with the most hare-brained scheme possible and then carried it out to not-so-near perfection. One of the guys put a mask over his head, and wearing nothing but sneakers, boldly walked into a convenience store and began doing the hula. His naked ambition: distract the clerk behind the counter while his buddy stole a case of the precious liquid from a cooler in the back. The woman behind the counter that night wasn't impressed. "Basically [it was] a guy coming in, standing there naked and doing the hula," Vicky Gaines recalls. She immediately picked up the phone and called 911. "He was just standing there asking if you all would like some of this, and I told the cops I said, 'um - I have a naked man in my doorway with a mask on. Can you come up here?'"A security camera (top left) caught both the disrobed dancer and his accomplice running through the parking lot, where a third man waited in the getaway car. But a customer spotted the unusual duo - it's hard to ignore a naked guy running through a parking lot, even at night - and jotted down the license plate number as the vehicle sped away. Cops arrested all three a few days later. The suspects, ranging in age from 19 to 23, are facing shoplifting and indecent exposure charges.

Twelve South Korean Hostages Freed By Taliban In AfghanistanAll South Korean hostages still alive, have been Freed By the GodlessTaliban In Afghanistan. Twelve of 19 South Koreans held hostage by Taliban militants were freed Wednesday as part of a deal struck with that country's government.The last three on Thursday. Hostages were released to Red Cross officials at different locations in central Afghanistan near the city of Ghazni. Money was paid and promises were made to end the nearly-six-week-old crisis.The first three women were released in the village of Qala-e-Kazi, their heads covered in shawls. Hours later four women and one man were freed in a desert close to Shah Baz. The most recent prisoners were let go not long afterward. There was no indication the freed hostages were suffering from any health problems. In exchange for the hostages' release South Korea reaffirmed its vow to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan before the end of a year. It's a plan that pre-dated the hostage crisis. The country also said it would keep South Korean Christian missionaries from going to Afghanistan. The July 19 kidnapping was not without tragedy - militants executed two of the male hostages in late July. Two other women were released earlier this month. Get it straight, these kidnappers are viciuos, heartless, Godless thugs.
Your Grocery Bill Could Soar This FallYour Grocery Bill Will Soar
A low harvest and rising costs may end up biting into your grocery bill, and soon. Grain harvests are down around the world, including here in Canada. We could see an estimated 20 per cent drop in wheat supply, which may increase the cost of your pasta, bread and cereal by up to 5 per cent. High demand and shrinking harvests sent wheat futures up 7.8 per cent since the beginning of the week to $7.39 US a bushel.

There's a "drain hole" in the Great Lakes basin that's hemorrhaging almost 9.5 billion litres of water a day and must be patched up by the Canadian and American governments, environmental groups announced. Navigation dredging, riverbed mining and shoreline alteration on the St. Clair River near Port Huron, Mich., and Sarnia, Ont., have affected the flow of the Great Lakes and is draining water into the Atlantic Ocean at a rate that's three times greater than original estimates, said Mary Muter of the Georgian Bay Association. Muter said water levels in lakes Michigan and Huron and the Georgian Bay have fallen 60 centimetres since 1970. The loss of water is senseless and will negatively affect water quality in the Great Lakes, as well as boating, fishing and commercial shipping, said John Jackson, program director for Great Lakes United.  Brampton’s Jody Mitic, right, chats with hockey legend Don Cherry, centre, and Defence Minister Peter MacKay during a rally in Toronto

Children's Aid Society Workers In York Region Walk Off JobLet them Be Abused, we want money... Children's Aid Society workers in York Region walked off the job Monday to protest their salaries and what they call a "crippling workload."The Ontario Public Service Employees Union, negotiating on behalf of the 180 CAS employees affected by the strike, said talks collapsed Friday after the union rejected the latest offer. They officially walked off the job at 12:01am Monday. Wages and an unmanageable workload are the issues that so far haven't been resolved.

...#759 Barry Bonds, Baseball's Home Run King Replacing Hank Aaron who held the record of 755 homers since April 1974...
Proper Name: Barry Lamar Bonds
Born: July 24, 1964
Riverside, CA
Height: 6-2
Weight: 228 lbs.
Age: 43
Bats: Left
Throws: Left
Pos: LF
Experience: 21 years
2007 Salary: $15,533,970
College: Arizona State University
Percent Owned (Week +/-):
MLB: 97.7% (-0.1%)
Avg. Draft Position:
MLB: 120.6
AVG .281 | HR 27 | RBI 64 | OBP .489 | SLG .584        
When Barry Bonds hit his 759th career homer at Turner Field, a security official retrieved the ball when it landed between the fence and the first row of seats. He quickly tossed it to an unsuspecting Perez, who was hounded by fans to give up the ball. "Everybody started offering money for that ball," Perez said. "'I'll give you $5,000, I'll give you this, I'll give you that.' So I just put it in my pocket." The security guard, possibly seeing dollar signs, decided he wanted the ball back. Perez would have obliged, but he found out Bonds wanted the ball back, so he gave it to a bat boy, who sent it to the Giants' clubhouse.
Bonds' Record Homerun Ball Up For AuctionBonds' Record Homerun Ball Up For Auction...Barry Bonds' record-breaking homerun ball, No. 756, will be sold during an online auction and the ball's owner, Matt Murphy (pictured), hopes to rake in at least half a million dollars. The 21-year-old New Yorker said he decided to sell the ball after learning he could be heavily taxed just for holding onto it. "It wasn't hard," Murphy said. "It was simple math. I'm upset by the decision I had to make...I wanted to keep it. I'm young. I don't have the bank account."Sotheby's/SCP Auctions will handle the sale at www.scpauctions.com starting on Aug. 28 and ending Sept. 15.  No starting bid has been set, but officials believe it should bring at least US$500,000.

Beckham Bends It Like Himself And Scores First Goal Bending It Like... Himself... British soccer star David Beckham scored in his first start for the Los Angeles Galaxy on 21/8/07 against D.C. United. The goal came after much speculation regarding his $6.7 million yearly salary and a lingering ankle injury.

 Twice in Toronto and once in Guelph this month, homeowners received envelopes at their residences containing Improvised Explosive Devices. On Aug. 11, a Toronto victim sustained minor injuries to his hands after opening a package. On Aug. 19, another Toronto resident noticed a strange smell from a package left at his home and called police who safely detonated the device. On Aug. 22, a Guelph man unsuspectingly opened a letter bomb addressed to his home, but the device failed to detonate. Police were contacted and the device was destroyed in a controlled explosion. Police have failed to find a connection between the homeowners in the two cities or a direct link to the bombs, although the packages have been very similar. In both Toronto cases, the packages were plastic bubble wrapped envelopes with properly addressed courier receipts. They contained petroleum-type fluid with a distinctive petroleum odour. "Although no such incidents have occurred within the Region of Peel, police are alerting the public to be vigilant about any suspicious packages received by mail or courier, especially if the item is unexpected, improperly addressed or has an unfamiliar return address or no return address," Peel police said in a community alert.

Artist ConceptFour galaxies are slamming into each other and kicking up billions of stars in one of the largest cosmic smash-ups ever observed.

The clashing galaxies, spotted by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, will eventually merge into a single, behemoth galaxy up to 10 times as massive as our own Milky Way. This rare sighting provides an unprecedented look at how the most massive galaxies in the universe form.

You can't read this and stay in a bad mood 
How Do You Catch a Unique Rabbit? > Unique Up On It.
How Do You Catch a Tame Rabbit? > Tame Way, Unique Up On It.
How Do Crazy People Go Through The
Forest? > They Take The Psycho Path
>  How Do You Get Holy Water? > You Boil The Hell Out Of It. 
What Do You Call a Boomerang That Doesn't work? > A Stick
What Do You Call Cheese That Isn't Yours? > Nacho Cheese.

On June 16th, the eve of Father's Day, Alan Friedman and his daughters Sophie (age 15) and Lily (age 12) climbed atop the roof of their porch in downtown Buffalo. "It was the only place we could see the afternoon sun," he explains. From there "we watched and photographed a wonderful transit of the International Space Station (ISS) against the disk of the sun."
Photo details: 92mm A-P refractor, DMK 21BF04 webcam, Baader solar filter.

"The transit was a scant 2/3 of a second in duration, but we did see it on the computer monitor, and managed to capture 10 frames--just enough to make this slow motion record of the event. We had a blast!" A still frame from the movie shows the dragonfly-silhouette of the space station. The wings are solar arrays, two of them having just been unfurled by the crew of space shuttle Atlantis. The ISS keeps growing, so stay tuned for new silhouettes.

Today in the azure mid-afternoon skies of Europe, the crescent Moon eclipsed Venus. Achim Schaller of Germany's southern Rhine Valley snapped this picture moments before Venus's disappearance:

Last night in Pensacola, Florida, astronomy professor Wayne Wooten photographed a rare Euclidean line-up of the Moon, Venus, Saturn and Regulus: image. During the next 48 hours, the Moon will slide along this line, crossing each point in succession, beginning with Venus. Will they come, or will they not? That is the question.

On Sept. 1, 2007, a flurry of bright and oddly-colored meteors might—emphasis on might--come streaming out of the constellation Auriga, putting on a beautiful early morning show for sky watchers in western North America: sky map.

Right: An early morning meteor over Italy in Nov. 2006. This is what an Aurigid might look like. Photo credit: Antonio Finazzi.

The source of the putative shower is Comet Kiess (C/1911 N1), a mysterious "long-period comet" that has visited the inner solar system only twice in the past two thousand years. In 83 BC, give or take a few centuries, Comet Kiess swung by the sun and laid down a trail of dusty debris that has been drifting toward Earth's orbit ever since. On Sept. 1, 2007, the dusty trail and Earth will meet.

But will a shower actually materialize? The answer lies in the unknown contents of the debris stream.

"We have so little experience with ancient debris from long-period comets," notes Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office (MEO) at the Marshall Space Flight Center. "Almost anything could happen—from a fizzle to a beautiful meteor shower."

Astronomers were first alerted seven years ago to the possibility of a shower by Finnish astronomer Esko Lyytinen and Peter Jenniskens of the SETI Institute in Mountain View, CA—both are accomplished meteor forecasters who study the dynamics of cometary dust trails. Jenniskens has since teamed with Jeremie Vaubaillon of Caltech to refine the forecast using a debris stream model developed by Vaubaillon.

"We expect the outburst to peak at 11:36 UT (4:36 a.m. PDT) +/- 20 minutes on Sept. 1st," says Jenniskens. "The whole event should last about 2 hours and be visible from California, Oregon, Hawaii and the eastern Pacific Ocean."

see caption

Above: Earth at the time of the shower's predicted peak. Darkness favors sky watchers west of the Rocky Mountains. [Larger image]

An independent model of the debris stream calculated by Danielle Moser, a colleague of Cooke at the MEO, predicts a peak time of 11:26 UT. "That's in good agreement with Jenniskens and Vaubaillon," says Cooke. "However, our model predicts a mostly empty stream and a very weak shower."

www.dananaka.com Feel free to invite friends.


China frees three Canadians detained in Beijing for protesting the Chinese Communist government's rule in Tibet have been released and have arrived in Hong Kong, a New-York-based pro-Tibet group said yesterday.

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GEORGETOWN HOMECOMING 2007  The thing that struck me most regarding the 27-29/7/07 Georgetown Homecoming; apart from the wonder and joy of meeting acquaintances from so long ago was the overall lack of substance. Right from the outset I thought of that old joke where a stranger is asking for directions in a small town. “ Well see, you turn left where the old oak tree used to be and carry on to where the Spot on One used to be and turn right. No, come to think of it, you can’t get there from here.”

    In about April 2007 I was writing a book on my life (its title is An Incredible Life available at reasonable rates) when I turned to Georgetown District High for some documents. They informed me of the imminent 120th anniversary reunion. I faxed in a registration form for this event. Later I found an online registration which offered two events, the free GDHS reunion and a $15 meal that didn’t interest me, so I reregistered online for the reunion. Never got any reply. While awaiting the event I was emailed purely by co-incidence by a long lost friend who found my postings on some history site. Are you going to the reunion and dance was his question. What dance? He gave me a site address where I found the real scoop on the whole Homecoming weekend of events. The barbeque was sold out. Only a few tickets were available for the dance. You had to pay in advance available at Moldmasters. No address where that was. Neither the Legion nor the library. I had to search the phone book for these. Even after several email questions were answered with, first “what events” and then “across from the plaza”. What plaza? At the Friday event the arena was incredibly hot and dimly lit with nothing happening other than people chatting. I would have suggested areas marked out by each starting year with mementos from those days. A chance for people to address the crowd with a one minute message or something would have made the evening more worthwhile. A recognition of outstanding achievers both in school and later should have been noted. Contests for who had come the furthest, the oldest visitor (I think it was Whitey, 84yrs. young) etc.. None of this occurred!

     On the Saturday one classroom of GDHS was set up for students of the 1970’s and 1980’s both. When I arrived there were at least 40 people standing in there, again, it was more like a sauna, sadly lacking any kind of memorabilia of GDHS. To me there should have been a room assigned to each starting year with some multimedia presentation of that time. If teachers from that era are available, hire them for that day to welcome the class reunion. There was none of that. I signed the blackboard and after 5 minutes left disillusioned. I sauntered around aimlessly for the next 5 hours waiting for the only other event available, the pinnacle of my quest, the dance. Unbearably hot, too dark to recognize unfamiliar faces and blasting music way too loud so that even when an old friend is spotted, screaming directly into their ear-holes did not convey conversation. On top of this, as I stood by an open door getting a breeze of deliciously cooler 30c air one of the organizers threatened to physically remove me from the dance if I  stepped across an imaginary line with my drink again. Unaware of his insane and unannounced rule, I took one step west and was in kosher terrain. I advised him that there were better ways to deal with such trivial matters, he just frowned and pointed to a wall. Behind a group of people (including 4 police [were they expecting a Taliban attack] officers) was sign “no alcohol allowed”. This little Hitler needs to learn public relations and possibly get an upgrade on his medication. One thing I have learnt in life is never to say “do this or else”, as the ultimatum method produces a one in ten chance of someone choosing the “or else”. To me the man should have just informed me of the rule and a request to abide by it. This guy went even further to denigrate me, as to call me Michael. I asked him if he knew me. He said he did not. Why then call me Michael when my name tag states Mike? No answer.

    Lastly, I am appalled that Georgetown has no bus system. Knowing this, a good idea would have been to arrange an event shuttle service. I am a disabled person and had to walk miles and hitch-hike for hours. On Saturday night I started to hitch-hike to Brampton at 1230am, I did not get a ride until 722am. Nobody’s fault, but some shuttle service or ride pooling would have helped me leaving your cut off and insular town.

T- Mobile sponsor stays in cyclingGerman cycling team T-Mobile will continue to receive the backing of main sponsor Deutsche Telekom, it is announced on Thursday. Recent doping scandals had led to speculation that their support would be withdrawn.art.mclarens.jpg The McLarens of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are dominating the championship. Hamilton won the race and team mate Fernando Alonso came fourth in Budapest on Sunday, but the 15 points for the constructors' title were not awarded to McLaren due to a controversy in qualifying on Saturday.Alonso had initially taken pole position but only after the Spaniard blocked Hamilton in the pit-lane, denying the British driver a chance to set a faster lap at the end of the session.Alonso was relegated to sixth place on the grid, Hamilton was promoted to pole and the team were barred from scoring points other than in the drivers' championship.

 Professional poker player Tuan Lam, ofa 40-year-old online pro from Mississauga, Ont., playing at the final table of the World Series of Poker. Lam finished runner-up Wednesday at the World Series of Poker's main event, collecting US$4.84 million. Lam fell to American Jerry Yang, who won the US$8.25-million top prize. "I just got up (Tuesday morning) and . . . something came up into my mind that I would come second," Lam said in an interview on World Series of Poker website. "The last hour I got a couple big hands . . . but it didn't work out," he added. Yang began head-to-head up play with a giant chip lead against Lam - Yang had 104.5 million in chips to Lam's 23 million.

Singer/Songwriter, Derek Miller   WINNER 2003 Juno Award for"Aboriginal Recording of the Year "
WINNER “Outstanding Music Achievement Award” for Music Is The Medicine First Americans In The Arts
2003 - Hollywood, California
WINNER - 2003 Nammy Awards
---Blues/Jazz Single of the Year---
NOMINEE- 2003 Nammy AwardsArtist of the Year-Best Producer (Friesen)-2003 NCI FM - Best Album of the Year
Singer/Songwriter, Derek Miller, was born and raised on the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario. His latest release, Music is the Medicine, is a perfect amalgamation of influences culled throughout his 14 years of performing. Blues based rock inspired by the likes of Link Wray, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Hank Williams Sr. is how his music is best described. Derek’s live performances strike a contrast between the dark, soul searching messages in his music and his light hearted enthusiasm and vitality. Derek performs his music with an air of feeling totally comfortable on stage… like he was born explicitly to write, sing and play. Having performed at showcases, the occasional opening act solo slot and many shows in his own right, Derek has been brought to the attention of veteran and well respected musicians, such as Daniel Lanois, Robbie Robertson and Buffy Ste. Marie. He opened for Buffy on a series of theatre concerts where he wowed crowds with songs from his debut five song EP CD entitled Sketches. In 1999, this EP won him a Canadian Aboriginal Music Award for Best Male Artist. During the same year, Derek moved to Arizona where he co-produced the Keith Secola and the Wild Band of Indians "Fingermonkey" release. This inadvertently won a Native American Music Award in 2000 for Best Independent Album. In the Fall of 2002, Music is the Medicine a colaboration with Juno Award Winning Producer Brandon Friesen will be released on Grammy Award Winning label Soar Records in the United States and Arbor Records in Canada. Music Is The Medicine has already won "Aboriginal Recording of the Year" at this years Juno Awards and the "Outstanding Music Achievement Award" from the First American In The Arts! Derek continues to tour in support of his new releases throughout Canada, USA. & Europe.
"White Room" cover
Single by Cream
from the album Wheels of Fire

A projection of a tesseract (into a two-dimensional image) Does our universe have higher but unusual spatial dimensions? This idea has been gaining popularity to help explain why vastly separated parts of our universe appear so similar, and why the geometry of our universe does not seem to result naturally from the amounts of matter it seems to contain. The idea is also prevalent in modern attempts to combine gravity and quantum mechanics that include M-theory (formerly string theory) and Randall-Sundrum theory. Such models involve branes and bulks and frequently attempt to explain, among other things, why some quantum energies and the measured cosmological constant are so small. Above, a dynamic three-dimensional drawing (two spatial plus one time) of a four-dimensional depiction of a five-dimensional cube (a hypercube with four spatial dimensions is also known as a tesseract) is shown

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Two small bombs exploded on the Spain section of the Tour de France Wednesday morning. No one was injured when the explosives went off. A caravan of Tour-related publicity vehicles had just passed by the devices and the cyclists were following behind when they went off. Spanish officials say a Basque separatist group, ETA, has claimed responsibility for the attack, police are saying they received a phone call warning of an attack shortly before it happened.
Spectators dressed as syringes posing for photographers before the start of the 17th stage of the 94th Tour de France between Pau and Castelsarrasin on Thursday.
Overall leader Michael Rasmussen of Denmark, right, is followed by Alberto Contador of Spain and Levi Leipheimer of the U.S., left, as they climb the Aubisque pass during the 16th stage of the Tour de France cycling race between Orthez and Aubisque pass, Wednesday, July 25, 2007. Rasmussen won the stage, Leipheimer placed second and Contador finished third.
Tour de France drugs doping Rasmussen Two Bombs Go Off At Tour De France The latest, ugliest spasm of scandal came Wednesday night, when Tour leader Michael Rasmussen was sent home by his Rabobank team after the Dane admitted having lied about his suspect pre-race training program. That logic was based on a move made a week before by Danish cycling authorities to kick Rasmussen off their national team headed for the 2008 Olympics. Tour de France officials have announced yet another cyclist has tested positive for doping, this time from the French squad Cofidis. French sports newspaper L'Equipe identified the rider as Cristian Moreni.
Matt Damon Gets Hollywood Walk Of Fame StarMatt Damon Gets Hollywood Walk Of Fame StarBeing honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame turned into a trip down memory lane for Matt Damon on Wednesday. The 36-year-old whose latest film is "The Bourne Ultimatum" said the event reminded him of the years when he was a struggling actor living in a cramped apartment on Hollywood Blvd..

Men framed by FBI, jailed for years, to get millions Limone, left, Salvati, right (Courtesy WCVB)Men framed by FBI, jailed for years, to get millions A judge today ordered the government to pay more than $101 million after four men spent decades in prison for a 1965 murder they didn't commit. The FBI encouraged perjury, helped frame the men and withheld information that could have cleared them, the judge said.

Four former court officers convicted of assaulting a prisoner and using him as a mop to clean spilled juice barely escaped jail time yesterday. The Crown sought terms of up to five months for the disgraced and jobless foursome, who were found guilty June 4 of the Sept. 30, 2004, bully-beating of Dexter Boyce in an Old City Hall courthouse cell. Justice Tamarin Dunnet said ex-acting supervisor John Feeney, 31, and ex-officers Thomas Findlay, 37, Kamaljeet Kang, 35, and Jeffrey Martin, 29, "exercised bad judgment," lied about the assault and shed a bad light on police and court officers everywhere because the public rarely tells them apart. By attacking the "defenceless, vulnerable prisoner," she said they showed a "mob mentality akin to the juvenile act of high-school bullies."

art.lohan.mug.jpg Starlet and tabloid gossip fixture Lindsay Lohan now faces two DUI prosecutions. Lohan, 21, was less than two weeks out of a recovery program and was voluntarily wearing an alcohol-monitoring device when she was arrested Tuesday in Santa Monica. She is under investigation for two misdemeanors -- driving under the influence and with a suspended license, and felony cocaine possession. Her lawyer, Blair Berk, has said she had a "relapse" and was receiving medical care at an undisclosed location.

 Canada Day OttawaHappy Canada Day, Eh!
Canada Day festivities at Chinguacousy Park, the cutting duties were performed by, from left, City Councillor Sandra Hames, Regional Councillor Elaine Moore City Councillor Vicky Dhillon, Mayor Susan Fennell and Regional Councillor John Sanderson.
Kidnapping, Drugs & Corrupt Cop Allegations All Part Of Thursday Morning Gang RaidsKidnapping, Drugs & Corrupt Cop Allegations All Part Of Thursday Morning Gang Raids...They came under cover of darkness, with a mission to bring criminal activity to light. But now it appears the early morning drug raids that GTA residents woke up to Thursday morning were a lot more widespread than anyone realized. It involves a large number of suspects stretching from B.C. to Ontario and into Michigan, an alleged criminal  marijuana distribution network, a foiled kidnapping attempt and even the arrest of a Toronto officer.
Native Man Who Shut Down 401 Surrenders To PoliceNative Man Who Shut Down 401 Surrenders To Police...A native protester who shut down the busiest highway in North America is in custody and awaiting a bail hearing. Shawn Brant, a Mohawk protest leader, surrendered to police Thursday morning in Napanee to take the pressure off his family. He arrived at the provincial police station dressed in camouflage and accompanied by supporters and his lawyer. Brant organized and led the blockade that shut down the 401 between Belleville and Napanee for 11 hours on June 29th. He was on bail at the time for a previous blockade that saw the CN rail line near Deseronto, Ont. shut down for over 30 hours. He has been charged with mischief and breaching his bail conditions, one of which was that he not incite or be involved in any type of unlawful protest.
Tuesdays official key ceremony marked the end of construction and the transfer of the building to William Osler Health Centre. This begins the four month organization that will lead to the hospital opening on October 28.
Meanwhile a homeless man became a victim in another stabbing incident at 15 Wilkinson Road in Brampton. One man suffered serious stab wounds outside a Salvation Army shelter.  He was rushed to hospital with multiple injuries to the back of his head, but is expected to survive. Police have a suspect in custody

Friday, Aug 3 
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31 C
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16 C
19 C
21 C
Prob of Precip
5 %
0 %
5 %
78 %

More muggy days ahead. Health unit officials are once again warning Torontonians to keep outdoor activity to a minimum as the latest heat wave drags into the long weekend, at least with a hot and dry month expected ahead. Thursday may go down as the hottest day of 2007, with forecasters calling for temperatures to reach a steamy 35C. It'll likely feel even hotter, in the mid-40s, with the humidity. An Extreme Heat Alert remains in effect across the GTA, and residents are being asked to conserve electricity whenever possible to avoid the threat of brownouts and blackouts. The Independent Electricity System Operator has said demand is expected to reach a high of 26,502 megawatts at about 5pm Thursday. That's just shy of the 27,005 megawatt-record set August 1, 2006. In order to keep the grid up and running, the IESO recommends people cut back on their power use between noon and 8pm.

Bridge Collapse Kills Six People, Dozens More Injured A bridge undergoing repairs collapsed on Wednesday night, killing 4 people and injuring dozens more.  Authorities in Minneapolis struggled to rescue dozens of commuters, after the I-35W Bridge suddenly crumbled, sending up to 50 cars and trucks plunging into the water below. It happened over the Mississippi RiverVideo News DirectorWatch

Judge Rules Conrad Black Can't Return To Canada Before SentencingJudge Rules Conrad Black Can't Return To Canada Before Sentencing. Conrad Black may not be feeling ill after his latest day in court, but he'll certainly be feeling Ill - as in Illinois. A federal judge in Chicago has ruled that the former publishing mogul can't come back to Canada as he awaits sentencing on his fraud convictions in the U.S.. Black had applied for permission to return to Toronto while he waits for the hammer of justice to come down, but Judge Amy St. Eve wasn't about to let him leave the country. He remains free on US$21 million bond, with the provision that he stay where the American legal system can easily get its hands on him. That means either Illinois, where the trial was conducted,or Florida, where the 62-year-old owns an estate. The decision came down late Wednesday afternoon, just a few weeks after Black was found guilty on four of 13 counts.
Countdown To Caribana Kicks Off At Ontario Place
Of course the main event of the entire month-long party comes when the Caribana Parade takes over Lakeshore starting at Exhibition Place at 10am. With the brilliant costumes, music, dancing and unbridled revelry, the 40th edition could very well be the most memorable to date."We know we're going to be wonderful," Jones promised, insisting her village and its inhabitants won't just blend into the standard Ontario Place excitement. "It's a great opportunity for us to be able to program over five days what we had to do in two on the island and an audience here that probably would not make the trek over to the island."
first half of the fairing is installed around the Phoenix spacecraftDelay on Launch Pad 17-A at Cape Canaveral for the Phoenix spacecraftVideo News DirectorWatch

David Onley Appointed Next Lt.-Gov. Of OntarioDavid Onley Appointed Next Lt.-Gov. Of Ontario! The posting, which has been in the works for over a year, was confirmed on Tuesday, surprising his friends and fans at Citytv, where he's been a familiar face since 1984 finally became a CP24 anchor and host of the weekly "Home Page." In fact, he was on his way home from last Wednesday's show when his cell phone rang. "I just had reached the top of the Don Valley Parkway ... and there was no place to pull over," he remembers. "And when the Prime Minister of your country calls, all you can try to do is stay in the same lane, avoid any fender-benders and have a meaningful conversation, which I did." Mr. Onley says he will focus on disabled peoples issues. How about ODSP rates?

GROUNDED! At least eight flights were grounded Saturday night. Security officials at Pearson International Airport have some tough questions to answer Monday, chiefly: how did two security breaches occur this past weekend and what can be done to prevent similar ones from happening in the future? Two Air India flights, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, were delayed after passengers were found with banned items in their carry-on luggage.... because of the breach, caused delays for 1,600 passengers who had to be re-screened, and it was the same story the next evening as several flights were grounded at Terminal 3. Box cutters were found. According to Peel Police the couple forgot to declare what was in their carry-on. It's airport security procedure to then check all passengers again.

The boy wizard still has a magic touch at the box office.
 Big Order on "Order of the Phoenix"
Daniel Radcliffe stars as "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" took in $44.8 million in its first day, the best single-day gross ever for a movie on a Wednesday. That included $12 million from screenings that started at midnight Tuesday. The sequel from Time Warner Inc. unit Warner Bros. topped the previous Wednesday record of $40.4 million for 2004's "Spider-Man 2,"'  It seems to be getting better with age,", Media By Numbers president noted that the July 21 publication of the seventh and final "Harry Potter" novel likely helped drive interest in the latest film.
in other show biz news...Diller Phyllis Diller had to cancel a "Tonight Show" appearance celebrating her 90th birthday because she fractured her back -- but the comedian still plans to celebrate. Diller "twisted the wrong way" and caused "a minor injury, some kind of a fracture which is extremely painful," her manager, Milt Suchin, said.

 Wannabee models wait outside The Bay at Queen and Yonge during a casting call for the Fashion and Design festival. The festival is set to hit Yonge-Dundas Square Aug. 23 to 25.

          Avril Lavigne Picture Punk princess Avril Lavigne is being sued by U.S. songwriters who claim that her smash hit "Girlfriend" sounds suspiciously like a track they took up the charts in the 1970s. Lavigne's manager, says the pop starlet is one of several people named in a lawsuit that alleges striking similarities to the Rubinoos song "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend."

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Heavy Rains Cause Flooding In Parts Of GTAIt came from out of nowhere, surprising motorists and pedestrians caught without an umbrella. Heavy downpours hit Brampton several times Thursday.

Cops Pull Over At Least 40 Outlaw Bikers On Hwy. 401Cops Pull Over At Least 40 Outlaw Bikers On Hwy. 401
They were apparently stopped for traffic violations. But the drivers Peel Police pulled over on the westbound 401 near Winston Churchill Blvd. Friday afternoon weren't your average motorists. Cops hauled over at least 40 members of the Outlaws motorcycle gang, allegedly over their behaviour on the road.
Are You Ready For "Naked Week?"Are You Ready For "Naked Week?"They may be the "butt" of more than a few jokes, but for years nudists have been touting the benefits of shedding restrictive threads and spending more time in your birthday suit.  It is this week, Nude Recreation Week.

art.mammoth.reuters.jpg WOOLY WONDER
A  herder found a 10,000-year-old frozen baby mammoth in Russia's Yamal-Nenets autonomous district. The animal is thought to have died 10,000 years ago and experts say the approximately four-foot-tall, 50kg Siberian specimen dates to the end of the last Ice Age, when the great beasts were vanishing off the face of the planet. Scientists hope the animal might yield DNA samples that could be used to clone and effectively resurrect the extinct members of the elephant family
 Bush: Benchmarks report 'cause for optimism'art.bush.cia.afp.gi.jpg
THE TWO BUSHS....President Bush on Thursday acknowledged publicly for the first time that someone in his administration likely leaked the name of a CIA operative, although he also said he hopes the controversy over his decision to spare prison for a former White House aide has "run its course."  "And now we're going to move on," Bush said in a White House news conference. The president had initially said he would fire anyone in his administration found to have publicly disclosed the identity of Valerie Plame, the wife of former Ambassador Joseph Wilson and a CIA operative.

Hilton, KingOUT OF STIR!
Paris Hilton talks to Larry King on "Larry King Live" Wednesday night. During her 23 days in jail, she meditated, read letters from fans, talked to other inmates through the vents, wrote in her journal and read the Bible, though she couldn't cite a favorite passage when asked. It was also nice to have a little privacy, she said, and to "be away from all the flashes for a while."

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Intermittent clouds 
22 C
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22 C
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14 C
Probability of Precipitation
4 %
8 %
7 %
92 %

         Beware of the clowns and deviates@
L & M selling shoddy musical merchandise.
The history I have personally experienced is of shoddy merchandise, slow, damaging service and abusive behaviour.
The last time I trusted L & M was to string my $1000 Fender guitar. I could have done it myself but they claimed a set up was included in my purchase of the guitar. 
On May 24 I made an appointment, they took it on the 28 th. I was informed it was ready for pickup June 22nd. When I arrived to pick up my guitar I noticed that the old strings were jammed into the case up against the head. Several scratches were noted from this contact. As I lifted my guitar out of its case I found a group of deep indentations in the body of my bass. One was so severe that a chunk of the wood was missing. My guitar was like my sweetheart , my baby; I loved it so much. When I arrived home, I found my bass unplayable. My receipt said " action lowered " but it is way too low. Now every string rattles on the frets. The latest action was insults as they accused me of "loading " a contest that I had won (old news june 06)
This is only one of some unbelievable misfortunes I experienced at
Lousy and Malicious.
 Feed back call Mike Milne @ 416-760-4755 
Dear consumerrelations@fender.com,   I am havingbig trouble with one of your agents over my Jazz bass.  Could you comment? Jeff Long (president) can be reached @ 416-588-7886Fender Jazz Bass 1966
1954 Fender Stratocaster ad.
Strat ad 
Larry King, left, poses with (l-r) Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono Lennon, Olivia Harrison and Ringo Starr Tuesday in Las Vegas.

Courts Working Fast To Process Gang Suspects, Attorney General PromisesA Brampton man is among 10 GTA residents accused of smuggling guns and drugs across the Canada-U.S. border. The 10 men and women were arrested in early-morning raids in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto and Burlington, seized 29 handguns, 10,000 Ecstasy tablets, 260 g of methamphetamine, 515 g of cocaine and 4 kg of marijuana.  Peel police teamed up with the Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Brampton's Daniel Christie, 37, has been charged along with Mississauga's Qais Wali, 28, Toronto's Rodney Glouden, 31, Alma McLeod, 51, Tammy Dundas, 30 , Jennifer MackIntosh, 23, and Burlington's Taneisha Watts, 21, Tashana Watts, 19, and Warren Watts, 21.Courts Working Fast To Process Gang Suspects, Attorney General Promises "Improper and unacceptable." That's how an Ontario judge classifies the handling of 95 alleged gang members arrested in a series of police raids across the GTA last week. "There is no excuse for the court system not being able to process all of these people," he complained in a statement, adding that the accused's consent must be obtained before adjourning a bail hearing for more than three days.But the province's attorney general insisted that the court system is working as quickly as possible. Half of those charged in the Project Kryptic operation have already had their hearings, Michael Bryant said, and the other half will be processed in the coming days.

Lets Celebrate Canada Day 
Canada is turning 140, and to celebrate, the city is throwing a birthday bash in Chinguacousy Park Sunday, July 1. The  fun-packed day starts at 10 a.m. and wraps up with a fireworks display at 10 p.m.. Gearing up are city employees Roberta Canning, left, and Pam Gordon
Paris Hilton Walks Out of Jail | Paris Hilton
Paris' Release Day 26/6/07  Paris Hilton is pleased she served time in jail, crediting her recent experiences with making her "stronger" and more mature. Hilton, told Larry King she is now a more mature person who accepts responsibility for her mistakes. She said, "The beginning was really hard for me, it was kind of a blur it was so traumatic. So I just went with the motto, 'Don't serve the time, let the time serve you.' Even though I hated it, I'm glad it happened in a way because it's changed my life forever."
What Happened To The Big Storm?
What Happened To The Big Storm?
It's the question you've got to be asking yourself - what happened to that big storm with the torrential downpours, the high winds and the hail we were telling you about all day Wednesday? It's not quite that the forecasters got it so wrong - there was some bad weather to the west and north of the GTA, including a funnel cloud that hovered over - but didn't touch down in - Sarnia. So the volatile conditions were all in place for the makings of a major big blow that could have rivaled the 30 minute wrecker that caused so many problems a week ago.

How come it didn't reach us? Experts contend the disturbance veered off as it headed towards T.O., and that by the time it actually neared the GTA, the sun was going down and the temperature was cooling off, changing the conditions that could have spawned the big soaker.

Toy Makers Create Toy Makers Create "Air Guitars" That Really Play Music  O.K., it's not a cure for a terrible disease and it's not the magic bullet that will put an end to you having to fill up your car with expensive gas. But for some enthusiasts the newest invention out of Japan is just what they've been dreaming of - an 'air guitar' that actually plays real music. For years, the less talented of us have mocked and rocked along with the world's best guitar players, strumming tunes in the ether we couldn't possibly play in real life. Until now. Takara Tomy Corporation's "Air Guitar Pro" only requires you to grab hold of a small neck of a guitar and uses heat and motion sensors to reproduce a tune as you pluck imaginary strings.

The initial gadget comes with 10 hits that can be recreated without having to lift much more than a few fingers - including the iconic "Smoke On The Water", one of the most famous rock riffs in modern music that was used earlier this week to set a new world's record.

Another manufacturer has jumped on the same bandwagon. But Mega House's version comes with a wrist attachment. Both toys were demonstrated at the Tokyo International Toy Show on Thursday and like the real - er, fake - thing, their ease of use is expected to be the biggest selling point. "You just put it on your wrist and shake your arm once so it will play one phrase," explains the company's Nana Kaneko. "In order to play an entire song, you just keep moving your arm so even children can easily play music."

The devices hit the market next month and could wind up being the next big thing - although you'll need real dollars to buy them. And unlike the inventions themselves, those don't come out of thin air.

The sun  rises on the longest day
The sun rises on the longest day
Druids, drummers, pagans and partygoers welcomed the sun Thursday as it rose above the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge on the longest day of the year -- the summer solstice. Clad in antlers, black cloaks and oak leaves, a group of druids cheered and danced at the Heel stone -- a twisted, pockmarked pillar at the edge of Stonehenge. Revelers, spiritualists and others clad in antlers, black cloaks and oak leaves gathered at the prehistoric monument early Thursday.
Some of many thousands who came to ancient Stonehenge monument, wait in vain for Summer Solstice sunrise, 21 Jun 2007
Some of many thousands who came to ancient Stonehenge
They came to welcome the sunrise on the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Stonehenge was built about 5,000 years ago, but its purpose remains a mystery. One of Britain's most popular tourist attractions, Stonehenge is also the spiritual home for thousands of Druids, who practice ancient pagan rites dating back to Celtic Britain About 24,000 people gathered at the stone circle in Wiltshire, in southwestern England. Dancers writhed to the sound of drums and whistles as floodlights coloured the ancient pillars shades of pink and purple. Couples snuggled under plastic sheets.
Lights out in London -- for a good cause Lights out in London -- for a good cause
Some of London's key landmarks and top hotels are to go dark for an hour on Thursday evening as the British capital does its bit for the fight against global warming.


The Lord of the Rings" musical, the most expensive production in West End history, opened to mixed reviews, with some critics praising it as brilliant and others calling it corny and "a thumping great flop." The stage adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy saga officially opened Tuesday night at London's Theatre Royal, with actors dressed as hobbits, elves and dwarfs, and pyrotechnics, special effects and a revolving stage aimed at recreating Middle Earth. The $25 million show based on Tolkien's literary.Musical adaptation of 'Lord of the Rings" gets mixed reviews in London

ART FOR ART'S SAKEJane the Thinker
A Showing of Dan Anaka's Portrait Paintings and Drawings will be held Saturday June 30.  It is a must see show and will include seeing the artist @ work.
Indomitable ExemplarSeated NudeJane the SmokerSelf PortraitDestructive Criticism
Display Soiree
 Opening Reception
Time - 7pm - 11pm
Location - Autoforum - 150 Norseman Street, Toronto, 
Tickets - Free / Pay what you can at the door
After Party - Body English Night Club - 1325 Eglinton Ave East, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Tickets - Free for those who attend ' Display Soiree '
Artists - Dan Anaka - Amanda Bittar - Zoran Putnikovic
Attire / Dress Code - Business Casual - Semi Formal

story.atlantis.nasatv.jpg Hours after undocking from the international space station Tuesday, Atlantis' seven astronauts finished a final inspection of the space shuttle to make sure its heat shield was ready to re-enter Earth's atmosphere. Atlantis' 13-day mission was scheduled to end with landing at 1:54 p.m. ET on Thursday, although the weather at Kennedy Space Center looked iffy. Continuing a tradition, space station commander Fyodor Yurchikhin rang a bell and said "Atlantis departing" as the space shuttle pulled away. "Have a great remainder of your expedition," Atlantis commander Rick Sturckow told the two Russian cosmonauts and lone U.S. astronaut remaining at the station. "We'll see you back on planet Earth." The shuttle moves away from the space station after undocking Tuesday.

National Aboriginal Solidarity Day June 21stA flag contest is underway with some of the major contenders shown here.
Join APTN on June 21 as they showcase the best of our nation's Aboriginal musical talent for all of Canada to enjoy on National Aboriginal Solidarity Day. The concert in the park will feature high profile Canadian Aboriginal talent such as: champion hoop dancer Lisa Odjig, Juno award winner Leela Gilday as well as Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award nominees Dead Indians.Image

 www.airqualityontario.com is warning us that we are in a smog alert
During the smog episode, individuals may experience eye
irritation. Heavy outdoor exercise may cause respiratory
symptoms such as coughing or shortness of breath. People
with heart or lung disease including asthma may experience
a worsening of their condition. A Smog Advisory means that there is a strong likelihood that there may be poor air quality within the next 24 hours due to ground-level ozone and/or particulate matter.
Spare the Air Actions
During a smog advisory, there are a number of actions that you can take to help spare the air.Travel tips - all year round: leave your car at home - walk, cycle, carpool or take public transittele-conference instead of driving to meetings imit car trips by doing all your errands at once, and do not let your engine idle keep your car well tuned, check your tire pressure and drive at moderate speeds
Health tips: avoid exposure to vehicle exhaust fumes consult your doctor for specific health advicewear light clothing at work while air conditioning is reduced avoid strenuous exercise in the heat of the day
Electricity saving tips: setting your air conditioner temperature a few degrees higher and turning off lights you are not using. Other pollution reduction tips: leave lawn mowing for another day restrict the use of gasoline-powered equipment delay using oil-based paints, solvents and cleaners
Abbas rips Hamas' 'bloody coup'Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas denounces Hamas leaders as "traitors," blaming them for planning last week's "bloody coup" in Gaza while participating in a unity government. Abbas, leader of the Fatah movement, demanded Hamas apologize and hand over control of government offices in Gaza to his new government based in the West Bank.

Ms. Fennell recently had some empty words to say on smog, which reminds of my bright idea She stated…. Energy management is a win-win situation for Peel," Fennell stated. "By reducing our energy use, Peel saves taxpayers' money, reduces air pollution and helps create a healthier community." MAYORS MAJOR LIES CAUGHT ON TAPE During a recently aired debate with Raj Sharda Susan Fennel stated she gets 300 emails a day and answers them all personally. Below is a one of many issues forwarded to her as well as her secretary and assisant never answered. twice with no response, as well as the Parks and Rec. dept.; who were the main focus of my complaint, I also emailed several other interested parties on the second email, the Guardian included, (who routinely ignore my letters, along with this latest offering).


Dear Editor 22/06/07

Amongst the many wrong things I see with our community is the mindless (and may I say needless) waste of electricity that should be addressed. Enclosed is a letter I sent to the mayor's office and parks and rec. dept. of our fine city Brampton, from which I have never received a response..


Mike Milne  


11/07/05 Your Worship, Mayor Susan Fennel:

 I had to write. In this weather (35c) I find it idiotic that all of our many rec. centres have their saunas on. In this weather they should not be running. To me it is stupid to sit in a sauna when it is 40c with the humidity factor outside. Especially now with the power use reduction in effect, (see the City issued advisory below). Please respond by email or ph. 4167604755

Mike Milne

this letter was never responded to

another letter unanswered

OPEN LETTER FROM STREET WISE                 3/11/05

            I have been recently been afforded a copy of the Brampton Community Forum report, compliments of the Regeneration Outreach Program. Congratulations for their hard work and successful addressing of street needs! 

           I am appalled at the author for not including Street Wise on their mailing list. Even before reading the report, I must comment that I have seen many reports over many years and what it boils down to in my opinion is; it is not the report that counts for anything,  it's only the doing that counts. I say this as there are decades old reports out there full of great and high ideal recommendations (this report is not one of them), yet are still waiting to be implemented. I will continue to study the report, but already I find it to be disturbingly lacking in any real street related solutions. I find some parts to be actually libelous; while other parts to be disturbingly anti-street. Mike Milne

 Recently I caught a show by a local 'garage ' band that was very promising

Bluez Viper 

The band includes leader Louie Felipa on lead guitar.Blues Vipers 
local " rocking blues" group evoke 60's era sound.

SIX DAYS...40 YEARS Palestinians and Israelis marked the 40th anniversary Tuesday of the start of the Six Day War, with both sides still chasing an elusive peace. In the 1967 fighting, Israel seized the West Bank and part of Jerusalem from Jordan and the Gaza Strip from Egypt, putting it in control of land that some Israelis see as God-given and others see as a burden.
In this combination of two photos, Israeli army paratroopers Zion Karasanti, left, Yitzhak Yifat, center, and Haim Oshri, right, stand next to the Western Wall, Judaism holiest site, in Jerusalem's Old City after it was captured during the Six Day War on June 7, 1967, left, and 40 years later, May 16, 2007, right.It's an image etched in history _ an iconic photo that captured Israel in its most triumphant moment. Three young, battle-worn faces gazing up in wonder at the Western Wall, moments after capturing Judaism's holiest site in the Six Day War. Forty years later, the three paratroopers recalled the instant that changed their lives and the life of their country.

vert.dancer.ap.jpg The giant advert as seen by air travelers.The 100,000 square foot advertisement is nearly invisible from the ground, but can be seen by airline passengers, District Council spokeswoman Ms.Valenza said the ad was painted on the field without proper permission. Sports Media Gaming Ltd, the company behind the ad, said the council had no grounds for removing it. "I think they're unsure about their own regulations to be honest," director Pearson said. "We're not going to remove it at all." This is not the first time that the company's ads have appeared near the airport. In 2005, an ad featuring a man fondling two naked women was washed off a nearby field after Unilever PLC decided to pull it, Pearson said. The Campaign to Protect Rural England expressed disgust with the ad.

Abbas fires government; Hamas controls GazaAbbas fires government; Hamas controls Gaza Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas fired his Hamas-led government and declared a state of emergency Thursday. In four days of fighting, Hamas has won control of most of Gaza from security forces controlled by Abbas -- and is now claiming Abbas' presidential compound is under their control. An Abbas aide said Hamas -- which won elections in 2006 -- was attempting a coup.

The Smog Advisory has been TERMINATED  by the Ontario Ministry of the
Environment for the following forecast regions:
Termination Date: Tuesday June 19, 2007 at 10:45 AM
Barrie - Orillia - Midland
City of Hamilton
Dufferin - Innisfil
Grey - Bruce
Halton - Peel

The failure of all six main control computers on the international space station's Russian segment has baffled space engineers in Houston and in Moscow. Image: Solar panels After hours of a glitch in Russian computers that control the International Space Station's critical oxygen and water supplies, communications with the systems have resumed, NASA spokesmen said Thursday.
Temporary repairs aren’t enough. If the cause of the sudden simultaneous failures cannot be quickly identified and remedied, the space station's future operations are under threat.The German-built computers, which operate in pairs, went out Wednesday morning, and several attempts to reboot them were unsuccessful. By Thursday morning, some basic communication functions were briefly restored, but the computers failed again after only seven minutes. An understanding of the root problem was still far off. During Wednesday night's status report at Johnson Space Center here, NASA space station manager Michael Suffredini said engineers still had plenty of tricks to try, and he expected that they'd find a solution to the problem in the next few days. "I’m not thinking this is something we will not recover from," he told reporters. Nevertheless, his space team is preparing to keep the shuttle Atlantis docked to the station for another full day, beyond the two already added for repairing a rift in the shuttle's thermal insulation blanket. That extra time would provide support to the Russian flight controllers in their troubleshooting activities.
Image: Blanket
 This on top of ongoing troubles.
image shows the peeled-back corner of a thermal blanket on the space shuttle Atlantis.

Toronto is now a "safer place" to live. That's the assertion of the city's top cop following a massive pre-dawn gang raid across the GTA Wednesday that resulted in dozens of arrests, a million dollars in seized drugs, and guns taken off the streets.Raids are 'tip of iceberg'. Ontario's attorney general says a series of pre-dawn raids in cities across the province aimed at reducing gang-related activity is just the tip of the iceberg in a campaign to wipe out organized crime. More than 700 police officers from a handful of forces including York, Niagara, Barrie and the RCMP were involved in the complex 11-month investigation dubbed Project Kryptic that preceded the early morning roundup. In all, Toronto Police Chief William Blair says more than 130 search warrants were executed on residences and vehicles and more than 60 suspects were arrested and taken to 31 Division to be processed. Many of them are from the Jane and Finch area of North York, one of the city's most troubled neighbourhoods.

Electricity Demand Expected To Soar With Heat WaveElectric Demand Expected To Soar With Heat Wave
You may not be keeping a close eye on your hydro meter as the sun sizzles over your head, but the people at the I.E.S.O. are. And with the temperature going up over the next few days, they're going to be sweating it out for a different reason. Last year, the province recorded the biggest day for power use in its history in August, when we used an astounding 27,005 megawatts of juice to run all those air conditioners, and by next week - with a possible high of 33C - the system could be strained. A major power outage that encompassed much of Scarborough and part of East York left many homes in the dark Tuesday afternoon. A failure at the Hydro One Warden Transformer Station caused the sudden electricity loss, and it came right in the middle of a building heat wave, taking air conditioning with it. Crews rushed to the scene trying to restore the juice and performed what's called a 'load transfer', taking power from one source that had it and sharing it with others that didn't. Most were back on line in about 90 minutes. "The good news was that Toronto Hydro was able to undertake something we call load transfers ... So while Toronto Hydro did that work, Hydro One dispatched crews to the transformer station to find out the cause of the problem and to start repair work."  While it came just before the dinner hour, it wasn't a serious setback to anything but the meal plans of thousands. They had a late supper when the lights came back on around 6pm.
What started as her grandmother's premonition became a reality for Riyo Mori on May 28th, 2007. At the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City, the Japanese beauty was crowned Miss Universe 2007 at the age of 20. A self-described "modern-day female samurai," Riyo prides herself on having a great sense of independence and self, "the traditional samurai spirit prizes composure, patience and a sense of justice. It is someone who fearlessly faces challenges with a strong will." 
 RIYO MORI MISS UNIVERSE 2007  A self-described "modern-day female samurai," Riyo prides herself on having a great sense of independence and self, "the traditional samurai spirit prizes composure, patience and a sense of justice. It is someone who fearlessly faces challenges with a strong will." Riyo definitely embodies an independent woman. By the age of 16, she left her home in Shizuoka, Japan to study abroad in Canada, eventually reaching New York at 19 years old.
Nunatak, a band made up of scientists stationed on Antarctica, sets up to rehearse for its July 7 Live Earth concert. OK, so they're not rock stars. But scientists with the British Antarctic Survey will guarantee Al Gore's promise that the Live Earth concerts on July 7 will be performed on all 7 continents. They'll be performing during the dead of winter at the Rothera Research Station. In fact, it'll be the first time anyone outside the station has heard the indie rock-folk band, Nunatak, play at all. (Nunatak, by the way, is a Greenlandic word that means an exposed summit of a ridge mountain or peak within an ice field or glacier.)The band's live audience won't be very big, either. Just the 17 colleagues who are manning the station during the harsh Southern Hemisphere winter
Hell of a HeistToronto Man Faces Long List Of Charges Following Dramatic Heist
A Toronto man faces a raft of charges following a brazen jewellery store heist in Vaughan that threatened several times to turn deadly. Police reportedly came under fire as they attempted to apprehend a suspect following the robbery at the Promenade Mall.A Toronto man is facing 30 charges following a brazen daylight jewelry store robbery on Monday that culminated with a hostage-taking and high-speed police chase. Quincy Cave, 30, is charged with a variety of offences including pointing a firearm, armed robbery, kidnapping, engaging police in a pursuit and dangerous driving. The robbery happened inside a mall in Vaughan, around 1 p.m. A police officer and a mall security guard spotted the fleeing suspect, and gunfire was exchanged inside a local schoolyard during a subsequent foot chase. Grade 4 students at Leo Baeck Day School, outside for gym class, were scurried inside to safety by their teacher and the school was locked down. After pointing what was later discovered to be a pellet gun in their direction, the suspect hid behind a garbage can. Two officers attempted to approach the suspect when gunfire was exchanged. No one was struck. The suspect then jumped a fence and fled to Rodeo Drive where he entered a home and took a 42-year-old and 43-year-old woman hostage, forcing them into a van. The vehicle was chased by police cruisers and a helicopter until it lost control and crashed at Hwy. 7 and Keele Street. The women were shaken up but not injured.Image: Paris Hilton  Paris Hilton was transferred back to an all-women’s jail because her condition was declared stable after a week in a medical ward, a sheriff’s official said Thursday. Hilton was brought late Wednesday to the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood and placed in the medical clinic there. If all goes well, she will return to the jail’s special needs unit and be released June 25, spokesman Steve Whitmore said at a news conference. Ms. Hilton, 26, began her 45-day sentence June 3 at Lynwood, where she was confined to a solitary cell in the special needs unit away from the other 2,200 inmates.

Law Students Advise Youth On Their Rights When Dealing With PoliceLaw Students Advise Youth On Their Rights When Dealing With Police.
With more and more unsolved murder cases being hampered by the street-level code of silence that can intimidate entire communities, police seem to have a hard enough time when it comes to gathering crucial information.  That's why they were so perturbed when they learned a group of law students have been handing out a pamphlet in the troubled Jane and Finch area called "Survival Tactics: Dealing With Police." One section reads; "It's no secret, however, that police often cross the line in both obvious (Rodney King) and hidden ways (racial profiling.)"Police weren't pleased with the King reference and believe the pamphlet, prepared by the York University Community and Legal Aid Services Program (C.L.A.S.P.), is offensive, saying it helps to create an adversarial relationship between youth and police. "They make a number of rather insulting assumptions about the police, aside from some questionable legal advice," said Mark Pugash, Toronto Police. The pamphlet's authors, who offer free services to people in the Jane-Finch community, say police and youth in the area are already at odds, and they're simply trying to educate students about their rights. They also say they're planning to remove the reference to King."It's always unfortunate when good work is portrayed in a way that is unfair, and I think that's happened here," said Glenn Stuart Dir., C.L.A.S.P.

"Woofstock" Goes To The DogsFor The Dogs..
It's the biggest outdoor dog festival in all of North America, and on Saturday Woofstock was going on right in the heart of Toronto."You can find absolutely anything to practical to ridiculous," said organizer Marlene Cook. Some dogs got dressed up others performed for their owners, but everything K-9 was certainly on display. There are over 250,000 dogs across the GTA and thousands of those were at the weekend event at St. Lawrence Market. In 2006, more than 140,000 dogs and owners made the scene. No word on if "Three Dog Night" showed up.
Vitamin D Linked To Reducing Cancer RiskVitamin D Linked To Reducing Cancer Risk
More often than not it seems something new is added to the already long list of things that cause cancer, but health experts want Canadians to know about a new recommendation that's been proven to reduce the risk of developing certain types of the disease.  The Canadian Cancer Society urges all adults to take 1,000 international units of vitamin D daily during fall and winter. It's basing its new findings on growing evidence that links the vitamin to reduced risk for colorectal, breast and prostate cancers.

Maps of stars at distance of dwarf galaxy This map is a smoothed rendition of stars that show characteristics of being in the pristine dwarf galaxy Andromeda XII. White dots mark the positions of individual stars studied. Star symbols mark the eight whose spectra showed them to be part of the galaxy. Astronomers only discovered the tiny galaxy in October 2006. Although it doesn’t look like much, it’s turning out to be a treasure, detailed observations have revealed some remarkable properties. Spectra show that the galaxy is approaching our Sun at a speed of 556 kilometers per second.

Tuesday, Jun 19 
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Prob of Precip
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Miami's Dwyane Wade drives past Detroit's Ben Wallace during the third quarter on Thursday. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)
Standout guard Dwyane Wade wasn't his usual dominating self, but the Heat dominated the Pistons in an 88-76 victory at home Thursday to take a 3-2 lead in the best-of-seven Eastern Conference final.
Stave Nash drives to the basket against San Antonio's Manu Ginobili (left) during the second quarter on Wednesday.The San Antonio Spurs received a 31-point effort from Tim Duncan in a 101-95 road victory over Nash and the Phoenix Suns to wrap up the best-of-seven Western Conference final in five games. With the win, the Spurs advance to their third NBA championship in seven seasons. San Antonio beat the New Jersey Nets in the 2003 final and the New York Knicks in 1999

Nice weekend!

Fri, Aug 15 
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Buffalo Bills players (from left) Christian Gaddis, Robert Royal, and Leodis McKelvin arrive at the InterContinental Hotel in Toronto. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jim Ross)The Buffalo Bills are in town playing the Pittsburgh Steelers to kick off deal between the Bills and Toronto which includes eight NFL games to be played in the city over the next five years.The NFL party started last night with Juno-award winning band Hedley performing as thousands packed Yonge-Dundas Square. Players from the Bills and the Steelers were also on hand. The tailgate party will start at 4 p.m with the game set to begin at 7.30 p.m. Lots of traffic expected in the area.No vehicles are allowed within 30 metres of the stadium. Below is a list of the roads closed. Blue Jays Way, Front Street to Spadina Avenue
− Bremner Boulevard, Lower Simcoe to Spadina Avenue
− Rees Street, Bremner Boulevard to Lakeshore Boulevard West

Police urge commuters to use public transport.

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Prince Charles should apologize to the ex-husband of his bride-to-be, or so says the Church of England. Though the prince and his fiance Camilla Parker Bowles aren’t getting married in a church, Bishop David Stancliffe said religious rules dictate Charles must atone for committing adultery and ask forgiveness of Andrew Parker Bowles.
editor's note: though they get some paper that says so, they will not be married by Christian standards, and she definitly should not become his queen. Consort, concubine or companion are the only positions I see available.

GOLF IN China has come a long way since the country's last Emperor, Pu Yi, took lessons from his English tutor in the 1920s. The Johnnie Walker Classic, won by Adam Scott on Sunday, underlined China's credentials as a lucrative venue to rival any in the game's traditional strongholds
Leaf Great Dies
George Reginald Horner: 1909-2005
RED HORNER, who was the oldest living Maple Leafs captain and oldest living member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, died yesterday in Toronto at the age of 96. Born in Lynden, Ont., May 28, 1909, George Reginald Horner was signed as a free agent by the Leafs in January 1929 after four years of junior with the Marlboros.

Greens Machine
Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods
Phil was smiling when he helped Tiger with the green jacket.


Tiger Woods is seeing green once again, but only after facing a mighty foe in Chris DiMarco.Woods won his fourth Masters Sunday17/04/05, and donned the green jacket for the first time since 2002 for what had to have been one of his sweetest golf victories in recent memory.


The riders pass the Arc de Triomphe in Paris  The Texas Titan Lance Armstrong has won the famous winner's yellow jersey for the last six years. ARMSTRONG

Too Soon to Cycle Out

There's really nothing else in the world of cycling that Lance Armstrong could hope to accomplish. Therefore it wasn't a surprise that Armstrong, who has won the last six Tour de France titles, announced his intention to retire from the sport after the conclusion of this years Toud de France.

Lance Armstrong has got his tactics right six years running The peloton climbs a steep mountain pass
                               The peloton climbs a steep mountain pass
Lance Armstrong: tactically smart
Tactics are important if you want to win in Paris

AMA Pro Racing has released the schedule of events for the 64th Daytona 200. Registration and post-entry begins on Monday, March 7 with practice and qualifying beginning on Wednesday, March 9. The Repsol Lubricants Superstock and AMA Pro Honda Oils Supersport presented by Shoei events will both be held on Thursday, March 10 and the AMA Superbike presented by Parts Unlimited and Lockhart Phillips USA Formula Xtreme Daytona 200 will be held on Saturday, March 12.Modifications to the famed Daytona International Speedway have led AMA Pro Racing to change the number of laps for each event. According to AMAPro Racing Road Race Series Manager, Ron Barrick, the final decision regarding the length of each race was made after discussions with track officials, tire companies, riders and teams. The track redesign was part of an extensive renovation to the facility. Now instead of incorporating both of Daytona's famous bankings, riders will navigate a new infield layout before entering the superspeedway on the back straight. The chicane leading into NASCAR turn three is unchanged as are the east banking and tri-oval sections. The changes were made to improve safety by reducing sustained top speeds and extreme tire loads generated by the banking.Teams, riders and AMA Pro Racing officials got to see firsthand the results of the track modifications at the annual tire test held in early January. The new layout and the switch to Formula Xtreme machinery for the 200 made this year's test particularly important."We knew that the changes would dictate we address the length of each race," said Barrick. "The tire test was an opportunity to analyze tire wear, fuel mileage and speeds gathered from teams, riders and tire technicians. We used this data to help us determine race distances for each class of motorcycle."The Daytona Superstock, Supersport and Superbike races are sprint races while the Formula Xtreme Daytona 200 requires multiple pit stops for fuel and tires. Superstock, Supersport and Formula Xtreme (air-cooled twins excepted) rules require that competitors utilize stock fuel tanks.  Superbike rules allow modifications to the fuel tank to increase capacity. Additionally, motorcycles entered in Supersport may also enter the Daytona 200. Another interesting change is that exotic quick change systems for wheels have been eliminated in an effort to lower costs and help level the playing field between factory teams and privateers.Barrick believes that the changes are good for Daytona overall. "I think the races this year will be some of the most interesting in a long time," said Barrick. "Considering things like the changes to the track and new race distances, the riders and teams will have to devise new set-ups and strategies to be successful."


F1 Formula One Formula1 Update racing news image
Sunday, The 27th of March
Juan Pablo Montoya may miss this weekend’s Bahraini Grand Prix after sustaining a shoulder injury on Saturday. The McLaren star was playing a recreational game of tennis when he slipped and landed on his left shoulder. Autosport reported that Montoya suffered a hairline fracture and tissue damage meaning there is a real chance he may miss the third round of the 2005 Formula One championship.
 The debut of the new 2005 Ferrari F1 car in Bahrain will return a smile to Ruebens face, the Brazilian predicted.
start of Malaysian F1

One of the most famous trophies in the world and the most prized in all of Canada, the Stanley Cup is also one other thing; the oldest and longest awarded championship symbol of any in North America.
The Stanely Cup
was first presented in 1893, and with the exception of the 1919 flu epidemic that stopped the playoffs and the recent lockout, has been awarded every year since. [Labour Dispute]

Here are
the top 10 things you may not have known about the Cup,
courtesy of the N.H.L.:

1) It originally cost just $48.67 to make and was created in Sheffield, England.

2) When a players hoists it over his head, it’s not light. The Cup weighs about 35 lbs. – and that’s without the champagne.

3) Those who win it are guaranteed immortality. It’s the only trophy in pro sports that has the names of all the winning coaches, players, management and team staff engraved on it.

But the printing may be small. It takes 13 years to fill up one ring with the names of all the winners.

4) What else is written on there? You’ll need to squint to see it, but the Cup has two phrases on the upper bowl. One says "Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup" and the other side "From Stanley Of Preston".

5) Only one name has ever been corrected on the Cup. “Adam Deadmarch” was later changed to “Adam Deadmarsh”.

But Jacques Plante the holds the record for being wronged. He’s been listed as “Jack” “Jocko” and “Plant” It is

among the five errors.

Bob Gainey is called “Gainy”.

Ted Kennedy came out as “Kennedyy”.

The Islanders came out as “The Ilanders”.

Boston was listed as “Bqstqn”.

And the Leafs were called the “Laes” in 1962/63.

Fans would love to have the chance to see the name back there, no matter how it’s spelled.

6) Lord Stanley’s mug is well traveled. It logged more than 400,000 miles - and that was in just five seasons.

7) The man after who it’s named, Lord Stanley, never actually saw a hockey game in his lifetime. He simply lent his name to the trophy.

8) The Stanley Cup on display in Toronto’s Hockey Hall of Fame is a duplicate and never goes anywhere.

9) What happens to the team members who win the big prize? They each get to take it home for one day to share the moment with family, friends and neighbours.

10) How do they determine whose name gets engraved? Originally, a player needed at least 41 games played with the club or one game played in the Stanley Cup Finals.

But a 1994 alteration meant a player could appeal to the Commissioner to have his name added if certain circumstances prevented him from taking part in the season, but he deserved to be there

AutoShow 2005
The Canadian International Auto Show is rolling and the metal is going to move you, according to Wheels chief automotive reviewer Jim Kenzie. More than 1,000 vehicles are on display, at least 30 of them being shown for the first time in Canada

NASCAR'S historic trek into Mexico City next week will have a Toronto look about it when Ron Fellows takes the wheel of the No. 87 NEMCORacing Chevrolet in the Busch Grand National Telcel-Motorola 200 at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. For Fellows, who has a deal to drive NASCAR Nextel Cup series races at Sonoma, Calif., and Watkins Glen, N.Y., for Dale Earnhardt Incorporated, it will be a one-race contract.I called Joe about a week ago and inquired about a ride," Fellows said yesterday. "I really wanted to be part of this deal."

Schumacher more determined than ever for Sepang race
(L to R): Rubens Barrichello (BRA) Ferrari and Michael Schumacher (GER) Ferrari.
Shell Press Conference, Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Preparations, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, 2 March 2005
Michael Schumacher (GER) Ferrari F2004M.
Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, 5 March 2005 Michael Schumacher (GER) Ferrari.
Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Race Day, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, 6 March 2005
Rubens Barrichello (BRA) Ferrari on the grid.
Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Race Day, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, 6 March 2005 Michael Schumacher (GER) Ferrari F2004M.
Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Race Day, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, 6 March 2005
World champion Michael Schumacher insists his retirement at round one in Australia has only hardened his resolve to score a stronger result at this weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix.
Schumacher crashed out in Melbourne on lap 42 following a collision with compatriot Nick Heidfeld, but the German was buoyed by team mate Rubens Barrichello’s strong drive through the field to second and is confident he has the pace to challenge for victory at Sepang, where he has won three times in the last five years."For sure, zero points in the season's first race is not what I expected,” he said. "This, naturally, will give me an extra boost in Malaysia. From what we saw in Australia, the F2004 M was still competitive, much more than thought possible. “I think that we can expect a positive result in Sepang. Rubens proved that it is possible to finish highly even after a so-so qualifying session. I have faith because we were very consistent in the Grand Prix."Neither Schumacher nor Barrichello returned to Europe following the Australian race, instead leaving testing duties to Luca Badoer and Marc Gene. Schumacher chose to spend a few days with wife Corrina and his manager Willi Weber, while Barrichello returned to his native Sao Paulo. Both men, of course, maintained their strict training regimes in preparation for the rigours of the Malaysian heat.

Photo 1 - Fisichella and Alonso share the honours Australian F1
March/05 Fisichella  wins the Australian F1! Fastest laps in the race... Giancarlo Fisichella , the 37th Pole Position of the Renault team (again by Fisichella)
 Renault’s dream machine
All winter the Renault R25 has been setting the pace, and the result of the Australian Grand Prix underlined that this form had not been deceptive.
Giancarlo Fisichella (ITA) Renault R25.
Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Race Day, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, 6 March 2005
Mark Webber (AUS) Williams.
Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, 5 March 2005 David Coulthard (GBR) Red Bull Racing RB1.
Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, 5 March 2005
Takuma Sato (JPN) BAR.
Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, 5 March 2005 Michael Schumacher (GER) Ferrari F2004M.
Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Race Day, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, 6 March 2005
There were times in practice when it seemed that arch-rival McLaren were going to get the upper hand, but qualifying Fisichella’s pole position, he never put a wheel wrong to win the race in style. Underlining both his and the car’s quality, Fernando Alonso sped through the field to take a close third place.

This is the year in which Patrick Faure says Renault have to be in contention for the title, and in scooping 16 points, they got off to a great start.If you ignore Ferrari, it is at your peril, and if Michael Schumacher seemed to have a disconnected race, Rubens Barrichello was in contention for a podium finish in the ‘old’ F2004 M all through the race. He was so excited by his Bridgestone’s afterwards that he suggested they ‘could have done another race’, that held true for the Renault’s Michelins, too. Barrichello’s only real problem was with the brake balance, as the rears were locking badly from the 15th lap, and he said he was driving it like a kart in the closing laps. He also admitted that he was thinking about the heat of Malaysia and was trying to preserve his engine.

Curiously, Schumacher offered no real explanation for his relative lack of pace, and said there was no point in continuing after the incident with Heidfeld on lap 43.
Next race...
20/03/2005   Malaisia GP   Sepang

Kuala Lumpur




race distance...310.408




#of laps...56




Paris starts 2012 presentations
International Olympic Committee members have begun hearing submissions into Paris' bid to host the 2012 Olympics.

The 13-member evaluation commission will spend most of Wednesday listening to a total of 17 presentations behind closed doors at their hotel.

Rowdy demonstrations by tens of thousands of students resulted in clashes with the police and smashed shop windows, the very worst welcome for the IOC's 13-member team.

The skirmishes also marred a march by an estimated 40,000 secondary school pupils through central Paris to protest against the government's education reforms.

But the Olympic officials avoided the violence and were quickly shuttled to the Grand Hotel Intercontinental, where they spent the night ahead of their four-day inspection.

Gordon Holds Off Busch, Earnhardt Jr., For Third DAYTONA 500 Win
February 20, 2005

Jeff Gordon held off a hard charging Kurt Busch and a late-race run from 2004 Daytona 500 champion Dale Earnhardt Jr. to win the 47th annual Daytona 500 — NASCAR's biggest, richest and most prestigious race. Jeff Gordon came from behind late in the race to win an exciting, crash-filled Daytona 500

flippin in daytona 


With the victory, Gordon joined Bobby Allison and Dale Jarrett as three-time winners of "The Great American Race."

"I undertand how difficult it is to win these races," said Gordon, who also won the 2004 Pepsi 400. "I think I recognize more than I ever how prestigious this event is. And that just is what makes it more meaninful to all of us — not to mention the things I mentioned earlier abobut how hard we all work to get here for this day because there's a lot of work goes in that off-season."

Tony Stewart led 107 laps in the No. 20 Home Depot Chevrolet, the most of any driver, but dropped back from the lead after a restart with six laps to go.  Earnhardt Jr., who had not been strong most of the race, suddenly appeared near the top of the pack and grabbed the lead on lap 195 of the scheduled 200 lap race.

Gordon slipped past Earnhardt Jr. on Lap 198 and then survived a green-white-checkered finish. Busch passed Earnhardt Jr. after the final restart to take second place. 

Due to lack of Interest........NHL Season Cancalled

AMA Pro Racing Releases Daytona 200 Schedule Of Events
February 3, 2005

AMA Pro Racing has released the schedule of events Click to enlarge for the 64th Daytona 200. Registration and post-entry begins on Monday, March 7 with practice and qualifying beginning on Wednesday, March 9. The Repsol Lubricants Superstock and AMA Pro Honda Oils Supersport presented by Shoei events will both be held on Thursday, March 10 and the AMA Superbike presented by Parts Unlimited and Lockhart Phillips USA Formula Xtreme Daytona 200 will be held on Saturday, March 12.

F1 team to display peace message for 2004 race

 SEPANG, Malaysia (AP) -- A Formula One car owned by the Minardi team displayed a sign proclaiming "Malaysia for Peace" to protest the U.S.-led war on Iraq before the Malaysian Grand Prix.

 Minardi, which has strong links with the Malaysian government, received approval from Formula One to carry the sign. Click to enlargebsa daytonaClick to enlarge kenny roberts1980 ow48

 Team owner Paul Stoddart said the idea developed when he was having dinner with some Malaysian ministers Friday evening.

 "It is a statement to Malaysia saying they, as a country, are for peace. I would not condone anything stronger than that. We would not carry anything that in any way shape or form that was damaging to any country."

 Also, a coalition of rights groups supported by the government put up banners at the entrance of the race track which said "Stop War on Iraq", "Say No To Bush."

 Some of the banners were taken down about two hours before Sunday's race began. A security official said the banners were brought down on police instructions. He did not elaborate. Police officials were not immediately available for comment.

 The coalition had planned to organize a march by 50,000 people in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday but called it off on police orders, citing security concerns.

Volunteers To Deliver 'Winter Survival Kits' To Toronto's Homeless 'Winter Survival Kits' To Toronto's Homeless....A group of Torontonians with big hearts are helping some of the city's neediest stay warm on the streets. dolling out backpacks filled with a few items many people take for granted, ones that make a big difference for someone sleeping on the sidewalk.  The survival kits were put together from money gathered at 'Hockey for the Homeless.' Former NHL stars and Toronto Maple Leaf players played in the tournament that was held back in November.Inside each is a brush, some soap and a clean towel, among other things. The group has put together 1,500 winter survival kits that will be given to homeless next week. "They're filled with the bare necessitites these people need: mits, gloves, hats, toques, socks, toothpaste, tooth gel,"  said organizer Jody Steinhauer.Also included in each is a brand new sleeping bag something that, for many, will be the only means of shelter this winter.
Sir Edmund Hillary, First Man To Reach Summit Of Mt. Everest, Dies At 88Sir Edmund Hillary,
 First Man To Reach Summit Of Mt. Everest, Dies At 88
Friday January 11, 2008 ...see end of paper tribute.

STROKES! Shovelling snow can bring it on…yet sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim may suffer severe brain damage when people nearby fail to recognise the symptoms of a stroke . Now doctors say a bystander can recognise a stroke by asking three simple questions:     

                                  S * Ask the individual to SMILE.
                            T * Ask the person to TALK and SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE (i.e. It is sunny out today) 
                            R * Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.
If he or she has trouble with ANY ONE of these tasks, call 911 immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.  NOTE: Another 'sign' of a stroke is this: Ask the person to 'stick' out his or her tongue.. If the tongue is 'crooked', if it goes to one side or the other , that is also an indication of a stroke. A cardiologist says if everyone who gets this e-mail sends it to 10 people; you can bet that at least one life will be saved

DOG GONE..................Misty on my Space
 Thanking everybody for your emotional support on our loss of our little BEBE!!! From all of us Laura, Lewis, Cheryl & Louie. With a lot of sadness in our hearts, our beloved Misty passed away tonight January 14 2008 at 8:30pm, after 13 1/2 years. She brought us a lot of happiness and joy in our lives. She will be remembered and etched in our hearts forever.
 Adios my love.

Seven years after fleeing Peru in disgrace, former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori went on trial Monday on charges of murder and kidnapping stemming from his alleged use of a death squad to fight a bloody insurgency in the early 1990s. Showing no emotion, the gray-haired Fujimori, immediately started taking notes as lawyers for the prosecution and his defense attorney began their arguments. The discussions quickly bogged down in disagreements over procedural matters. Fujimori's defense attorney, Cesar Nakazaki, asked the court to reject a request for civil damages of some $33 million for the relatives of victims of the death squads.
 Otis Blunt, 32, of Toms River, N.J., (left) and Jose Espinosa, 20, of Elizabeth, N.J., (right) made a brazen prison escape Saturday, Dec. 15, 2007.Two jail inmates used photos of bikini-clad women to hide holes they used to escape and left behind a thank-you note, signed with a smiley face, for a guard they claimed helped them, officials said Monday. They squeezed through the openings sometime before dawn Saturday in a high-security unit of the Union County jail, jumped onto a rooftop below, and made it over a 25-foot-high fence topped with razor wire, authorities said. Authorities withheld the name of the officer the inmates said was involved. The note, found in Espinosa’s cell, read, “Thank you Officer ... for the tools needed. You’re a real pal. Happy holididays!

art.vick.gi.jpg NFL star Michael Vick . The deal offered by federal prosecutors recommends that the Atlanta Falcons quarterback serve a year in prison, The Virginian-Pilot reported in its Thursday editions. The newspaper quotes two anonymous sources. Without an agreement in place by the end of the week, Vick could face new, more serious charges when a grand jury reconvenes on Monday. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quotes its sources as saying Vick is waiting to hear from the NFL how a guilty plea might affect his football career. If he does not agree to a deal, the newspaper reported, Vick could be charged with racketeering in a superseding indictment.

 Beware of the clowns and deviates@
Long & McQuade selling shoddy musical merchandise.
The history I have personally experienced is of shoddy merchandise, slow, damaging service and abusive behaviour.
The last time I trusted L & M was to string my $1000 Fender guitar. I could have done it myself but they claimed a set up was included in my purchase of the guitar. 
On May 24 I made an appointment, they took it on the 28 th. I was informed it was ready for pickup June 22nd. When I arrived to pick up my guitar I noticed that the old strings were jammed into the case up against the head. Several scratches were noted from this contact. As I lifted my guitar out of its case I found a group of deep indentations in the body of my bass. One was so severe that a chunk of the wood was missing. My guitar was like my sweetheart , my baby; I loved it so much. When I arrived home, I found my bass unplayable. My receipt said " action lowered " but it is way too low. Now every string rattles on the frets. The latest action was insults as they accused me of "loading " a contest that I had won (old news june 06)
This is only one of some unbelievable misfortunes I experienced at
Lousy and Malicious.
 Feed back call Mike Milne @ 416-760-4755 
Dear consumerrelations@fender.com,   I am havingbig trouble with one of your agents over my Jazz bass.  Could you comment? Jeff Long (president) can be reached @ 416-588-7886Fender Jazz Bass 1966
The Beatles are shown in 1967.  Hamburg, Germany is paying tribute to the Beatles. Forty-five years after the Beatles launched their international career in Hamburg, the music-loving German city is putting up a monument to the rock legends. The radio station Oldie 95, the organizer, said Monday that construction will begin this year of a steel monument representing the Fab Four, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr; as well as Stuart Sutcliffe, an early Beatle who died in Hamburg in 1962.

Ducks Win 2007 Stanley CupDucks Ding Dunces and Win the 2007 Stanley Cup.
After Years Of Derision, Ducks Get The Last Laugh - And The Stanley CupAfter Years Of Derision, Ducks Get The Last Laugh - And The Stanley Cup. Oh how the Mighty haven't fallen. Or at least the former Mighty. The NHL expansion club named after a Disney movie that was once the doormat of the league got the last laugh Wednesday night, bringing the Stanley Cup to California for the first time in history. The Anaheim Ducks notched a convincing 6-2 win over the hapless Ottawa Senators to take the series in five games. And while L.A. will never be considered a hockey town, the place was ready to party. So were the players. For 36-year-old star Teemu Selanne, who's waited 14 years for the chance to hold the game's most cherished prize, it was a dream come true. "I was just like, 'I couldn't believe it, it's going to happen,'" he recalls. "So much hard work, so many years to dream about that moment.  There has (sic) been times I didn't know if it was ever going to happen."Any hopes Canadians had of bringing the Stanley Cup home were dashed by the not-so-daffy Ducks on Wednesday night.  Anaheim claimed the Lordly with a commanding 6-2 win over the Ottawa Senators in Game 5. Travis Moen scored twice while Andy McDonald, Rob Niedermayer, Francois Beauchemin and Corey Perry added single markers Senators captain Animal Alfredsson scored both Ottawa goals. "It's nice to be able to get back here and win it this time," Chris Pronger said after the win. "It's unbelievable right now." Ducks captain Scott Niedermayer won the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP. "You don't win this thing without good goaltending," Niedermayer said, referring to the stellar play of Jean-Sebastien Giguere.

Ontario Lead Water Tests: Half Don't PassOntario Lead Water Tests: Half Don't Pass. Peel's drinking water failed in 100% of the 80 samples taken. Toronto may have mostly passed the drinking water quality tests, but the rest of Ontario wasn't so lucky. The province decided to test 36 different areas after higher than normal lead levels were found in London, Ontario. The results are worrisome: almost half of all the places they looked at had higher than normal readings of the contaminant. Among the worst hit areas: Hamilton, Renfrew, Smith Falls and Quinte West, all homes that have older homes.  That's led to an order from Queen's Park - ironically one of the places that exceeded the norms - to immediately change the procedures province-wide. The new regs call for the areas where the most vulnerable will use the water - like daycare centres and schools - to undergo annual tests. Any place built before 1990 will have to flush their systems every day, instead of just weekly. Those who can't afford filters will be given help to buy them. And all cities will be encouraged to make it more affordable to replace older lines that may be causing the lead problem in the first place.
SIU To Be Probed By Ont. Ombudsman Following "Troubling Increase" In ComplaintsSIU To Be Probed By Ont. Ombudsman Following "Troubling Increase" In Complaints
They're called in to investigate whenever police actions result in the serious injury or death of a civilian, but has the Special Investigations Unit been doing its job properly? That's the question the provincial ombudsman hopes to answer following what he calls a "troubling increase" in the number of complaints about the civilian body, which reports to the Ontario Attorney General. Andre Marin, who headed up the SIU himself between 1996 and 1998, announced a probe into the unit's actions Thursday, saying eight GTA cases dating back to 2003 will be "put under the microscope" in the upcoming months. "We count on the civilian agency to investigate the police. It's where the buck stops and police accountability when there is death or serious injury," Marin said. "And given the nature of the quality of these complaints, I believe that it warrants further investigation by the special ombudsman response team." Among the accusations being put forth by the public: that the SIU is slow to investigate cases, that it's biased, and that it's "less than thorough" in its probes."The issues involve the competence in the investigation, the fact that there are some forensic tests which were not conducted or ought to have been conducted, where evidence that should have been preserved was not preserved. So issues resolving the impartiality and objectivity and thoroughness of the investigation," the ombudsman explained.
Off-Duty Cop One Of Two Shot Dead Inside Van In London, Ont.Off-Duty Cop One Of Two Shot Dead Inside Van In London, Ont. An off-duty police officer is one of two people killed inside a van in London, Ont. according to local authorities. The van lost control and crashed into a building on Picton St. after the shots rang out at about midnight, but officials say it was the gunfire that caused the fatal injuries not the resulting crash. Both were pronounced dead in hospital. Police went to the scene after receiving reports about the building being struck by the vehicle. No names are being released at this point and the city's police chief says they're not looking for a suspect. A statement was released shortly after the bodies were discovered, it reads: "At this stage we aren't identifying the two deceased. What we are confirming is that one of the deceased was in fact a London police off-duty police officer. We're in the process of locating next of kin and making that verification."

Man Tries To Jump Into PopemobileNO FREE RIDES
It was a close call for Pope Benedict on Wednesday after a man tried to jump into the back of the popemobile during the pontiff's general audience in St. Peter's Square. The individual managed to hold on for a few seconds before being wrestled to the ground by about eight security officers. Luckily, the pope wasn't hurt and didn't even seem to notice that someone was going along for the ride as he just kept waving to the crowd and didn't even look back. The 27-year-old man from Germany showed signs of "mental imbalance," said the Rev. Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman and has been taken to a hospital for psychiatric treatment. "His aim was not an attempt on the pope's life but to attract attention to himself," Lombardi told reporters. He vaulted up and over the barricade from the second or third row back. He got as far as the back of the jeep. The car kept moving and Benedict just proceeded with the audience as if nothing had happened.

put a cork in it George
President Bush risked further stoking a testy dispute with Russia over a new U.S. missile defense system yesterday, saying Moscow has "derailed" once-promising democratic reforms. An activist of the anti-globalization organization Oxfam, costumed as U.S. president George Bush, holds a stethoscope to a giant map of the continent of Africa during an anti-G8 protest yesterday in Germany. Concerns about Africa and the environment are expected to dominate this year’s summit....Bush cold on climate
The United States said yesterday it opposed setting firm targets for greenhouse gas cuts at a G8 summit but offered reassurance that its plan for fighting climate change would not undermine U.N. efforts.

Canada's Refusal To Allow Winnie Madikizela-Mandela In Sparks Strong ReactionNo Winnie Welcome
Her former husband has been revered as a hero by some and has visited Canada before. She won't be able to. The Canadian government stunned organizers of a local fundraising gala and garnered huge headlines around the world after announcing it wouldn't let Winnie Mandela into the country. The woman who stood beside the once jailed anti-apartheid crusader Nelson Mandela as he ascended to the presidency of South Africa was denied a visa for an appearance in Toronto, but officials have refused to explain the exact reasons behind their decision.  The ruling has left Madikizela-Mandela in shock.  "She was devastated," explains Carole Adriaans of MusicaNoir, the group that had invited her to be the keynote speaker for a program called 'A Night In Soweto'. "She burst out crying and she couldn't believe it. We can't believe it." Both the activist's daughter and her two bodyguards were given the entry permission but the star attraction wasn't. When asked why, Ottawa was mostly silent, except for a less than detailed statement issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. "We do wish to say that the temporary resident visa is an effective way to protect the integrity of Canada's immigration and refugee programmes while facilitating the entry of legitimate visitors," outlines Karen Shadd-Evelyn. "Persons are deemed inadmissible to come to Canada for a variety of reasons including if they have been convicted of a serious crime. It is up to applicants to satisfy visa officers that they are coming to Canada on a temporary basis and that they are otherwise admissible to Canada." Madikizela-Mandela was sentenced to six years in jail for her role in the 1991 kidnapping and murder of a teenaged boy, but that was later reduced to just a fine. She was also convicted on fraud and theft charges in her native country. Despite that checkered past, many consider her a hero in the struggle for freedom after she fought for 27 years to get her husband out of prison. He walked out a free man in 1990 and the couple divorced six years later - after he became president.

Police Clash With Protesters At Affordable Housing RallyGimme Shelter
Police Clash With Protesters At Affordable Housing Rally
It was supposed to be a rally to draw attention to safe, affordable housing for abused women in Toronto, but the initially peaceful stand took a nasty turn when police descended on anti-poverty protestors occupying an abandoned building at 4 Howard St in the Bloor and Sherbourne area. Tensions flared when cops moved in on the small group of protestors and officers eventually physically removed the women who were reportedly occupying private property. Five people were arrested.The rally was organized by Women Against Poverty Collective, which aims to get some of the city's abandoned homes turned into affordable housing for abused women. They claim the provincial and federal governments aren't doing enough to support affordable housing and health care for victims of abuse."Women who are trying to leave violence are stuck in shelters for months instead of for the few weeks that they should be there with their kids," said WAPC member Anna Willats.Before the occupation and confrontation, about 150 women pitched tents in a park across from the abandoned building. Some of the protesters allege that the police used excessive force Sunday, but officers involved insist it was reasonable given the circumstances.
Alfredsson's Shot At Niedermayer Ignites Controversy  
DUCKS DENT DUNCES & Animal Alfredsson

It's bizarre behaviour for the captain of a Stanley Cup calibre club, but with the Ottawa Senators down 2-1 in the final series and behind in the all-important Game 4, maybe Daniel Alfredsson just felt like he had to do something big. With the seconds ticking away in the second period of Anaheim's 3-2 win Monday night, the Sens captain wound up and fired the puck directly at his counterpart Scott Niedermayer!

Local Band Rocks Bramalea
A high octane performance by a relatively unknown band ' Bluez-Viper' was a pleasant surprise @ 'Louis Place' last week, performing many of the classics such as their renditions of: Black Magic Woman, Hey Joe, and  Stop Messin' with the Kid. They have been booked as house band indefinetely. Worth catching.
Seen below Mike "Spike" Allan, Romeo "Fingers" Mendoza, Louie  "Guitar" Felipa and Mike "SpaceMan" Milne

CN Tower To Be Illuminated With LED Lights As T.O. Skyline Gets Major MakeoverCOME ON BABY LIGHT MY TOWER...CN Tower Is To Be Illuminated With LED Lights.... Our city's skyline is about to receive a dramatic makeover when the CN Tower is outfitted with brilliant LED lights that will run all the way up the elevator shaft to the top of the iconic structure. The project, which will dramatically brighten the usually dark tower, will be tested several times before its official launch on Canada Day weekend. The last time the landmark was lit up was back in 1976 when incandescent lights the size of washing machines were erected.  They didn't last long though, proving too expensive and inefficient to repair. "Gradually, the lighting became less important. As of 10 years ago, the tower was virtually unlit," Robinson adds. The new LED lights can produce millions of colours and will be arranged to honour local and national events.

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story.cnnblair2.jpg Outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair waves to supporters after announcing his resignation Thursday. After announcing his departure, Blair defended his record."I ask you to accept one thing," he said. "Hand on heart, I did what I thought was right. I may have been wrong -- that's your call."But believe one thing if nothing else. I did what I thought was right for our country and I came into office with high hopes for Britain's future and you know I leave it with even higher hopes for Britain's future."story.blairface.gi.jpg Tony Blair was the only leader ever to win three successive elections for the Labour Party, the third of those successes coming after the Iraq war.
Day Two Of Smog Alert In T.O. Day Three Of Smog Alert In T.O. It's going to be another beautiful day in the city. Unless you're planning on breathing. With the warmer temperatures comes murky air and day two of the season's first smog advisory. The year's first alert was issued Tuesday for southern and central Ontario, three weeks earlier than last year.  It stretches all the way from Windsor in the west to Barrie in the north and out east to Kingston. And the GTA is right in the middle of all that unpleasant ooze. The warning means there's a strong chance there'll be poor air quality within the next 24 hours due to ground-level ozone or particles in the air. Sunny skies, warm weather, polluted air from the U.S. and local pollutants all come together to produce elevated smog levels. Toronto is set to begin testing a new air quality measuring system in July that gauges three pollutants and their health impact. The city is also beefing up enforcement of its three-minute idling limit. Fume offenders could face fines up to $5,000. The earliest-ever smog advisory issued in Ontario came in February 2005.  Last year, we had a rare warning in March. Rain is expected to wash a lot of that gunk out of the air. Once it passes, temperatures will deflate to the upper teens and lower 20s
PEOPLE POLLED... Should California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger 'pardon' Paris Hilton, who wants to get away with not serving her 45-day sentence for violating probation?
5.8 % Yes.

94.2% No

 Simple Canadian Quarter Led To Huge U.S. Spy Warning

Simple Canadian Quarter Led To Huge U.S. Spy Warning. Now it can be told - the secret weapon Canada was using a special 25-cent piece has been revealed as being the catalyst that sparked American army contractors to issue a top secret espionage memo about nano-technology being used for nefarious intelligence purposes. Apparently, it was the Canadian Mint's issuing of a quarter with red poppy highlights honouring this country's war dead in 2004 that created an uproar in the corridors of U.S. Intelligence. Officials down south had never seen anything like it and became suspicious when an agent found one in a rental car. Documents released under the Access to Information Act show concerned contractors described the coin as being "filled with something man-made that looked like nano-technology." "It did not appear to be electronic (analog) in nature or have a power source," wrote one of those who examined the mysterious 'device'. "Under high power microscope, it appeared to be complex consisting of several layers of clear, but different material, with a wire like mesh suspended on top." The "discovery" actually led to a ridiculous warning from the U.S. Defence Department that coins with radio transmitters had been found on three contractors with top secret clearance as they came through Canada. Conspiracy theories exploded behind closed doors, with one agent telling his superiors he didn't know where the mysterious talisman came from. "[My] coat pockets were empty that morning and I was keeping all of my coins in a plastic bag in my inner coat pocket," the "victim" wrote. Canadian officials were alarmed as the rumours spread, and the story began reaching the highest levels of power. "That story about Canadians planting coins in the pockets of defense contractors will not go away," Luc Portelance of Canadian Security Intelligence Service wrote in a January e-mail. "Where do we stand and what's the story on this?"
Thousands Gather At Queen's Park For Marijuana MarchUP IN SMOKE
Thousands Gather At Queen's Park For Marijuana March. Adding to the frustration of trying to get around town this weekend with the DVP closed until Monday, more than 12,000 people took part in the ninth annual Global Marijuana March on Saturday.Marchers sparked up as they hit the streets. Cannabis activists want to see marijuana legalized in Canada and they argue alcohol and tobacco are much more harmful. Some were on hand for the novelty of smoking up in front of police, others had serious medical concerns to fight for. "Without cannabis I have a cane and I have the shakes," said Fibromyalgia sufferer Dianne Bruce. The demonstration wrapped up in the late afternoon and participants then joined a rally at Queen's Park which was scheduled to go until 9pm. It's the march's ninth year and similar events took place in 200 cities across the globe. "People are meeting in every continent to protest the unfair marijuana laws and to demand that we be accepted as legitimate citizens in all the countries around the world," said parade Marshall Marc Emery.
Students Accidentally Catch Cyclist Assault On TapeA group of students on a field trip in Toronto investigating the pros and cons of public surveillance cameras ended up catching a slice of big city street hostility on their own cameras Tuesday. The Grade 12 students caught a road rage incident between a driver and a cyclist on tape, and could play a key rule in the meting out of justice after turning their evidence over to police. As the students watched in disbelief, they saw the motorist get out of his still idling car, approach the cyclist and punch him boldly in the face. Apparently the driver was enraged that the cyclist, who lost a tooth in the attack, had stopped at a yellow light and blocked him from going through. "I'm going to pray for that guy, you know, because why he did it, I don't know. Maybe he's sick. Maybe he needs help," bike rider Andre Sokol said after he was assaulted. Constable Darius Tierman, a 21-year-veteran of the Toronto Force and a recipient of a teamwork commendation last June, has been on leave since October 2004. He turned himself in to 52 Division on Wednesday morning and made a brief court appearance at Old City Hall later in the afternoon. Police accounts of the incident match what the kids' cameras captured. A driver is seen getting out of his car when the cyclist didn't go through the intersection at the amber signal, and then begins loudly swearing at the rider and honking his horn. As the students watched in stunned shock, he got out of the car, grabbed the bike and cold cocked the owner from behind.  "If you get a chance, talk to him," he concludes. "Tell him this from my heart. I'm telling you this from my heart. I feel sorry for him and  tell him I said God bless him. God bless us all." It's not clear why Tierman has been on leave for almost three years, but the allegations he's facing are serious. He's been charged with assault causing bodily harm but was released on $5,000 bail, along with an order to continue undergoing psychiatric care. The victim still has many questions about what happened, but they likely won't be answered for some time. As part of the conditions of his freedom, Tierman isn't allowed to communicate with Sokol.
AIR INDIA FIASCO The VerdictAjaib Singh Bagri and Ripudaman Singh Malik were found not guilty of murder, attempted murder and conspiracy.
...NOW WE KNOW MORE.... The investigation

I was on a trip in November 1984 from Paris to Toronto. At Gatwick airport in London I was approached by a short Indian man who asked me to carry a small container for him through customs. I asked to see the item which had been altered from its original design. It appeared to have 5 holes drilled into the base and then filled with some kind of filler. I declined to carry the item and reported this to the boarding pass people. I latere saw him conversing with a number of Siek men. I also reported this to British customs agents. Unbelievably this man was still allowed to board our plane. This man spent the whole flight leaned up against the emergency exit handle of the rear exit door. I was sure he was going to pull that lever. I informed the stewardess  of the entire story, yey he was allowed to remain as he was. In Toronto I had the worst search done on me ever...as my reward. I believe this fellow was involved in the Air India incident. He suspected it was coming. But he couldn't get anyone to listen to him. There have been more startling and disturbing allegations that Canadian officials knew the Air India disaster was coming - but no one acted on the information. The latest revelation involves a name very familiar to Ontarians - James Bartleman, now the province's Lieutenant-Governor. Bartleman, who was a diplomat at the time, told the inquiry looking into the terror attack Thursday that he received information about the plot five days before it happened on June 23, 1985. He recalls receiving an electronic intercept from the top-secret Communications Security Establishment, part of the Defence Department, which suggested the airline was going to be attacked. It came in the form of what he termed "raw intelligence that hadn't yet been checked out.'' But it seemed credible enough that he felt it necessary to turn it over to the RCMP for further analysis.

A former Quebec provincial police officer says the Air India bombing could have been prevented, if only he'd been given the chance to search the flight's baggage before it left Montreal's Mirabel Airport. Serge Carignan, testifying Wednesday at an inquiry into the 1985 bombing, said he received an unprecedented call at home the evening of June 22, 1985, and was told he was needed to search both a jumbo jet and its passenger luggage. By the time he and his sniffer dog Arko arrived at Mirabel, however, the plane had already departed and his only task was to search three suspicious suitcases that had been pulled off and left behind. The suitcases turned out to be harmless. But Carignan said he's sure that, if he'd been able to search the rest of the luggage and the plane itself, he could have averted the tragedy that took 329 lives. There have been more startling and disturbing allegations that Canadian officials knew the Air India disaster was coming - but no one acted on the information. The latest revelation involves a name very familiar to Ontarians - James Bartleman, now the province's Lieutenant-Governor. Bartleman, who was a diplomat at the time, told the inquiry looking into the terror attack Thursday that he received information about the plot five days before it happened on June 23, 1985. He recalls receiving an electronic intercept from the top-secret Communications Security Establishment, part of the Defence Department, which suggested the airline was going to be attacked. It came in the form of what he termed "raw intelligence that hadn't yet been checked out.'' But it seemed credible enough that he felt it necessary to turn it over to the RCMP for further analysis.The case remains unsolved

Warner Bros., the film studio behind such blockbusters as the upcoming sequel in the Harry Potter series, pictured above, is cancelling all advance screenings in Canada in a push for tough anti-piracy laws. They chose to take the step in Canada because they say the country is the main source of piracy.

story.phoenix.mars.probe.jpg A drawing of the Phoenix spacecraft exploring the red planet. Phoenix will dig beneath the soil for the ingredients of life is expected to land in the northern polar region of Mars and dig beneath the soil. Launch is scheduled for August 3 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Bolstered by evidence that Mars once had liquid surface water, scientists are keen to recover an actual sample to see if the materials for life exist. NASA's first foray for signs of the ingredients for life on Mars was conducted during the twin 1976 Viking missions, but those landers touched down in dry regions. Satellites have since revealed widespread ice near the planet's poles. Some scientists believe a vast frozen ocean is buried beneath the ice. Another theory says Mars' polar ice solidified from atmospheric water vapor, not a widespread ocean. Phoenix will be able to make isotopic measurements of the hydrogen and oxygen molecules and perhaps resolve this puzzle after it lands on Mars in 2008.

The Queen, attending an embassy dinner on her last full night in the U.S., managed to shove a little diplomatic dig in at U.S. President George W. Bush over his own gaffe two days earlier.

story.qkids.gi.jpg Queen Elizabeth II visits young patients, parents and staff at Children's National Medical Center in Washington on Tuesday. As Bush welcomed the monarch to the White House, he almost slipped up and referred to her visit as happening in 1776. It took a few days, but the 81-year-old managed a Crown jewel of her own. "I wondered whether I should start this toast by saying, 'When I was here in 1776...'" she stated to guffaws from the crowd. Bush laughed loudest of all. The Queen, who has met with ten presidents since taking over the throne in 1953, left for home after the whirlwind visit to the colonies, which included a trip to Jamestown, Virginia, a meeting with some of the victims of the Blacksburg college shootings, a stop for an Earth-bound chat with astronauts onboard the International Space Station and a rare white-tie gala at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

story.supernova.jpg Scientists believe supernova SN 2006gy expelled many of its outer layers in an eruption before its violent collapse. "The reason we're so excited is because it was so powerful we think it may require a new type of explosion mechanism that we've never observed before," said Smith at a news conference from NASA headquarters in Washington. A supernova is a rare and often dramatic phenomenon that involves the explosion of most of the material within a star. Supernovas can be very bright for a short time and usually release huge amounts of energy. A graduate student using a robotic telescope that was part of the Texas Supernova Search project first detected SN 2006gy on September 18, 2006. For about 70 days it got brighter, peaking with a brightness comparable to 50 billion suns, much brighter than most other supernovas. Supernovas are usually bright for a couple of weeks at most.

A golden guest bathtub weighing 176 pounds vanished from the 10th floor of a hotel in Japan. The tub, flanked by two crane statues, had been a main feature of the hotel's shared bathroom.Visitors can take a dip in the tub, but it is only available a few hours a day "for security reasons," the hotel's Web site said. Someone apparently cut the chain attached to the door of a small section of the bathroom where the bathtub was placed, but not riveted, and made off with the tub, Ogawa said. "We have no witness information and there are no video cameras," he said. "We have no idea who took it," the official said. The bathtub was worth $988,100 U.S.
Sam The Record Man's Flagship Store Forced To CloseSam The Record Man Forced To Close...A Toronto institution for more than 70 years, Sam the Record Man is set to close the doors at its flagship Yonge St. location for good. Citing declining record sales as the reason, company co-owner Bobby Sniderman confirmed the store would shut in a month's time, on June 30. CD sales have been on the steady decline since music listeners turned to Internet downloading for their tunes. According to stats in this country CD sales have dropped 35 per cent in the first three months of 2007 alone. Sniderman, in a news release, said that while the company recognized it had to make this decision it wanted to focus on the "wonderful story" that was a "family business that operated for 70 years in record retailing" and made "significant contributions to the music industry, for Canadian artists and to the community as a whole."
Man Wrestles Wild Leopard To Floor After It Jumps Into His BedLEAPIN LEOPARDS...the cats pajamas
Talk about a rude awakening. It happened as Arthur Du Mosch was sleeping in his bedroom in the small Israeli town of Kibbutz Sde Boker near the Negev desert on Tuesday. The 49-year-old, dressed only in his underwear and T-shirt, woke up to discover an uninvited guest not only in his house, but in his bed. It was a leopard that had chased his cat through an open window, entered his house, and made its way into his bedroom. The startled Du Mosch, who fortunately is a nature guide and knows a thing or two about wildlife, saw the big cat had his own feline in its mouth, and he immediately began wrestling with the animal and managed to pin it to the floor while authorities were called. He held it there for 20 long minutes before help finally arrived. Like the animal itself, the hero dad claims he was just acting on instinct. "This kind of thing doesn't happen every day," he admits. "I don't know why I did it. I wasn't thinking, I just acted." At least six leopards have been spotted in the area, and luckily, this one was weaker than most, which allowed Du Mosch to subdue it and keep it at bay. Experts believe it was an old animal which had long since lost the ability or desire to hunt in the wild and was seeking food in the form of household pets. Its condition may be the only reason Du Mosch was able to get the best of it.
 Brampton Crooks... a Catholic school trustee is among four people charged in connection with a multi-million dollar fraud involving government grants. Tony da Silva is jointly charged with James Gollert, 68, Gary Hollo, 58, and John Danson, 60. All are former teachers with the Peel District School Board and senior managers with its Centre for Education and Training (CET), created by the board as a not-for-profit corporation providing career training services. Last November, the 57-year-old da Silva was Catholic School Board trustee for Brampton after retiring from the public school board. Hollo and Danson are also retirees. CET and the board fired Gollert several years ago. "The amount of the alleged fraud is in the millions of dollars and it took place between January 1997 and August 2004," said Det. Sgt. Steve Patterson of the fraud bureau.
A former Brampton man will be sentenced in July after being convicted last week of 10 counts of sexually molesting five girls more than 19 years ago. George Stea, 63, of Montrose, British Columbia, will be sentenced July 9 by Madame Justice Silja Seppi in a Brampton courtroom. He is currently out on bail. Peel police charged Stea in 2004 with sexual assaults against five victims ranging in age from 9 to 16 years. The charges related to assaults between 1963 and 1988. The judge-alone trial began last June and Seppi found him guilty of most of the charges Thursday, saying Stea, who testified at his own trial, was "not a credible witness. I do not believe his denial of the incidents."
CARNIVAL on JUNE 3rd: Brampton Neighbourhood Resource Centre is holding a fundraising carnival from noon to 6 p.m. at their location at 50 Kennedy Rd. S. There will be many attractions, such as a bouncing castle, go-karting, face painting, climb on the fire truck with the Brampton fire department and more. Clifford Ivory, Toronto Argonaut all-star defensive back, will also be signing autographs. The event is a fundraiser for the organization's SERVE youth program. For information, call Dewaine Frazer at 905- 452-1262, ext. 223 or Christine Harwart at 905-452-1262, ext.223.

David Radler 
 Radler can't be trusted, Conrad Black's lawyer, Eddie Greenspan, continued to hammer away at the credibility of key prosecution witness David Radler, saying he has shown he can't be trusted. Under cross-examination Wednesday, Radler admitted he had lied for a long time about the true nature of a plan he alleges Black orchestrated — a plan to divert millions of dollars from the shareholders of Hollinger International by making unauthorized payments to senior Hollinger executives. Radler said he had never told Hollinger's board about the diversion of non-compete payments for the benefit of Black, himself and others. Such payments are routine in the newspaper business. They're typically made to ensure that the seller — in this case Hollinger International — doesn't go into competition with the buyer in the same market as the paper just sold.Conrad BlackAug. 18, 2006:
Conrad Black and three co-accused are charged with tax evasion for allegedly causing Hollinger International to under-report corporate income of $13 million US to $16 million US in 1999 and 2000. The next month, Black pleads not guilty.


Thousands Bare All in Mexico CityMore than 18,000 people stripped and posed for a mass photo shoot on Sunday in Mexico City's vast main square.
A man in a wheelchair joined the thousands of other naked people on Sunday.

A man in a wheelchair joined the thousands of other naked people on Sunday.

American photographer Spencer Tunick has made a name for himself photographing thousands of naked people around the world, but the Mexican shoot was his biggest yet.
More than 18,000 people stripped off in Mexico City on Sunday to pose for American photographer Spence Tunick. The nude models gathered in the central Zocalo plaza in the Mexican capital to form a giant mosaic of flesh.

Over 18,000 people posed for the US photographer Spencer Tunick on Mexico City's Zocalo Square.

Over 18,000 people posed for the US photographer Spencer Tunick on Mexico City's Zocalo Square.

The Enterprise orbiting planet Vulcan. (Star Trek images courtesy STARTREK.COM, Copyright 2007 CBS Studios Inc.)TO BOLDLY GO!

Mission could seek out Spock's home planet
Astronomers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory have concluded that the SIM PlanetQuest mission would be able to detect an Earth-like planet around 40 Eridani, a star familiar to 'Star Trek' fans as the location of planet Vulcan.

Cheney: Iraq Remains a Dangerous Place

AP Photo

Vice President Dick Cheney said Wednesday that Iraq remains a dangerous place, a point underscored by a thunderous explosion that rattled windows in the U.S. Embassy where he spent most of the day. After talks with Iraqi military and political officials, the vice president said Iraq's leaders seem to have a better sense now that they need to do more to reconcile sectarian and political differences.

Bush Tours Town Wiped Away by Tornado
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GREENSBURG President Bush sought to lift spirits Wednesday in the wake of a killer tornado, dishing out hugs while stepping through the rubble of what had been a close-knit town of 1,400. The president said he came to Kansas to tour the wreckage in the hopes that he could "touch somebody's soul by representing our country."

Atlantic's 1st Named Storm Forms Early The first named storm of the year formed Wednesday off the southeastern U.S. coast, more than three weeks before the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season, forecasters said. Subtropical Storm Andrea had top sustained winds around 45 mph Wednesday morning and didn't appear to be much of a threat, the National Hurricane Center in Miami said. Still, a tropical storm watch was issued for parts of Georgia and Florida, meaning tropical storm conditions are possible within 36 hours.

Wildfire Blazes Behind LA Observatory
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Firefighters made progress early Wednesday against a wildfire blazing over Dante's View in the brush-covered hills behind the city's iconic Griffith Observatory. Animals at the nearby Los Angeles Zoo were moved indoors, and dozens of homes were evacuated. The 600-acre blaze in sprawling Griffith Park was just one firefighters were battling across the nation. A wildfire in northern Minnesota has already destroyed 40 homes and buildings, and brush fires in Georgia and northern Florida have charred more than 200 square miles.

Pope Sends Mexico Tough Abortion Message
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Pope Benedict XVI denounced Mexico City politicians Wednesday for voting to legalize abortion, saying they should no longer receive Communion. Flying to Latin America, Benedict was asked about comments by Mexico City church officials that the lawmakers would be excommunicated for having voted last month for the legislation legalizing abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Blair to Make Announcement on His Future
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Prime Minister Tony Blair will announce his intention to step down as Labour Party leader Thursday, setting the clock ticking on the final weeks of his 10-year premiership. Blair's official spokesman said the prime minister would set out his intentions to Cabinet colleagues on Thursday morning. He is then expected to travel to his Sedgefield constituency in northern England to make a public announcement.

DARKER SIDE: Tobey Maguire dons a sinister new costume as Spider-Man in the action-packed third installment of the super-hit super-hero hitting sales records in first few days world-wide .DARKER SIDE: Tobey Maguire dons a sinister new costume as Spider-Man in the action-packed third installment of the super-hit super-hero franchise.

 Brampton resident Gary Taylor and his band Sisters Euclid were awarded the 2007 Best Instrumental Album award for their collection of Neil Young cover songs, Run Neil Run, at the annual ceremony recognizing Canadian musicians. Although Taylor, 55, and his band were aware of the nomination, they believed they stood no chance of winning, and chose not to go to Saskatoon for the awards ceremony. In fact, he had planned a "mock Juno party" for the night of the televised event, and went as far as to buy joke statues to give to each of his band mates afterward. However, it was that morning when he found out they had actually won the award, beating out Natalie McMaster, Jol Fafard, Bell Orchestre and Johannes Linstead.

 Jonathan, Deanna and Catherine Zidar, who are three of quadruplets of Louis and Donna Zidar and in Grade 11 at the school, have been on the track and cross country teams since they were in Grade 9. Deanna won the Region of Peel Secondary School Athletic Association (ROPSSAA) midget and junior 3,000 metre titles in consecutive years. But by not being part of the track team the trio will not be able to run at the ROPSSAA meet next month or to try to qualify for the South regional or Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA) championship. Donna Zidar said their problems at Leger started when their school’s track coach, Tina Margaris, told them last year she was forming a Cardinal Leger track club, to allow runners to compete in Ontario Track and Field Association events. While the Zidars signed up for the club in 2006, they decided in January that for 2007 they were joining the Etobicoke Huskies.
The former head of the Catholic school board's program department has been jailed for 18 months.
Beverley Williams was sentenced in a Brampton courtroom Wednesday afternoon. The 60-year-old showed no emotion after Superior Court Justice Casey Hill read his decision to send her to jail for 1 1/2 years. Williams said a few words to her lawyer and was ushered from the courtroom by a uniformed court officer. There were no words or glances exchanged with her husband, sons and other family members present at the sentencing hearing before Williams was quietly taken from the courtroom. Family members simply stood and watched her disappear as the door to the custody area closed. The courtroom was also filled with Peel police investigators who worked on the case and retired school board employees interested in the decision. The former Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board program superintendent was found guilty last month of defrauding the school board and federal government of more than $150,000. Her trial began in April 2006 and lasted about a month.
In addition to the jail term, Williams was also ordered to make restitution of $159,000 to the school board. Williams was fired by the board in May 2002 after a forensic audit revealed questionable billing practices within her department. In February 2004, Peel Regional Police charged her with fraud following a 12-month investigation. She was one of three former school board employees and a current teacher charged with fraud and bribery involving almost $800,000 in federal government grants and school board funds. Two Toronto men, acquaintances of one or more of the board employees, were also charged.
Testimony revealed Williams billed the school board more than $95,000 for work she never performed and collected the money by submitting invoices under a fabricated company called The Teachers Centre. The court heard the Teachers Centre was, in fact, Williams's personal bank account. According to testimony, she also pocketed almost $40,000 in continuing education student fees, charged $1,000 in Christmas gift certificates for her children to the school board and orchestrated board-related contracts that paid her at least $6,600. Hill agreed with the prosecution in characterizing Williams's actions as a large-scale fraud and serious breach of trust. She planned the fraud, committed the offences over several years as a senior board administrator and tried to conceal her actions, he noted in presenting reasons for the jail term. He noted she had expressed no remorse and, for lack of explanation, appeared motivated by greed.
Incarceration is necessary to deter others, of previously good standing and positions of trust, who might consider such fraudulent behaviour, Hill added. "There is a sufficiently pressing need for deterrence and denunciation, considering the nature and gravity of the crime, that only a complete deprivation of liberty would be proportionate to the gravity of the offender's conduct and fulfilment of those sentencing objectives," he said.

Human rights... watchers say a new deal to let Canadian officials visit enemy detainees in Afghanistan is aimed more at saving political face than keeping prisoners safe. Amnesty International says Afghan interrogators "don't get it" when it comes to humane treatment, and should not receive suspects from Canadian troops until they do. Amnesty spokesman John Tackaberry says the new access deal announced by Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor comes "out of the blue." O'Connor said officials have negotiated a deal with Afghan authorities that will let them visit detainees handed over by Canadian troops. Several prisoners have alleged they were tortured by Afghan interrogators after they were turned over and Tackaberry says there's no guarantee they won't be abused again once the monitors leave.


From Monday, April 23, 2007 to Friday, April 27, 2007, members of the Child Exploitation Section of the Sex Crimes Unit arrested and charged three men following separate internet-luring investigations. It is alleged that: the men had sexually explicit conversations with people whom they believed were girls aged 12 to 13. during these conversations, the men exposed themselves.On Monday, April 23, 2007, Kellen Flanagan, 25, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with:Two counts of luring a child under the age of 14, Invitation to Sexual Touching,Exposure to a person under the age of 14. Kellen Flanagan used the online identity of marcu23toronto. On Tuesday, April 24, 2007, after investigating complaints from the public, Balvinder Patti, 24, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with: Two counts of luring a child under the age of 14, Two counts of exposure to a person under the age of 14.Balvinder Patti used the online identities of torhardcock and karimsingh. On Friday, April 27, 2007, Brian Fernandes, 35, of Mississauga, was arrested and charged with: Five counts of luring a child under the age of 14, Five counts of exposure to a child under the age of 14, Invitation to sexual touching. Brian Fernandes used the online identity of brianfernandes71. It is further alleged that: during conversations, Brian Fernandes indicated he wanted to meet in person for a sexual purpose.A meeting was arranged at a public place in Toronto. When Brian Fernandes arrived, he was arrested. Anyone with information regarding these men is asked to contact police at 416-808-8500, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), or online at www.222tips.comPre-Teen Teacher Michael Plews, 45, of Hillsburgh was charged with two counts of sexual assault, two of sexual interference, and one count each of sexual exploitation, forcible confinement and assault. The Robert H. Lagerquist Senior Public School teacher is accused of assaulting two students between May 2005 and June 2006 while he was a gym teacher and volleyball coach. Plews was assigned to home, with pay, when the allegations were first raised last November. Peel District School Board spokesperson Sylvia Link said he will remain assigned to home, with pay, pending the outcome of the criminal charges. Plews has been teaching with the Peel District School Board in 1989 and has taught at Lagerquist since 1999.   ART TEACHER ON SEX ASSAULT RAP

The owner of a Toronto art school is accused of sexually assaulting a teenaged student, and police are worried others may have been similarly victimized.

The complainant says she was at a class at the Toronto Academy of Art at 3880 Midland Ave. on Saturday when she was molested, police say.

Chung-Kwong Cheung, 65, of Toronto has been charged him with sexual assault and sexual interference.


A volunteer daycare worker is facing sex charges after two children at a City of Toronto facility complained they were sexually assaulted.

Police allege the assaults occurred between April 2006 and this month at the Blevins Child Care Centre at 26 Blevins Pl.

Paul Thomas, 19, of Toronto, is charged with assault and two counts each of sexual assault and sexual interference.

Two men have been charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault after a 21-year-old was shot in a Cousins Court home last week. The victim was believed to be critically injured when he arrived at Peel Memorial Hospital after the 8:30 p.m. shooting. He was rushed to St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto. His condition improved to serious and he is expected to survive, according to Peel police.
Police were called to the quiet court, in the area of McLaughlin Road and Charolais Boulevard, when neighbours called to report the sound of gunshots. The victim went to hospital on his own and called police to tell them he had been shot. The victim, a Brampton resident, did not live at the house. He went to the home that night and an argument started. He was assaulted, and then shot with a handgun.Deosaran Persaud, 19, of Brampton has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, possession of an unregistered gun, pointing a gun, and possession of a dangerous weapon. Travis Walker, 19, of Brampton has been charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Hells Angels "Advertise" For New T.O. Clubhouse After Police Raids.
..Hells Angels "Advertise" For New T.O. Clubhouse After Police Raidswould you like to have the Hells Angels as your neighbour? It could happen. The gangsters were evicted from their own clubhouse on Eastern and Logan Ave. on April 4th, as part of a massive province-wide police crackdown.


Lance Armstrong applauds Tour de France champion Floyd Landis' decision to publicly share his mistrust of the French lab involved in his doping investigation. "I think it's a good tactic to share that with the public,'' the seven-time Tour de France winner said Wednesday. "I believe in Floyd, I believe he hasn't had a fair shake. I don't trust the lab.'' Landis tested positive for elevated testosterone to epitestosterone levels after he won the 17th stage. Landis, who has repeatedly denied doping, faces the loss of his title and a two-year ban if an arbitration panel upholds the positive test.

On Monday, the French newspaper L'Equipe reported the follow-up tests on Landis' samples found traces of synthetic testosterone. Landis has accused the Chatenay-Malabry lab outside Paris, which conducted the follow-up tests and did the tests for the Tour, of testing irregularities.

De La Hoya is the only boxer who matters anymore. As with any other superstar athlete, Oscar generates a wide range of opinions -- he's a classy dude, he's never beaten anyone great in his prime, he's full of himself, he's a warrior, he's overrated, he has a gravity-defying noggin that looks like Sputnik -- but at least people have opinions about him. You can't say the same for Mayweather, the best pound-for-pound fighter alive but also someone who could show up on "Lost" as one of the Others and go unrecognized by viewers and everyone else on the island.

De La Hoya and Mosley The anointing of the greatest fighter of our generation is not as harrowing as stepping through the ropes, but it is, in itself, a dangerous business. One of the beauties of boxing is that it is not statistic-saturated, leaving the barn door wide open for a wide divergence of passionate opinions on the matter. In some eras, the title has been relatively clear: Joe Louis in the late 1930s through early '40s, Sugar Ray Robinson in the '50s, Muhammad Ali in the late '60s and '70s, and Sugar Ray Leonard through the '80s. The post-Leonard era has been a bit murkier. A few fighters have emerged through the fog and shown brightly under the big lights -- Pernell Whitaker, Julio Cesar Chavez, Roy Jones Jr., Bernard Hopkins, Lennox Lewis -- but thrones are made for one, and none has yet ascended high enough. Until now. On May 5, when Oscar De La Hoya comes out of his corner at the MGM Grand for his 43rd professional fight, he will have solidified his case as being the greatest fighter of our generation. With the fight sold out and pay-per-view buys mounting, Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. prepare for their May 5 showdown. 
 Stanley Cup Race Heats Up!
Rangers Even Series After Another Home Win; Ducks Put Canucks On The Brink
Rangers Even Series After Another Home Win; Ducks Put Canucks On The Brink. The New York Rangers evened up their Eastern Conference semifinal series against the Buffalo Sabres at two games apiece after an impressive 2-1 win in New York on Tuesday night.  Jaromir Jagr and Brendan Shanahan both scored and Henrik Lundqvist made 29 saves, including a miraculous stop on Daniel Briere in the dying seconds, to stay in the race for Lord Stanley's coveted Cup. Meanwhile the Ottawa Senators continued to prove they're legitimate contenders for the Stanley Cup this year, beating the New Jersey Devils 2-0 to take a 2-1 series lead in the Eastern Conference semi-final on Monday night. 

Police Release Video Of Subway Murder SuspectPolice Release Video Of Subway Murder Suspect.It's a fleeting glimpse that doesn't last more than three seconds. Toronto Police are hoping it's enough to solve one of the most bizarre murders of the year. It's a shot of what authorities believe is the main suspect in a killing onboard a subway train last week. Twenty-year-old Nick Brown was found stabbed to death in a subway car at Kennedy station early Friday morning. Police traced the crime back to the Victoria Park terminal and believe several people travelling on the final trains of the night saw the suspect as he got off the car by himself. Despite repeated pleas from the authorities and the victim's family, they have yet to hear from anyone who was there that night. The video shows the backpack wearing man walking past the conductor's booth and out onto the street.

Brampton man survives fall thanks to neighbour's assistance

A Brampton apartment cleaner had luck and Esron Duncan's strong shoulder to thank for surviving a horrifying ordeal when he fell four floors and was impaled on a spiked fence. The cleaner-- known to residents only as Andre-- was leaning out a window to clean it when he fell on Sunday. He had been helping his mother clean a vacant unit in the Clark Blvd. townhome complex near Bramalea Rd. and Queen St. The 29-year-old Thornhill man was quickly flown to Sunnybrook hospital. Police said he was to be moved out of the intensive care unit and is expected to recover. "I just did what I had to do. I held him up until help arrived," said Duncan, a security supervisor whose home is adjacent to the fence, which sealed a gap between two six-storey buildings. Duncan, a father of four, answered a knock at his door about 5:30 p.m. to find a neighbourhood youngster and his mother seeking help for the victim. "He was conscious and when I asked if he was in pain, he said he was and that he couldn't move. I lifted his shirt and I could see two of the spikes were in his side. "I had to hold him up to take the pressure (of his weight) off. I never stopped holding him up," Duncan said. "I could tell he was in shock. He was incoherent and in extreme pain. It was really horrific," he added. As he propped up the man's body with his shoulder, Duncan's wife, Deborah Arseneau Duncan, called 9-1-1. Paramedics stabilized Andre as firefighters cut him free from the fence, leaving the spike tips where they were so they could be removed by hospital staff. The rescue took an agonizing 15 to 20 minutes.

New Furor Over MPP Salaries After Ontario Politicians Get Another HikeNew Furor Over MPP Salaries Get Another Hike...Remember last fall when MPPs voted themselves a huge $22,000 raise? It turns out there was a hidden clause in that little pay boost that most of us knew nothing about. It could reignite the anger that many voters felt about the hike as we lurch toward a provincial election in October. The original justification for the wage increase was that the inhabitants of Queen's Park weren't keeping pace with what their federal counterpart were making, and the best candidates were bolting to Ottawa. So they included an obscure provision in the legislation that fattened their paycheques, ensuring  that whenever MPs get a raise, politicians in the Legislature get one, too

Funny Man Will Ferrell Brings Comedy To The NetFunny Man Will Ferrell Brings Comedy To The Net. Will Ferrell has taken his comedic talents to the net. The actor's production company in partnership with a venture capital firm has launched the comedy video site FunnyOrDie.com.  Since quietly going up as a beta release Thursday, the site is off to a sizzling start. A two-minute video featuring Ferrell and production partner Adam McKay, writer-director of flicks including "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby," has racked up more than 1.5 million page views.

Earth Week runs from Sunday, April 15 to Sunday, April 22, and focuses on a variety of topics such as the protection of water resources and environmentally responsible waste management. The week promotes the need for environmental sensitivity and protection, and invites residents to focus on locally relevant issues. “We are dedicated to preserving, protecting and enhancing the natural environment all year long, but Earth Week provides us with an additional opportunity to raise awareness about environmental issues,” says Joe Vieira, Supervisor, Public Education and Outreach.  “We want to encourage Peel residents to take positive action to improve our community.”

You have to wonder how gullible the folks at a local restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana were, after falling for the same scam four times in row.

You have to wonder about a guy who tried skipping out on his bill at the same place at the same time every week for over a month. A man would arrive at O'Charley's restaurant every Wednesday like clockwork. His M.O. was always the same, right down to his order. He'd ask for two drinks and a rib-eye steak, wolf them down, then wait for his always identical bill of $25.96. That's when he'd excuse himself to go to the washroom, only to duck out a back door without paying his tab.  This guy wasn't satisfied with getting away with the classic "dine and dash" just once. He came back to the same place not once, not twice, but four weeks in a row, and always got served. The man showed up for a fifth time this week, figuring it's worked all those other times and ordered his regular dinner. As expected, when the cheque arrived, he didn't. This time, the crew from the diner was waiting for him outside as he attempted one last free meal. He got nervous and offered them a cheque, but one burly worker told him the place doesn't accept them. So he tried to run. Cops caught up to him as he flailed at his car door, trying to unlock it in time to drive away. The accused scofflaw remains in jail on $2,000 bond, charged with theft and resisting arrest.

The Brampton voters' lists used in last November's municipal election are about to be unsealed and a cross section will be scrutinized to determine if there was widespread voter cheating in Brampton. We previously confirmed Fennels filthy methods but now City election workers will soon meet with external auditors who will compare the voters' lists used on Election Day. They will be looking to see if the same names were crossed off more than one list, an indication that a voter may have cast more than one ballot. "The purpose is to review the process and confirm or refute the allegations that were made after the election," said Wendi Hunter, the city's interim manager of elections. "After every election, we always review the process." But that review has never involved an examination of the voters' lists, she said. This will be the first time the lists will be looked at as part of the review process. "It is unusual and it is in response to the concerns raised after the election regarding multiple voting," she said.

Tolkien's 'Final Book' Hits Store ShelvesTolkien's 'Final Book' Hits Store Shelves. The names Hurin, Turin and Morgoth may not mean much to fans of the Lord of the Rings series, but that's about to change. A decades-in-the-making final 'book' from Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien has been released, 34 years after his death. Tolkien's son, Christopher Tolkien, has spent much of the last 30 years trying to bring his father's unpublished work to the masses. The culmination of that is The Children of Hurin, which the senior Tolkien began writing nearly 100 years ago but abandoned after several attempts. The story takes place long before the Middle-earth Frodo and Samwise live in fans of the trilogy know and love. Rather it's a dark tale concerning elves and men and their struggle with the dark lord Morgoth. Hurin, the title character, is taken captive by Morgoth. When he refuses to bend to the evil ruler's will, Morgoth curses his children, among them the courageous but stubborn Turin.

GTA In Store For Wild, Windy And Wet Weather

 I love my newspaper. I am always publishing something I like without thinking about what the other person is interested in. However when it comes to activating change in society I try to publish the facts as far and wide as possible with as much diplomacy and taste as I can muster.  P.S. please send me your jokes

Friday, April 13"I'm not superstitious, it brings bad luck," said baseball great Yogi Berra, and indeed, expecting bad things tends to bring them on. So if you want a counter-jinx for this Friday the 13th, note that Venus in the western dusk is passing directly between the Pleiades and Aldebaran. Looking east-southeast at dawnEver so gradually, Mars is becoming easier to spot in the glow of dawn this spring. So if you want a counter-jinx for this Friday the 13th, note that Venus in the western dusk is passing directly between the Pleiades and Aldebaran.

Woman Surrenders In Hunt For "Chewing Gum" Bandit. It was a bizarre case that involved an equally bizarre stolen object. And now at last, it's over. Durham Regional Police have made an arrest in the long hunt for the dreaded chewing gum bandit. A pack of gum may only cost under a twonie or less and you wouldn't think it would be a hot item on the black market. But it was apparently lucrative for this chews-y predator.
Woman Surrenders In Hunt For "Chewing Gum" BanditShe got her teeth into at least $5,000 worth of the soft substance. And while cops weren't sure of the motive, they had a good idea of what she looked like. The woman was repeatedly caught on security video during her crime spree. The M.O. was always the same. The suspect would enter a grocery store and put large cartons of gum in her shopping cart. She'd then conceal them under some store flyers and leave the building without paying. She struck in York, Durham and in other places in Southern Ontario, all the time fleeing with her ill-gotten snack. The thefts were first noticed at the beginning of last month. But cops had no idea who they were looking for or what she was doing with all that gum. Now they may finally get those answers. Because after more than a month of chewing on the evidence, they've finally come up with a suspect. Fifty-year-old Carole Bradbury of Ardenthorpe Road in Toronto turned herself in to police this week. She's charged with theft. There's no word on whether they have a bead on a man also caught on closed circuit camera during the crime spree, but they hope to get to the teeth of the matter once they question their main suspect

Belinda Stronach is set to become executive vice-chair of Magna International Inc. and won’t stand for re-election as a member of Parliament in the next election.

Belinda Stronach has quit politics and is returning to work for her father’s auto manufacturing empire.  Stronach, who made headlines in May 2005 for her stunning bolt from the Conservative party to the Liberals, announced today she is stepping down immediately to serve as executive vice-chairman of Magna International Inc. She will not seek re-election in the next election. “I am always assessing the best role I can play in public life, and, after being encouraged by members of the corporate leadership at Magna to return. “My father is looking to the future, the company is facing important strategic decisions, and the Canadian and global auto sector and economy is in a period of great challenge. Stronach, a twice-divorced mother of two children, has also made headlines for her friendship with ex-U.S. president Bill Clinton and her romantic ties with Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay and former Toronto Maple Leafs player Tie Domi.
Other Leafs getting dumped...Forty years without a Stanley Cup.  What more is there to say? For the Toronto Maple Leafs, however, silence won't suffice.  Although their loyal fans have likely grown tiresome of the same old declarations year after year, the team has nontheless decided to offer a written apology in a local newspaper...Thank you for your unwavering support during the 2006-07 season. We are disappointed that we didn't achieve our primary goal of advancing to the playoffs and completing for the Stanley Cup. It has been an exciting season, with several teams in an unprecedented battle for the few playoff spots.  Your were with us every step of the way...blah, blah, blah...
Constantino Cassar has found the most unlikely of rings, an apparent Maple Leafs' Stanley Cup ring.
"Whoever owns this, earned it," said the Mississauga man who is looking for work. "That's the thing with a Stanley Cup ring. If you have one you were part of a championship team." Tino, who found this one in damaged condition in a Tim Hortons parking lot in Mississauga. "I looked down and said 'what is this?'" When he picked it up he couldn't believe it. "It looks as if it was run over by a car but still it's in pretty good shape," he said. "I was surprised with what it was." A close look at it and you can clearly see a Maple Leaf with an apparent diamond set in the middle. Circling it are the words Stanely Cup Champions. On the side of the ring is a Stanley Cup with the years 1962, '63, '64 and '67.  It's ironic he found it in a Tim Hortons lot since the late Horton was one of the few Maple Leafs who was on all four of those Stanley Cup teams. Other Leafs listed as being on all the winners are: Johnny Bower, Allan Stanley, Red Kelly, George Armstrong, Frank Mahovlich, Dave Keon, Bob Baun, Bob Pulford, Eddie Shack as well as trainer Bob Haggert and of course the late Punch Imlach as coach and manager.
Oshawa Bans Toy Guns  LAW BANS TOYS
The city of Oshawa passed a bylaw Tuesday night banning toy guns in public places.  The move made the city the first in the province to rid the streets of toy replicas, many which look frighteningly realistic. Under the bylaw, kids can still play with toy guns at home, but not in public places. That's good news to P.C. Todd Petzold, who recently witnessed how toys guns can lead to potentially dangerous situations.  He showed off two dark black toy guns that were recently taken off two 8-year-old boys playing at night.

story.bush.thu.pool.jpg "How I lost the War"
President Bush vowed to veto war bill.
In a mostly party line 51-47 vote, the Senate signed off on a bill providing $122 billion to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It also orders Bush to begin withdrawing troops within 120 days of passage while setting a nonbinding goal of ending combat operations by March 31, 2008.


Fans made twice the noise and got twice the value, actually more than double for their tickets.

The Vancouver Canucks and the Dallas Stars doubled their offensive output and played more than double the periods to begin their Western conference quarterfinal series as well. The sixth longest game in National Hockey League history ended at 3:30 a.m. E.S.T. when Canuck Henrik Sedin scored the 5-4 game-winner with 1:54 to go in the fourth overtime period.


Goaltender Roberto Luongo made 72 saves in his playoff debut. Vancouver Canucks Henrik Sedin (centre) celebrates his winning goal in the fourth overtime period with brother Daniel (right) and Taylor Pyatt (left).

see caption Space Station Busy Week capturing shots of odd solar flares contrary to Parker Theory as well as man on Mars testing. story.solar.eruption.jpg.

see caption

The Parker spiral makes a straightforward prediction: Radiation storms that begin near the equator should remain near the equator.

The strange tale begins on Dec. 5, 2006.

see captionAstronomers were in a state of excitement due to the sudden appearance of a giant sunspot on the sun's eastern limb—"sunspot 930," says Posner. On Dec. 5th it exploded, producing one of the strongest solar flares of the past 25 years.

The first steps are being taken onboard the International Space Station (ISS). "Astronauts are stationed on the ISS for six months at a time," says Dr. Clarence Sams, lead scientist for the ISS Medical Project at NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC).


STEREO eclipse movieSTEREO eclipse movie




On May 25, the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars premiere, the U.S. Postal Service will offer 15 postage stamps commemorating the space saga. The U.S. Postal Service is wrapping about 400 mail collection boxes to look like R2-D2 from the Star Wars movie series, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the original film's release.
 May 25,2007 is the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars premiere, the U.S. Postal Service will offer 15 postage stamps commemorating the space saga and wrapping about 400 mail collection boxes to look like R2-D2
The cover for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Click 'View Images' for the other version. 
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to be released this summer.

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Armoured Car Robbed For Second Time In A MonthArmoured Car Robbed For Second Time In A Month

An armoured car was robbed early Tuesday in what's become the second such attack in a month, and now detectives may be looking into a possible connection between them. Two guards working for Group Four Securicor were filling up a bank ATM at Martin Grove Rd. and The Westway when they were approached by the bandits, one of them armed with a shotgun. The pair took the guards' guns then grabbed the cash - initial reports suggest they made off with about $50,000.

50TH. Anniversary celebrated  While Hells Angels celebrate anniverary cops converge. An informant from within the Hells Angels organization aided police in the investigation that netted dozens of charges and arrests, authorities confirmed Thursday.
An 18-month investigation targeting the Hells Angels organization has resulted in 30 arrests around the province. OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino said he hopes the bike gang and organized crime have received the message: "We're here to shut you down. You can't hide." The Biker Enforcement Unit led the 18-month investigation, with 27 tactical teams involving over 400 officers. The raids have resulted in a total of 31 arrests and the laying 169 charges related to drugs and weapons.Toronto Police remove a sign from the suspected Hells Angels clubhouse on Eastern Avenue in downtown Toronto on Wednesday, April 4, 2007. Toronto Police remove a sign from the suspected Hells Angels clubhouse on Eastern Avenue in downtown Toronto. "We've taken out the main chapter," said OPP Insp. Dan Redmond, who heads the biker unit. "This is a significant day. We've proven there is drugs, weapons and violence related to the Hells Angels." There are 16 Hells Angels chapters in Ontario, with more than 200 full-patch members, reporters were told today. Arrested yesterday were 18 full-patch members.
Police take signs from the Hells Angels' Eastern Ave. clubhouse on Wednesday, April 4, 2007.
 Nearly 1,600 passengers and crew, including at least 60 Canadian high school students, were rescued today from a Greek cruise ship which struck rocks and took on water off the holiday island of Santorini.
The listing cruise ship 'Sea Diamond' is seen at the center of the image, surrounded by ships involved in the evacuation effort, in Santorini, Greece on Thursday, April 5, 2007. (AP / Christos Bekiaris)  The listing cruise ship 'Sea Diamond' is seen at the center of the image, surrounded by ships involved in the evacuation effort, in Santorini, Greece on Thursday, April 5, 2007. (AP / Christos Bekiaris) Passengers are transferred from the listing cruise ship 'Sea Diamond' carrying nearly 1,200 passengers to a rescue vessel as a Greek army Super Puma rescue helicopter flies over, during the evacuation effort, in Santorini, Greece, April 5, 2007. (AP / Eurokinissi)
The listing cruise ship 'Sea Diamond' is seen surrounded by ships involved in the evacuation effort, in Santorini, Greece on Thursday, April 5, 2007 Passengers are transferred from the listing cruise ship 'Sea Diamond' carrying nearly 1,200 passengers to a rescue vessel as a Greek army Super Puma rescue helicopter flies over, during the evacuation effort.
Ad man Jean Lafleur pleaded not guilty Thursday to 35 sponsorship-related fraud charges.Former advertising executive Jean Lafleur is escorted to a Montreal courthouse on Thursday. Former advertising executive Jean Lafleur is escorted to a Montreal courthouse on Thursday. Lafleur’s plea came about 12 hours after he surrendered to police at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport following a flight from Belize. The Crown alleges Lafleur defrauded the government of nearly $1.6 million on contracts he signed with the federal government between 1996 and 2001. Lafleur’s lawyer contacted police Tuesday to make arrangements for his return to Canada after Quebec provincial police issued a warrant for the ad man’s arrest late last week. The arrest warrant stated that Lafleur had not been seen in Canada since he moved into an apartment in Old Montreal in June 2005. He reportedly moved to Costa Rica, where some of his neighbours complained about his rowdy lifestyle, including loud music and late-night drinking, in late 2005. Lafleur rose to prominence for gaps in his memory while on the witness stand at Justice John Gomery’s hearings into the sponsorship scandal. His sketchy recollection of meeting key government officials who sent him nearly $65 million in business led Gomery to conclude he was dodging questions. Lafleur’s government business grew from $1 million per year in 1993 to a peak of $22 million in 1996. Lafleur paid himself and several family members millions in salaries. A federal inquiry found $150 million of $355 million earmarked for the sponsorship program went to Liberal-friendly ad agencies and other middlemen.The current fraud charges range in value from $1,000 to $367,000 for government contracts that were signed between 1996 and 2001. Many of the contracts concern small-town festivals such as the 325th anniversary of Petite-Riviere-St-Francois and the St-Roch sacred music festival.
After all the hatred and brutality, it took sworn enemies Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams to talk peace in Northern Ireland .
In other news blues giants BLUEZ-VIPER POSTED THEIR LATEST JAM ON YOU TUBE@ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cGgte-9-rc

Iran Shows Video Of Captive Sailors As U.K. Counters Trespass Claims Two of the 15 freed British sailors and marines held by Iran for nearly a fortnight, discover the funny side of things as they pose for pictures
 Royal Navy personnel held at gunpoint in the Gulf flew home today to be reunited with their families in Devon

Back in Britain: The sailors and Marines at London's Heathrow Airport  The sailors and Marines at London's Heathrow Airport British service members are reunited with family members and friends at a military base Thursday 5/4/07.story.sailors.families.pool.jpgWhat began as a maritime show-down in the Gulf and raised fears of a new war in the region ended yesterday with bizarre scenes of political and sartorial theatre. On the thirteenth day of the crisis, President Ahmadinejad kept a global audience in suspense for nearly two hours with a rambling monologue about religion and Britain’s history of meddling in his country’s affairs. Then without explanation he announced that his 15 British captives would be set free as a “gift” to mark the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, Easter and for good measure the Jewish festival of Passover. The sudden climbdown took everyone by surprise. For the first time since the firebrand Iranian leader came to power 20 months ago he was being conciliatory to the West. The calculation being made in capitals around the world last night was that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader, had decided that Iran stood to lose more than it would gain by holding the eight sailors and seven Marines. With the flourish of a seasoned politician, Mr Ahmadinejad turned what could have been a humiliating climbdown into a publicity coupThe sailors and Marines were briefly reunited with their families after landing in London and are now undergoing debriefing by British officials. Meanwhile, each side is putting its own spin on the solution to the impasse. Blair has hailed the releases as a sign of the success of his policy of quiet diplomacy. The navy personnel were seized last week by Iranian authorities in disputed waters between Iran and Iraq. Iran claims they ventured into their territorial waters and were justified in seizing the Brits.

Disturbing Allegations Surface Of RCMP Fraud, Cover-upHOT @ THE TOP!
Will there be a fair investigation into the RCMP allegations? Most don't think so. Of 900 surveyed here's the split....wake up you 24%
RCMP Fraud, Cover-up
They're disturbing allegations of fraud and corruption involving RCMP brass, including former commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli, and they're coming from senior and retired members of Canada's national police force. Former RCMP commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli has rejected accusations he was involved in a coverup of fraud allegations involving the Mounties' pension plan. The Mounties' deputy commissioner, Barb George, has reportedly stepped down in the face of accusations the force's pension and insurance plans were mismanaged. Those claims surfaced yesterday as officers spoke out against the force's executive before a Commons committee. That committee is holding an emergency meeting Thursday to discuss the allegations.
Pension coverup allegations 'baseless,' former RCMP chief says

The V150 French TGV high-speed train

A high-speed French train with a souped-up engine broke the world speed record Tuesday for conventional rail trains, reaching 574.8 kilometres an hour.

The black-and-chrome train with three double-decker cars, named the V150, bettered the previous record of 515.3 km/h, set in 1990 by the French fast train. However, it fell short of the ultimate record set by Japan's non-conventional magnetically levitated train, which sped to 581 km/h in 2003.

The endeavour, some 200 kilometres east of the capital on a new track linking Paris with Strasbourg, showcased technology France is trying to sell to overseas markets like China.

Sparks flew overhead and a long tail of dust kicked up behind the train as it whizzed through the French countryside, roaring like a jet plane. People lined bridges clapping and cheering as the train zipped underneath them.

Gas Watchdog Angry As Prices Soar Again In GTAImperial Oil refinery in Nanticoke back up and running after fire. Check. Gas supply easing across the GTA, with more stations open. Check. Oil prices easing on markets around the world. Check.Gas prices deflating at outlets across Ontario. Not quite. In fact, despite the fact all those other conditions have come true, the cost of a litre of regular continues to soar around the province. Most stations in Toronto are now charging at least $1.04 a litre, an increase of two cents over the past few days. What's going on? That's what Liberal MP Dan McTeague wants to know. The gas watchdog believes prices are at least six cents a litre above where they should be and he wants the Harper government to take action on the alleged gouge. McTeague is urging the Prime Minister to change the Competition Act, which he claims allows a handful of oil companies that control 90 percent of the stations the freedom to raise prices as they see fit.

The Ontario government called police Monday after the province's ombudsman accused unscrupulous lottery-ticket retailers of collecting tens of millions of dollars in "dishonest" winnings - and the responsible Crown agency of letting them get away with it.  Public Infrastructure Minister David Caplan asked police to look into ombudsman Andre Marin's report probing a disproportionate number of jackpot wins by so-called lottery insiders - a report that amounted to a searing indictment of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Marin showed no quarter to the corporation, which he said ignored allegations of widespread retailer fraud, "coddling" retailers and front-line ticket sellers while playing "games" with customers who complained they had been cheated. They lost sight of the fact that it is supposed to be the guardian of the trust of the public," Marin told a news conference. "Without the trust that whoever has Lady Luck on their side will actually pocket the jackpot, confidence in our lottery is shattered." Between 1999 and 2006, retailers claimed about $100 million in prizes. Of that, Marin said it took investigators just 90 days to identify five cases where unscrupulous retailers fraudulently collected about $15 million. Since the corporation doesn't track wins by retailers, the true total of fraudulent jackpots is probably much higher, he said. 20-Month-Old Child Discovered In Alleged Marijuana Grow Op Brampton Marijuana Grow Op...Busted!!
It's becoming a far too common occurrence, marijuana grow ops located in the middle of a neighborhood where no one suspected a thing.These kinds of stories are becoming all too common and now York Regional Police have found two more of the alleged drug gardens. Both are in Brampton and involve the combined seizure of nearly 250 plants and 95 pounds of freshly harvested pot. U.S. President George Bush attends the annual Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner on Wednesday in Washington. (AP / Manuel Balce Ceneta)

U.S. President George Bush attends the annual Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner on Wednesday in Washington.

Leafs Keep Playoff Hopes Alive With Crucial Win Over CarolinaLeafs Keep Playoff Hopes Alive With Crucial Win Over Carolina
Leafs kept their playoff hopes alive with a rousing 6-1 win over divisional rivals, the Carolina Hurricanes, on Tuesday night at the Air Canada Centre. Chad Kilger scored twice and had ample chances to collect his first ever hat trick, but the game had little to do with personal statistics, and everything to do with gaining two points to keep them in the thick of the Eastern Conference playoff race.Leafs' Fate In Their Own Hands"We realized that this was a crucial game," said Kilger. "If we lose this one, we're four points behind them with six left. That's a pretty tough hole to get out of."

Instead, the Leafs found themselves jumping from 11th, into a tie for ninth place.  They now trail Montreal by two points for the final playoff spot and have a game in hand.

 Look Closely....Spring is here!
here's why
There is a popular misconception that the seasons on the Earth are caused by varying distances of the Earth from the Sun on its elliptical orbit. This is not correct. One way to see that this reasoning may be in error is to note that the seasons are out of phase in the Northern and Southern hemispheres: when it is Summer in the North it is Winter in the South. The primary cause of the seasons is the 23.5 degree of the Earth's rotation axis with respect to the plane of the ecliptic, as illustrated in the adjacent image  This means that as the Earth goes around its orbit the Northern hemisphere is at various times oriented more toward and more away from the Sun.

Rescued Boy Scout Recounts His Life Among The LostRescued Boy Scout Recounts His Life Among The Lost

Michael Auberry owes his life to his determined parents, some dedicated searchers, a fleet of helicopters and most especially a dog named Gandalf. The 12-year-old's survival is being hailed as a miracle by some, after the Boy Scout wandered away from a camping trip in the North Carolina mountains last Saturday and remained missing for four freezing days. Auberry had no food, water or shelter during his ordeal, but his mom and dad never gave up hope he'd be found alive. On Tuesday, their faith was rewarded when rescue crews finally located him about two kilometres from his home base. But it wasn't a human who put this miracle in motion. It was Gandalf, a two-year-old Shiloh shepherd, who picked up the boy's scent and led teams right to him. He was found walking along a stream. The boy's sleepless parents rushed to the scene and had a tear filled reunion with the son they always believed they'd see again. Michael survived wearing two jackets in temperatures that varied from the plus 4 to the -6C range. He was badly dehydrated and hungry, but otherwise relatively unharmed.

.One is considered one of the heroes in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, a leader who walked to ground zero while the World Trade Center towers smoldered. The other is a vehement anti-American who has called President Bush a "madman" and "the devil" and flaunts his association with longtime U.S. adversary Fidel Castro of Cuba. story.rudy.hugo.gi.jpg  The law firm of Rudy Giuliani, left, lobbies for a subsidiary of Venezuela's state-owned oil company, which is controlled by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, right
There is a link between the two, according to the Texas Ethics Commission. Giuliani's law firm, Bracewell and Giuliani, is making money by lobbying American lawmakers on behalf of Citgo Petroleum Corp. of Houston. Citgo is the American subsidiary of Petroleos de Venezuela -- the state-owned Venezuelan oil company. Bracewell and Giuliani made as much as $150,000 from the lobbying in 2005-06 and will make up to $100,000 this year, according to the ethics commission. "Like most lawyers, [Giuliani] chooses his clients on the basis of what salary they're paying him," said Wayne Barrett, who has written extensively about the former mayor's business practices. "He got a chunk of money to join this law firm. They changed the name of the law firm to headline him. ... He's lent his credibility to these folks and sort of tossed the ball in the air." Giuliani's camp is quick to point out, however, that he is not personally involved in the lobbying. "Mayor Giuliani believes Hugo Chavez is not a friend of the United States, and his influence continues to grow because of our increasing reliance on foreign sources of oil," his office said in a written statement. Also, Giuliani is apparently no fan of anti-Americanism. He famously declined a $10 million donation from Saudi Prince Talal after the prince commented that U.S. policies favored Israel over the Palestinians and ultimately led to 9/11. Giuliani called those comments "highly irresponsible and very, very dangerous." "There is no justification for it," Giuliani said. "The people who did it lost the right to ask for justification for it when they slaughtered 4 to 5,000 innocent people." But the Chavez affair is just another piece of bad press for Giuliani, who has been plagued by reports of his three marriages and his estrangement from his children, with the first presidential primary still nearly a year away.

Belak, Janssen & LEAF NEWS...Big Win against New Jersey yes, but the buzz is about Belak and his pounding out Janssen in "That Fight"
It wasn't about revenge. It was all about getting the win and making the playoffs.  You probably heard all those platitudes from the Leafs prior to their Tuesday night showdown with New Jersey. It was the first time the two teams had met since the infamous hit by the Devils' Cam Janssen that forced all-star defenceman Tomas Kaberle out of the line-up with a concussion. So if the game was so important and their goals were so focused, how come the only thing anyone can talk about the next day is "that fight"? It inevitably happened at the 9:23 mark of the first period when Wade Belak and Janssen went at it for just over 90 seconds, as the ACC crowd egged them on. "I came out and just kind of yelled at him and he looked at me, and it was time to go," Belak recalls. "My job is protect players like Kabby. He's not expected to go out there and fight. That's my job and I'm fine doing it."
Leafs Still In Playoff Hunt Despite Poor Record Leafs Still In Playoff Hunt  After a pair of tough losses on Friday and Saturday, the Leafs find themselves in a curious position with just 10 games left on the regular season schedule. On the one hand, they're slumping at the worst possible time and missed a golden opportunity against the Canadiens on the weekend. But on the other, they're still in the hunt and they can't say they didn't expect it to come right down to the wire. "Mo (head coach Paul Maurice) came in and said 'It's going to be a dogfight,'" goaltender Andrew Raycroft remembered of one of the bench boss' first comments to the team.

How You Can Help Choose The New How You Can Help Choose The New "Seven Wonders Of The World"
It may be the biggest poll ever conducted. And you have a chance to weigh in on it. Of course, you'd expect it to be huge. After all, experts are asking you to choose the new Seven Wonders of the World. The survey, which is taking place online, is attempting to update the infamous "Seven Wonders" originally laid out by the Greeks more than 2,000 years ago. About 200,000 people a day are logging in to voice their choice for what should be considered the greatest of the great architectural marvels. By the time the poll ends on July 7th some 100 million are expected to have cast their ballots. Exactly what will win and what will change is an open question. Most expect the Great Pyramids of Giza will be there. The Great Wall of China is a likely candidate, too. Stonehenge may be included, along with the Acropolis in Greece. There are some new additions that could raise a few eyebrows. Does the Statue of Liberty belong on the list? What about the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, Peru's Machu Picchu, the Easter Island statues (top left) or the famous monument of Jesus that overlooks Rio de Janeiro? Even Moscow's Red Square is a candidate. All represent icons for their various countries and marvels of modern construction. And no, the CN Tower isn't on the list.Ray Liotta Arrested For DUI After Car CrashesMovie star Ray Liotta was arrested over the weekend after his car reportedly crashed into two parked vehicles in Los Angeles. The actor was held by police on suspicion of driving under the influence following the incident at about 8:30pm Saturday in the Pacific Palisades. Los Angeles Police spokesperson Mike Lopez said Liotta was booked on a misdemeanor DUI charge, and released after posting $15,000 bail. He has a court date next month. Fortunately no one was injured in the collision - the parked cars were reportedly empty and Liotta was the only one in the vehicle. His publicist Matt Labov hasn't commented yet on the incident. Liotta most recently appeared in Smokin' Aces and his next film is the buddy comedy Wild Hogs, being released on March 2. His best known role remains that of gangster Henry Hill in  the  1990's film Goodfellas.

Woman Discovers Danger Of Highly Touted CFL Bulbs  Danger Of Highly Touted CFL Bulbs. While compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs are generally very safe to use, there are a few things you should be aware of if you use them in your home or office. CFL Bulbs Contain A Small Amount Of Mercury The devices only contain about 5 milligrams of the metal, which is a very tiny amount compared to other common items including watch batteries (25 mg), home thermometers (500 mg), and dental amalgams (500 mg). If one should break, sweep up the shards and powder, don't vacuum up the mess. Then wipe the area with a damp towel. Put the used towel and shards in a plastic bag. Like paint and other hazardous household materials, CFLs need to be disposed of properly. Check with your local municipal waste management program. Don't throw old CFL bulbs in the garbage.
 Three Charged In West End Gun Call West End Gun Call Three people have been charged after police responded to calls about someone with a gun Thursday morning in the city's west end. Officers, including members of the Emergency Task Force, descended on the residential street of Schell Ave., near Eglinton and Caledonia, at about 7am. As they worked to secure a perimeter around the house, three people reportedly emerged from inside. Police contend they seized drugs at the scene, including cocaine. Also, it's alleged they found a loaded semi-automatic handgun and seized it. Junior Richardson, 29, faces a dozen drug- and weapon-related charges. Carlotta Allamby, 41, is charged with carrying a concealed weapon and drug possession, and 32-year-old Jennifer Grove was charged with failing to comply with probation orders. 
 10th Annual International Day Against Police Brutality Thursday March 15th March & Speak Out Against Police Brutality 4:00pm Meet at College and Lansdowne:The Corner where Otto Vass was killed by Toronto Police.


Drivers Forced To Endure Three Hour Wait  After Terrible Accident Closes Highway 404Drivers Forced To Endure Three Hour Wait After Terrible Accident Closes Highway 404 ...You've been stuck in a traffic jam at one point or another. But you've probably never been stuck in one quite like this. Parts of Highway 404 became a virtual parking lot last week, after the roadway was shut down in both directions from Finch to Sheppard for a major accident. Cops are still assessing exactly what caused four vehicles to run into each other. The collision involved a Cavalier, an SUV, a pickup truck and at least one other automobile."When I came up to the accident, there were a couple of emergency vehicles on scene, and a couple people in their cars that were in very bad shape," relates Arthur, a tow truck driver who was called to the scene. "They weren't moving." "It looked like it was a chain-reaction rear-end type of thing," explains OPP Constable Dave Woodford. "But we don't know what caused the initial collision that started it." Authorities may not be sure of the original cause but they do know what followed - traffic chaos.

Prime Minister Harper speaks to the media on Thursday. 
Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty had on their best pre-election smiles yesterday as they announced more than $1.5 billion in federal funding to help ease gridlock, improve air quality and funnel clean power into Canada's most populous province.
Ga-Young Kim of Korea wins WPBA’s Carolina Classic

Finals of the WPBA’s Carolina Classic featured two of the top Asian players in the game.  Ga-Young Kim of Korea was pitted against Xiaoting Pan in the all-Asian finale with $13,500 and the first WPBA title of 2007 on the line. Fans expecting to see a shootout weren't disappointed.  The match was a see-saw battle, with players trading wins back and forth.  Pan eventually reached “the hill” with a 6-4 lead, but could not put away the match, scratching twice and allowing Kim to tie the score 6-6.  Kim’s momentum was too much for the defensive play of Pan in the final game as she took the match 7-6. 

The Carolina Classic was held Feb. 21 – 25 in Rocky Mount, N.C.  Pan received $8,300 as the Runner-up.  No. 1 ranked Allison Fisher finished tied for 3rd Place in the event.

Dalai Lama can't return to Tibet: China

Dalai Lama can't return to Tibetunless he gave up his activities promoting Tibetan independence, Chinese officials said.

Deadbeat Parents Website Launches With Photos And IDs Of Those Not PayingGuilty!
Deadbeat Dads Website Launches With Photos And IDs Of Those Not Paying
Profile: Brian Canning
Name: Brian Canning
Approx. Age: 36 - 40
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Other Identifying Details:
Tiger tattoo on upper left arm, tribal type tattoo on upper right arm. Scorpion tattoo on on upper left back shoulder. May have goatee or moustache. Left ear pierced.

It's a move the Ontario government hopes will shame parents not paying child support into action. The Good Parents Pay website (www.goodparentspay.com) launched with photographs of and personal information about 18 men who reportedly have not paid their former spouses to help raise their children. It's estimated the province's 'deadbeat' parents owe about $1.3 billion in all. Social Services Minister Madeleine Meilleur has said the Ontario government could garnish debtors' salary or take away their passport, but only if they're located. The minister contends the embarrassment factor is already working. "We already had two people who called to say, 'Don't put my picture up, I'm going to pay,'" she said. The site will reportedly feature 25 parents at a time and the information will stay in rotation for three months, or until they agree to pay. Most of the individuals listed on the site are thought to live in the province, but some may be in the United States or other countries, in at least one case as far away as Iran. The Family Responsibility Office, which helps enforce the court-ordered payments, has about 188,000 active cases, some of them more than a decade old.

NO JUSTICE.....Access to courts is necessary for people to obtain justice, but the cost puts it out of reach for anyone but the rich or the poor, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin said in a text prepared for delivery to a Toronto audience. "The Canadian legal system is sometimes said to be open to two groups — the wealthy and corporations at one end of the spectrum, and those charged with serious crimes at the other." The first group has money, and the second legal aid. A third group, fathers who cannot get legal aid  even when the welfare of children is at stake are even being sent to jail without representation. But that still leaves average Canadians outside the system, McLachlin said. "Their options are grim: use up the family assets in litigation, become their own lawyers, or give up." This week in Brampton, Judge Marressa gave a father Two weeks to pay $6,000 spousal support or will go to jail for 10 days. In April the same will apply and in May, June etc. until 2016! Murderers spend less time in jail than this man if he doesnt pay up. His only crime is fathering a child!

Better Days  Astronaut Lisa Nowak was fired from NASA on Wednesday, a month after she was charged with trying to kidnap a woman she regarded as her romantic rival for the affections of a space shuttle pilotNASA officials said Nowak's dismissal did not reflect the space agency's belief in her guilt or innocence. The agency said it lacked an administrative system to handle the allegations because Nowak is a naval officer on assignment to NASA, rather than a NASA civil servant. If Nowak were a civil servant, NASA would have the choice of placing her on administrative leave, leave without pay or indefinite suspension until the charges are resolved, said NASA spokesman James Hartsfield in Houston. But because she is an officer, those options are not available. Nowak, a captain in the Navy, instead will return to the military. Chief astronaut Steve Lindsey notified Nowak late last month that she was to be fired from the astronaut corps. Her dimissal marked the first time NASA has publicly fired an astronaut, according to space historian Roger Launius of the Smithsonian Institution. She is also the first active astronaut to be charged with a felony, he said. Nowak, a mother of three, is accused of confronting the woman at the Orlando airport after driving from Houston while wearing an astronaut diaper so that she would not have to stop. She allegedly pepper-sprayed the woman through a partially lowered car window. In Nowak's vehicle, police found a BB gun, new steel mallet, a knife and rubber tubing.The woman was the girlfriend of another astronaut, Bill Oefelein, who previously had a romantic relationship with Nowak. Nowak, 43, pleaded not guilty to attempted kidnapping and burglary with assault. She was released on bail wearing a monitoring device on her ankle.

Sky Lit Up By Possible Meteor ShowerSky Lit Up By Possible Meteor Shower
Monday March 12, 2007 It was a blinding flash of light in the sky that left many scratching their heads. Residents across the GTA saw the vivid display overnight and called police, not sure what it was.Though there's been no confirmation, astronomy enthusiasts in Barrie who caught the bright lights believe it could have been a meteor shower.  "It didn't look like it was on fire," said Cathy Swatton, who caught a glimpse of the glowing orb. "Red and blue or green or something. It was going so fast across the sky. You didn't have time to videotape it or nothing."
Time Travel

Time Travel....time can be warped in various ways, like clay in the hands of a cosmic sculptor. Today leading physicists ponder building a time machine.Carl Sagan

Einstein's first major contribution to the study of time occurred when he revolutionized physics with his "special theory of relativity" by showing how time changes with motion. Today, scientists do not see problems of time or motion as "absolute" with a single correct answer. Because time is relative to the speed one is traveling at, there can never be a clock at the center of the universe to which everyone can set their watches. Your entire life is the blink of an eye to an alien traveling close to the speed of light.

Today, Newtonian mechanics have become a special case within Einstein's theory of relativity. Einstein's relativity will eventually become a subset of a new science more comprehensive in its description of the fabric of our universe. Time travel is possible. For example, an object traveling at high speeds ages more slowly than a stationary object. This means that if you were to travel into outer space and return, moving close to light speed, you could travel thousands of years into the Earth's future. Newton's most important contribution to science was his mathematical definition of how motion changes with time. He showed that the force causing apples to fall is the same force that drives planetary motions and produces tides. However, Newton was puzzled by the fact that gravity seemed to operate instantaneously at a distance. He admitted he could only describe it without understanding how it worked. Not until Einstein's general theory of relativity was gravity changed from a "force" to the movement of matter along the shortest space in a curved spacetime.

Esso stations were among the first to run out of gas after a Feb. 15 Ontario refinery fire.GAS WARS

Supply shortages shut down pumps from time to time at some of Imperial's Esso stations and other outlets the company supplies, including Canadian Tire gas bars.The drought also hit some stations supplied by rival companies such as Petro Canada, probably because drivers turned away by Imperial were topping up their tanks elsewhere, increasing demand at those pumps. Reduced competition may have eased the way for price increases. A weekly survey issued Tuesday by MJ Ervin & Associates of Calgary put the average gas price in 10 Canadian cities at 101.6 cents a litre, the highest level since last August, up 3.6 cents from the previous week. The average in Toronto was 100.4 cents, up 2.7 cents from the previous week.

Police Confirm Hand Grenade Found In York Region PlazaPolice Confirm Hand Grenade Found... It was a startling find and it caused a major headache for some business owners in Richmond Hill.Police were called to a plaza near Elgin Mills and Bayview around 10am Wednesday morning, after a worker at a heating store reporting to his job for the morning shift thought he spotted something odd in a blue box. He told alarmed officers there were some rugs in the container and an item that looked like a hand grenade. Cops now say it was the real thing and that it went back to sometime before 1980. They're still not sure if it was live or not, but they weren't taking any chances. They detonated the package before leaving the scene.

Dynamite comeback by Leafs
Call them the Calamity Kids. The Maple Leafs have gone from breaking their fans' hearts to merely giving them heart attacks. Hey, it's a good thing. Honest. It's just that sometimes it doesn't feel like it until the final score pops up on the scoreboard and people can stop reaching for the blood pressure monitor. Last night they toyed with fate and -- in their second comeback victory in two games -- beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 3-2. You could hear the sigh of relief all the way to Mississauga. The winner was scored in the third by Nik Antropov, suddenly no longer the fans' favourite team punching bag. On a line with Mats Sundin and Alex Ponikarovsky, they dominated the smaller Lightning. Toronto Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin  celebrates Nik Antropov's game-winning goal against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday.

Rockers to face NHL oldies at Juno shinny

It'll be a face-off between long-haired rockers and aging hockey greats at the Juno Cup, a celebrity hockey match kicking off the Juno Awards weekend. When the puck drops on centre ice at the Selkirk Recreation Complex on Friday, April 1, Artists team captain Jim Cuddy (of Blue Rodeo fame) will lead his team of rockers on the ice. Lacing up with Jim will be Great Big Sea's Alan Doyle and Sean McCann, The Tragically Hip's Paul Langlois and Gord Sinclair, Eagle & Hawk's Jason Bodner and Vince Fontaine, Sarah Harmer, Barney Bentall, and Juno Awards host Brent Butt, among others. "We're all tuned to mix it up in the corners with some of the best from the NHL," Cuddy says.

Sam Roberts and Blue Rodeo's Jim Cuddy

Sam Roberts and Blue Rodeo's Jim Cuddy line up on the blue line prior to the 2004 Juno Cup in Edmonton.

Rockers to face NHL alumni at Juno shinny

It'll be a face-off between long-haired rockers and aging hockey greats at the Juno Cup, a celebrity hockey match aimed at raising funds and kicking off the Juno Awards weekend.

When the puck drops on centre ice at the Selkirk Recreation Complex on Friday, April 1, Artists team captain Jim Cuddy (of Blue Rodeo fame) will lead his team of rockers on the ice. Lacing up with Jim will be Great Big Sea's Alan Doyle and Sean McCann, The Tragically Hip's Paul Langlois and Gord Sinclair, Eagle & Hawk's Jason Bodner and Vince Fontaine, Sarah Harmer, Barney Bentall, and Juno Awards host Brent Butt, among others."We're all tuned to mix it up in the corners with some of the best from the NHL," Cuddy says. Heading up the NHL alumni team will be Winnipeg Jets former captains Kris King and Ab McDonald, and Hall of Famer Dale Hawerchuck. Former NHL pros Doug Gilmour, Wayne Babych and Brad Dalgarno will be there, along with Jets veterans Scott Arniel, Dave Babych, Jordy Douglas, Perry Miller and Ray Neufeld. Hockey Night In Canada host Ron MacLean will also play for the NHL team and The Tea Party's Jeff Burrows will
act as NHL Greats coach.

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 TOP COPS CAUGHT!!Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day
The RCMP's top human resources manager stepped down yesterday hours after RCMP officers, past and present, came forward to publicly back allegations of corruption and coverup in the force.They say senior members of the force, right up to then-commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli, stalled and sidelined whistleblowers when they first raised allegations of fraud and abuse of the Mounties' insurance and pension funds. Ron Lewis told the public accounts committee yesterday, alleging that "the person who orchestrated most of this coverup was commissioner Zaccardelli." Yesterday, other officers put their names to the allegations.

Brookes Cartoon
undefinedBob Dylan and the Pope were an unlikely double act for a rendition of the 1970s anthem Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door. But even the crowd of pop fans who were brought to their knees by the appearance of Pope John Paul II alongside Dylan could scarcely have imagined the rift that it caused. The Pope’s chief aide, the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was so appalled at the prospect of the pontiff sharing a platform with the “self-styled prophet of pop” that he tried his utmost to stop the spectacle. The Pope overruled him. The cardinal, now Pope Benedict XVI, says in a book to be published next week that while he agreed with his predecessor on most matters, he did not share his liking for pop music. “There was reason to be sceptical, and I was,” Pope Benedict writes in the book, John Paul II, My Beloved Predecessor. “Indeed, in a certain sense I still am today.” At the concert in Bologna, attended by 300,000 people in 1997, Dylan – who was born into a Jewish family in Minnesota but later flirted with Christianity – sang Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door and A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall, his antiwar classic, with Forever Young as an encore. He did not sing his 1963 hit Blowin’ in the Wind, but John Paul II – who was known for his showmanship and media skills – showed his familiarity with the song and based his homily on it in an effort to connect with the audience. “You say the answer is blowing in the wind, my friend,” he said. “So it is: but it is not the wind that blows things away, it is the breath and life of the Holy Spirit, the voice that calls and says, Come!” This brought the house down. The Pope added: “You ask me how many roads a man must walk down before he becomes a man. I answer: there is only one road for man, and it is the road of Jesus Christ, who said, ‘I am the Way and the Life’.”

Major Winter Storm Should Hit GTA By Thursday AfternoonMajor Winter Storm Should Hit GTA By Thursday Afternoon
Wednesday February 28, 2007 Talk about a slow march into spring - or maybe that should be a slow spring into March. A benign end to a cold and miserable February is expected to give way to a howling start to the new month. And drivers are being advised to get ready for it now.  A low out of Colorado is tracking over parts of the U.S. Wednesday, gathering moisture from the Gulf of Mexico as it goes. When it hits Southern Ontario sometime on Thursday, it will be packing everything you hate most about winter - high winds, freezing rain, ice pellets and snow.  While we could get some early flakes in the morning and areas to the southwest of the GTA will begin feeling the effects of the system during the daytime, the bulk of what's to come is expected to arrive here in the afternoon or evening and with luck we'll avoid the drive home. The first thing you'll notice is the wind, which could gust as high as 70 kilometres an hour. Then snow moves in, accompanied by ice pellets. That will give way to freezing rain, all of which has the potential to turn streets into skating rinks after dark. There are warnings ice accretions could bring down tree limbs and power lines, creating outages in some areas. And when all that's out of the way, we still have to face the Friday morning commute, which also promises to be treacherous. Depending on the temperature, all that frozen water will turn to either snow or rain, further complicating matters.
One Year Since Caledonia Land Dispute BeganOne Year Since Caledonia Land Dispute Began It was one year ago that a bitter land dispute broke out at a housing development in southern Ontario, and politicians admit they're still nowhere near a resolution. Last February, Six Nations protesters blocked construction at the Caledonia, Ont. site, claiming the land belongs to them in a treaty dating back 200 years. The activists set up barriers and at times clashed violently with police and residents of the town over the subsequent weeks and months, while aboriginals from miles away came to the region to participate in rallies. Politicians from the province and the federal government have been working to bring an end to the dispute but Federal Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice admitted there are a lot of hurdles still ahead."We'd be happy to be further toward the completion," he said. "But it is a complicated matter. I've always known that it would be a challenging situation that would go on for some time." The province bought out the development, but says there's not much more it can do to end the situation. Premier Dalton McGuinty believes it's a federal matter. There were fears the tense standoff would turn deadly, especially after provincial police moved in to remove the protesters from the site. They backed off when it seemed likely people were going to start getting seriously hurt. Neither politicians nor police want a repeat of the Oka, Quebec situation from 17 years ago, when a police officer was killed in an armed confrontation between Mohawks and the Canadian army.
Cops Impound Paris Hilton's Car After Latest Traffic StopCops Impound Paris Hilton's Car After Latest Traffic Stop
Paris Hilton just can't stay out of the spotlight - or out of the courtroom. This time the dynamic diva, who's most famous for simply being famous, has been cited for driving while her license was suspended. The hotel heiress was pulled over on Hollywood's famed Sunset Boulevard late Tuesday night, because she was driving after dark without her headlights on. When the officer asked to see her license, she showed it to him. But it allegedly wasn't valid, meaning she never should have been behind the wheel in the first place. "Miss Paris Hilton was driving the vehicle," explains Deputy Sheriff Oscar Butao. "After investigating her license status it was determined that she was driving on a suspended license." This latest brush with the law comes just five weeks after the 26-year-old was sentenced to three years probation. She pled no contest to reckless driving charges involving alcohol, after being collared for the crime last September. Cops impounded Hilton's expensive blue Bentley in the interim, but she's free to go. Officials explain she'll be back before a judge 'soon', although her latest court date has yet to be set.
Road To Oscar A Long One For ScorseseRoad To Oscar A Long One For Scorsese  A long-standing cinematic wrong was righted Sunday night, as legendary director Martin Scorsese finally won the Oscar for best director. The audience at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood jumped to its feet, giving the 64-year-old New York native a rousing standing ovation as his name was called by fellow filmmaker Steven Spielberg. Spielberg presented the award flanked by two of Scorsese's other contemporaries, Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas."So many people over the years have been wishing this for me," Scorsese said. "And I'm saying thank you."
World's Most Valuable Card Sells For Astounding $2.3 Million World's Most Valuable Card Sells For Astounding $2.3 Million

It was once owned by Wayne Gretzky as well as a Las Vegas financier. And now the rarity described as the world's most collectible item has sold for a price that's almost beyond belief - $2,350,000. It's the 1909 Honus Wagner card, the rarest and most valued of any such commodity still in existence. An anonymous buyer shelled out the incredible amount for the vintage item, which is said to be amongst the only one still in near mint condition. That upped the price when Vegas asset management mogul Brian Siegel originally purchased the small cardboard object back in 2000. He paid just over $1.2 million for the iconic possession. That's a far cry from what the Great One shelled out. When Wayne Gretzky owned it in 1991, he doled out just $451,000 for it. The new price it fetched is stunning, but it doesn't come as a big surprise to collectors. "This particular one was preserved in spectacular condition," admits expert Joe Orlando, whose company authenticated the card as the real thing. "It's the Holy Grail of baseball cards."But even those in less than mint condition can still bring a fistful of cash. The others "you could stick in the middle of the street and let cars drive over it through the day, take it in your hand and crumple it up, and it still would be a $100,000 card," believes former owner Siegel. What makes this one item so valuable? Wagner was an all-star shortstop with the Pittsburgh Pirates back at the turn of the last century. He was one of the first five players ever inducted into baseball's legendary Hall of Fame. But it's not just his card that's a rarity - Wagner was too. Legend has it he believed his likeness appearing on a card sold with a pack of cigarettes would encourage kids who idolized him to start smoking. So he insisted it be removed from all packages. That's why there are only about 60 of them known to be in existence. And that's why they're fetching the kind of prices normally reserved for yachts or mansions.

Sabres Destroy Leafs At A.C.C.Sabres Destroy Leafs At A.C.C.
At this point in the season, with their precarious place in the standings, the Toronto Maple Leafs should be sniffing out the slightest signs of vulnerability in their opponents, and pouncing.  The Buffalo Sabres presented such an opportunity on Tuesday night.  Buffalo played without seven of their top starters due to injury and were forced to dress four rookies with less than 10 games of N.H.L. experience.  But it was the stingy Sabres who easily defeated the Leafs, 6-1, at an Air Canada Centre that reverberated boos from broken-spirited fans.


New Footage Of Pres. Kennedy In Dallas Surfaces More Than 40 Years After His AssassinationA suicide bomber killed up to 23 people outside the main U.S. military base in Afghanistan in an attack aimed at U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, but Cheney was not hurt in the blast.
It answers almost no questions about what happened that day. Just the fact that it exists at all is extraordinary. More than 40 years after it was made, a Dallas man has finally revealed a long kept secret - footage of the motorcade of John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie in Dallas, Texas, just one minute before the U.S. President was assassinated in November 1963. The rare colour footage may be the clearest ever seen of the First Lady that day. It shows her beaming from the car. It also shows Secret Service agent Cliff Hill standing guard on the back of the limousine.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper refused to apologize on Thursday after sparking an uproar in the House of Commons a day earlier when he implied the Liberals were voting against extending two provisions of the anti-terrorism law to protect one of their MPs. Liberal MP Navdeep Singh Bains asked Prime Minister Harper for an apology in the House of Commons. Liberal MP Navdeep Singh Bains led off question period Thursday, saying that Harper had attacked his integrity and the integrity of his family. He twice asked Harper to retract his remarks. During question period on Wednesday, Harper tried to mention a Vancouver Sun article that said the RCMP wants to use parts of the Anti-Terrorism Act to interview the Bains's father-in-law in connection with the Air India bombing. The article noted that if the controversial provisions were not extended, the father-in-law would not have to testify at an investigative hearing. Harper, who was accompanied by family members of victims of the Air India bombings into question period Thursday, said he didn't accept the premise of Bains's question. He instead focused on the Liberals' refusal to extend the two controversial provisions."I'm not sure precisely what remarks he's referring to," Harper said in response to Bains. "If the member denies any particular element in that Vancouver Sun story, I'd be more than happy to accept his word on the matter.

Reversing an earlier decision, the British Columbia government has announced a public inquiry will be held in the case of a native man who died of exposure after police left him in a Vancouver alley. "I've discussed the matter with the premier and he and I have decided a public inquiry is in order," Solicitor General John Les told a news conference on Thursday. Frank Paul died in 1998 after police removed him from a jail cell and left him in the lane, intoxicated. A corrections officer came forward earlier this week with new information about the case, claiming the internal police investigation was a sham. Greg Firlotte told CBC Radio he helped drag Paul to a police van in December 1998. Paul, a Mi'kmaq man from New Brunswick, was later found in an alley.An internal police review concluded that a police van driver dumped Paul, 47, in the alley. The van driver was suspended for a day.

Lorne Carrier, left, and Delbert Pasqua of Pasqua First Nation near Regina, hold a framed pictograph that is only First Nations record of Treaty 4 negotiations.The Pasqua First Nation is working with several groups, including the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, to raise money to buy a rare, historic drawing. The drawing, created by Chief Pasqua of the Pasqua First Nation, shows the negotiations leading up to Treaty 4 and was created sometime in the 1874-77 time period. It is a graphite drawing on two paper panels, measuring 33 by 42 cm, that shows figures in European clothing and traditional Indian dress, and has pictographs of the gifts First Nations people were to receive. The drawing is the only one known to show a treaty from the perspective of First Nations people in Canada. Ontario art dealer Donald Ellis is selling the pictograph for $175,000 US. The document has been in Britain since the late 1800s and was kept in a private family collection until six years ago, Ellis told CBC Radio.

Justin Trudeau To Run Federally For LiberalsJustin Trudeau To Run Federally For Liberals
There could soon be a Trudeau back in the House of Commons. After months of speculation about the political aspirations of Justin Trudeau, the son of arguably the most famous Prime Minister in Canadian history has confirmed he'll be running in the next federal election.
A Dunstan Times poll shows that of 1000 voters only 363 people would vote for him.
The next generation in the political dynasty plans to be the Liberal candidate in the riding of Papineau. Trudeau may well be coming along at a time when the Grits need his help the most. They're still reeling from voter distrust from the sponsorship scandal, an event that helped get them kicked out of office during the last election. Stephane Dion is anything but a well known or proven commodity with the public. Stephen Harper's Conservatives have a very tenuous grasp on power and with a March 19th budget in the offing, his government could fall next month. But if Trudeau does get his chance to try and pick up where his famous father left off, it won't really be the Conservatives he'll be battling. The seat in the riding where he intends to run is currently held by the Bloc Quebecois. Quebecers are going to get some practice in making their "X" next month. Premier Jean Charest called a provincial vote there on Wednesday.

 RECORD BREAKING GIANT... A New Zealand fishing crew has caught an adult colossal squid, a sea creature with eyes as big as dinner plates and razor-sharp hooks on its tentacles, an official said Thursday.An unidentified New Zealand fisherman is shown with a giant squid believed to have been caught early this month in the Ross Sea. (AP Photo/New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries, HO)New Zealand Fisheries Minister Jim Anderton said the squid, weighing an estimated 450 kilograms, took two hours to land in Antarctic waters. The fishermen were catching Patagonian toothfish south of New Zealand "and the squid was eating a hooked toothfish when it was hauled from the deep," he said. Colossal squid, known by the scientific name Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, are estimated to grow up to 14 metres long and have long been one of the most mysterious creatures of the deep ocean. Experts have not yet examined the squid, but if original estimates are correct it is about 150 kilograms heavier than the next biggest specimen ever found. The first specimen of a colossal squid, a 150-kilogram immature female, was caught on the surface in the Ross Sea near the Antarctic coast in April 2004. Steve O'Shea, a squid expert at the Auckland University of Technology, said the latest specimen eclipsed that find and scientists would be very excited.

A Florida judge has awarded custody of the body of former model Anna Nicole Smith to the court-appointed guardian of her infant daughter, who then said she would be buried in the Bahamas.The Florida judge awarded custody of Anna Nicole Smith's body to the court-appointed guardian of her infant daughter. Broward County Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin revealed his surprise ruling on Thursday afternoon, awarding custody of Smith's remains to Miami lawyer Richard Milstein, guardian ad litem for five-month-old Dannielynn Smith. Seidlin had appointed Milstein the guardian of the baby last week. Milstein issued a statement later saying Smith would be laid to rest in the Bahamas. Seidlin had ordered Milstein to consult Smith's mother Virgie Arthur, her former boyfriend Larry Birkhead and her final companion Howard K. Stern in regards to the burial arrangements. Arthur had been fighting to have her daughter's remains returned to their native Texas for burial, while Stern wants Smith interred in the Bahamas, alongside her 20-year-old son Daniel, who died there last September. "Once this order is signed, you're all done with me," Seidlin said of the proceedings, during which details of Smith's personal life were revealed. The testimony also saw both sides bitterly accusing each other of profiting from her death.

$$$$ A lawyer from Brampton $$$$$..... convicted of fraud in a million-dollar mortgage scheme will have his sentencing hearing in April. A lawyer for Vishnu (Joey) Rajendra Poonai said the hearing is expected to last one day. Poonai, 55, was found guilty in December of four counts of fraud over $5,000 in the sale of 12 different homes between April 2002 and May 2003. The scheme involved flipping properties in several cities, including Toronto, Hamilton, Brantford, and Port Colborne. In each case, the property would be bought and resold sometimes minutes later for a vastly inflated price.


Croc Hunter's Wife And Daughter Make T.O. AppearanceAustralia's most famous family paid a visit to Toronto Sunday, as the work of the late Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin continues to live on through his wife and little girl. Irwin's eight-year-old daughter Bindi and his widow Terri were in town for G'Day Toronto, one on a multi-stop tour during which they are promoting their homeland of Australia as well as its diverse wildlife. "I really love wildlife," said Bindi Irwin. "I really admired my dad and I want to be like him, I want to have him inside me, I want to do everything that he did." Steve Irwin became a worldwide celebrity for his ability to wrestle crocodiles and interact with wildlife in a way that suggested the world should appreciate animals, not fear them. And co-existed peacefully for many years before he was killed by a stingray while snorkeling in September. But that tragic and ironic end hasn't hurt his wife or children's appreciation for all of Mother Nature's creatures."I've discovered with my children that having that lack of fear for wildlife just makes them stronger people," Terri Irwin said."If they see a snake they want to look at it, they don't want to run from it." Torontonians joined them in looking for a large part of a freezing Sunday, as G'Day Toronto turned Yonge and Dundas Square into an Outback biosphere complete with some authentic wildlife. The Irwins have also appeared at G'Day L.A. and G'Day New York. Now after a month on the road, they're finally heading back home to Australia, but they don't regret the adventure, not one bit. "People have been so supportive and none of us have been immune from tragedy in our lives," Terri Irwin said. "For us, promoting Australia and the fantastic wildlife is such important work."Ont. To Replace Your Driver's Licence With High Tech Security CardOnt. To Replace Your Driver's Licence With High Tech Security Card

Your long wait for a passport may soon be a thing of the past. You could soon be waiting for a new licence, instead. The Ontario government has confirmed it hopes to convince its U.S. counterparts to honour a brand new high-tech provincial card to act as substitute passport for residents heading across the border. The new item would not only serve as a licence but would double as an official I.D. for those who currently don't drive. It would come with holograms and hard to duplicate features to make sure counterfeiters don't make their own copies. And it would verify your citizenship and other security information to prove you're who you say you are. It's hoped it will speed things up at the border but even if the Americans decide it's not good enough, the province seems committed to the idea. They've already put out a tender to find a company that can produce the cards at a decent price. "We felt it was time," explains Transport Minister Donna Cansfield. "The old driver's license system has been in place for quite awhile, so we needed to replace it, and we needed a really secure card, so the technology is now available. We can use that laser technology to provide a card that's secure for the people of Ontario."But all this security likely won't make you feel safe as a taxpayer. There are at least eight million drivers in the province and every one of them will need the new document when it becomes available. That's expected to take millions of dollars out of the public purse - although Queen's Park refuses to put a price tag on the idea.

Manhunt Follows Armoured Truck Heist In West EndPRO JOB NETS 100G's  An armoured truck heist sparked a massive manhunt in the west end on Monday night. The trouble started at around 9:15pm, when two Securicor guards were ambushed while dropping off cash to an ATM at a convenience store at Queen and Roncesvalles. Two gunmen ordered them to ground and the male guard was struck in the face, possibly with a gun.   The suspects then grabbed a bag of cash, and the female guard's handgun, before fleeing on foot. "Right now we're speaking to many witnesses from the area here that watched the incident occur, and watched the suspects run away," reveals holdup Det. Ray Fortin. "So we've got a long investigation ahead of us."The Emergency Task Force and police dogs are searching the area but it's not known if there was a getaway car waiting for the bandits.  A third guard was in the truck when it all went down.   Luckily, no one was injured.

Sundin Approaches Sittler's Long-Standing Goals RecordSundin Approaches Sittler's Long-Standing Goals Record
When Darryl Sittler sat Mats Sundin down in 1997 and offered his honest advice on how to carry the coveted captain's "C" that had recently been sewn onto his jersey, he probably didn't expect that 10 years later he would not only still be leading team, but also closing in on one of his own long-standing records.  Sittler's 389 goals remain the most ever by a Leaf, but likely not for long.  Sundin had 386 going into Tuesday's game against the Bruins, and Sittler doesn't seem to mind the prospect of being surpassed by the young man he once tutored. "The advice I gave him was to come to work with a good attitude day in and day out and be hard-working and be consistent with it," Sittler recalls. "Mats is very well-liked by his teammates, the media and the fans," the former Leaf great adds.

 Winter Storm Causes Traffic Havoc, Power Outages
Winter Storm Caused Traffic Havoc, Power Outages
V.P.-Turned- Environmentalist Al Gore Creates Frenzy At U. Of T.V.P.-Turned- Environmentalist Al Gore Creates Frenzy At U. Of T.
Wednesday February 21, 2007 He's a former Vice-President of the United States. His movie, "An Inconvenient Truth",  is up for an Oscar. And he's the poster boy for the environment - printed on recycled paper of course. All of which is making Al Gore a hot ticket in Toronto. The American politician turned environmentalist came to the U. of T. Wednesday night for a long awaited speech, and there were throngs of fans to greet him. So were ticket scalpers, who are seeing a different type of green. Reports indicate more than 20,000 people were trying to get their hands on a ducat for the event. But there's only room for 1,500 of them inside. What tickets there were originally cost $20. They sold out almost immediately. "We had about 23,000 hits on our website, which of course collapsed the website because we couldn't sustain it," muses the U. of T.'s Ingrid Stefanovic. "So there's been a huge enthusiasm for the event." And not just huge but expensive. The demand was so high that on the Internet auction site Craig's List, people were offering up to $500 for a single pass.

"Live Earth"    Environmental activists led by former Vice President Al Gore announced plans Thursday for a 24-hour pop concert across seven continents in July to mobilize action to stop global warming. The "Live Earth" concerts on July 7 and will bring together more than 100 of the world's top musical acts, organizers said. Names of the performers were not immediately released. Organizers of the concerts and the new campaign Save Our Selves (SOS) hope to reach a global audience of some 2 billion people through concert attendance, radio, television and Internet broadcasts. "In order to solve the climate crisis, we have to reach billions of people," Gore said in a statement. "We are launching SOS and Live Earth to begin a process of communication that will mobilize people all over the world to take action. "The climate crisis will only be stopped by an unprecedented and sustained global movement. We hope to jump-start that movement right here, right now, and take it to a new level on July 7, 2007." Gore has become one of the most visible activists on global warming. His "An Inconvenient Truth" documentary has been nominated for an Oscar. David Suzuki says there was no need for opposition politicians to force the government to comply with the Kyoto Protocol because Canada was already bound to abide. The Harper Tories are hinting they'll ignore the legislation, but Suzuki says with all federal parties on the "green" bandwagon you can bet Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be "singing green" come election time. Suzuki said the climate is ripe for implementing strong environmental legislation since no party wants to "pay the price" at the polls for failing to act. "I would urge Mr. Harper to take advantage of this moment and neutralize the environment as a political issue," he said.

PLAY IT GREEN Al Gore announced on Thursday a series of worldwide concerts to focus on the threat of climate change, with a powerhouse lineup from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Snoop Dogg to Bon Jovi. The 24-hour event on July 7 is part of a campaign, Save Our Selves -- The Campaign for a Climate in Crisis, that promoters hope will trigger a broad movement to address what the former U.S. vice-president calls a global climate crisis.

Police Cruisers Crunched, Cops Hurt In ConfrontationPolice Cruisers Crunched, Cops Hurt In Confrontation
Three Toronto police officers were taken to hospital overnight following a confrontation in the west end. Police were investigating a stopped SUV at Albion Rd. and Highway 427 at about 1am Friday, they saw that the driver appeared to be slumped over. They were reportedly talking with the motorist outside the vehicle when a dispute erupted. At that point the man got back into the car and rammed two cruisers before taking off. One of the police cars' front ends was completely bashed in. The officers were slightly hurt in their attempt to stop the suspect vehicle from getting away. None of their injuries were serious however and they were subsequently released. Investigators now have more information about the suspect and his vehicle. He's said to be about 20 years old, and was driving a black 2002 Chevy Trailblazer, with the licence plate AZEZ 035. The SUV will have sustained some damage from the collision.
Ernst Zundel Sentenced To Five Years In PrisonZundel Sentenced To Five Years In Prison

Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel was sentenced to five years in prison by a German court Thursday. It's the maximum sentence the far-right activist could have received for his conviction on 14 counts of incitement. Denying the Holocaust is a crime in Germany. The decision was cheered by Jewish groups including the Canadian Jewish Congress. "I think that they've given a strong message ... to the world, that I believe will bring a tremendous amount of comfort to Holocaust survivors," said Bernie Farber, chief executive officer of the CJC."I think a lot of us can take a very deep breath and move on to other things -- other than thinking of Ernst Zundel anymore." Zundel immigrated to Canada in the late 1950s, where he lived in Toronto and Montreal until 2001. He tried to obtain Canadian citizenship twice but was refused both times. An admitted white supremacist, the 67-year-old has denied the Holocaust for decades. Over the years the anti-Semitic activities he's been accused of include running a Canadian-based publishing company that distributed Nazi propaganda, and providing content to a website called The Zundelsite, which has followers around the world.

Quantum computing is such an elusive goal that even the company claiming to have the "world's first commercial quantum computer" acknowledged it isn't entirely sure the machine is performing true quantum calculations. Independent quantum computing researchers said they are dubious of some of the claims made by D-Wave Systems Inc. because the privately held Canadian company has not yet submitted its findings for peer review, a standard step for gaining acceptance in scientific circles. Many scientists believe that true quantum computing -- which is based on the unusual properties of quantum physics -- promises to solve certain factoring, simulation and other intensive problems faster than today's machines that rely on classical physics. Most say it's likely still years or decades away. "Until we see more actual measurements, it's hard to know whether they succeeded or not," said Phil Kuekes, a computer architect in the Quantum Science Research Group at Hewlett-Packard Co.'s HP Labs. D-Wave held its first public demonstration Tuesday of a machine it claims uses quantum mechanics to solve a certain type of problems, such as searching a database for matching molecular structures. But the company did not make the machine available for inspection and instead showed video from a remote location, saying it was too sensitive to be easily transported. And notwithstanding lofty claims in the company's press release about creating the world's first commercial quantum computer, D-Wave Chief Executive Herb Martin emphasized that the machine is not a true quantum computer and is instead a kind of special-purpose machine that uses some quantum mechanics to solve problems. "Users don't care about quantum computing -- users care about application acceleration. That's our thrust," he said. "A general purpose quantum computer is a waste of time. You could spend hundreds of billions of dollars on it" and not create a working computer. He said all the evidence the company has indicates that the device is performing quantum computations, but he acknowledged there is some uncertainty. He also said the company could encounter problems in maintaining quantum functions as the machine is made more powerful. The machine currently runs at 16 qubits, the basic unit of quantum computing. That's less power than most standard computers and what the company calls a proof of concept. Martin said the company plans to have it running at about 1,000 qubits by the time the product goes on sale next year. A unique characteristic of quantum computing is that, unlike digital bits that can only have values of 0 or 1, qubits can exist in states 0 and 1 at the same time and promises to allow the machine to tap into a vast pool of computational power.
Man Converts Golf Cart Into Remote-Controlled Snow PlowMan Converts Golf Cart Into Remote-Controlled Snow Plow
If you're like most of us, you probably did what the guy in the picture was doing after this week's big dump - labouriously shovelling mountains of snow off your front walk or driveway. Bill Lauver looks at you and laughs. The inveterate tinkerer lives in a place that knows a thing or two about snowstorms - Middleburg, Pennsylvania, which got hit by the same winter blast that left its mark on Ontario Wednesday.  He doesn't stand outside in the cold clearing it all away. Instead, he has something to do it for him.  Yes, something.  Lauver has rigged up a converted golf cart into his own snow plow, which he operates by remote control from the comfort of his living room.  He rigged up an attachment to the device which does a perfect job of getting rid of all that white powder without him lifting more than just a finger. The "plow" is actually a 4-horsepower machine geared down to a slower speed to help move the snow more effectively. And it works like a charm, able to shift 15-20 centimetres in one sitting.

Anna Nicole Smith diesGoodbye Anna...
Anna Nicole Smith Dies Suddenly.Smith Reality TV star and former Playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith was pronounced dead after being found unconscious in her Florida hotel room. A nurse was with her and her bodyguard performed CPR in the room, police said. Smith's son, Daniel Wayne Smith, died at age 20 just days after the birth of Smith's daughter. Pathologist Cyril Wecht said a lethal dose of methadone and antidepressants caused cardiac dysrhythmia, leading to his death. In June 1994, the then-26-year-old Smith married Texas oil baron J. Howard Marshall II, 89, who had an estate valued at $1.6 billion. He died the following year, and Smith waged a 12-year feud with Marshall's son, Pierce Marshall, over the inheritance.

story.ny.snow7.irpt.jpg While the northern Plains and Northeast shiver in dangerously cold temperatures, the folks in upstate New York are keeping warm shoveling snow, lots of snow. Since Sunday, the small towns of Parish and Mexico have recorded more than 6 feet of snow, and forecasters with the National Weather Service say it isn't over yet.Another 2 feet or more of heavy lake-effect snow was expected Thursday for the communities along eastern Lake Ontario, and more squalls are likely through the weekend. Whiteout conditions -- the snow has been falling at a rate of 5 inches an hour at times -- forced state police to temporarily close Interstate 81 between Central Square and Pulaski, a stretch of about 15 miles.Travel advisories against unnecessary travel were posted for Oswego and its neighboring counties. Mexico officials renewed a snow emergency declaration, and many government offices were closed.

CityNews' Peter Silverman Attacked During Story ShootCityNews' Peter Silverman Attacked During Story Shoot
You wouldn't think being a local TV journalist would be hazardous to your health. But then, you're not Peter Silverman. For the past few months, the CityNews ombudsman has been probing the case of a King St. West optician alleged to be selling counterfeit frames bearing the mark of some famous companies. The Silverman Helps team has received numerous complaints about the product and so Peter went back to the store on Wednesday afternoon to shoot the next segment in this long running series. It was promised as a peace-making endeavour. It didn't turn out that way. As Peter tried to enter the store, the man inside recognized him and came out swinging. Cameras captured him taking several swipes at the reporter, opening his door near Silverman's  face, hitting him with some papers and then throwing snow at him and a TTC employee. "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I hit you? Did I hit you?" he's heard asking sarcastically. Silverman is now 75 years old but managed to give as good as he got, defending himself with his fists clenched. His irate attacker then retreated back inside, locking the door and refusing to come out when police arrived. The standoff lasted for some time before the Emergency Task Force finally coaxed him out. He's been placed under arrest. The tough as nails Peter survived the onslaught and emerged relatively unscathed.

Five Die As Killer Pile-Up Closes 401Locals Call it Dead Mans Curve    Five Die As Killer Pile-Up Closes 401  The dead remain trapped in their cars after a crash near Grafton, Ont. takes a terrible toll. The injured were rushed to Northumberland Hills Hospital in Cobourg, which was in what one spokesperson calls "emergency mode" for a time. It's now quieted down, after officials there were told not to expect any more casualties. The crash scene near Grafton, Ontario is a gruesome one. The five fatalities remained trapped in the fiery wreckage as crews worked to put out the flames and recover their badly burned bodies. Wreckage is strewn all over the roadway. And hours after the incident occurred at around 12:30pm, we're finally getting the first hint about what happened. "It appears that the initial accident occurred in front of (the tanker) involving a couple of tractor-trailers and some small vehicles," explains Northumberland Emergency Medical Services site commander Gordon Glibbery. "The tanker truck, in an attempt to evade the accident, itself got into an accident and exploded."The massive pile-up took place in snowy conditions that may have led to the initial mishap.
Two Fires Snarl Traffic In Downtown Core During The Afternoon RushTwo fires are creating major traffic headaches for commuters in the downtown core. Crews battled a blaze at Dufferin and King, while at the same time, others responded to a two-alarm fire on Yonge St. north of Wellesley. The first blaze is said to be in a high rise and officials have temporarily evacuated the building. Over on Yonge St., flames broke out in a commercial establishment . Police say all those inside  escaped unharmed. Authorities indicate the building has a restaurant on the ground floor and offices above. More than a dozen Toronto Fire vehicles were called to the scene. It was put out quickly but the clean-up may take some time. No one has been transported to hospital and there are no reports of any injuries.

Website Lets Users Search For Unknown Tunes That Get Stuck In Their HeadWebsite Lets Users Search For Unknown Tunes That Get Stuck In Their Head
Thursday February 1, 2007It's probably happened to you. You get a song stuck in your head and you can't quite remember the tune, the artist or even the melody. It used to be enough to drive you crazy, but once again the Internet has come to the rescue. A new website allows users to hum, sing or even whistle a tune into their computer's microphone and then search for a similar melody that matches that music. Midomi.com was launched earlier this week and not only lets you search for songs, but show off your own vocal talents as well. It's a twist on the American Idol craze, because you can post a version of anything you do record for others to hear, rate and even download. But what if your song isn't there? The site allows you to enter it in a database so that if other users find it, they can finally I.D. it for you. The site uses a unique voice activated search technology called MARS (short for Multimodal Adaptive Recognition System), that analyzes the sounds you enter and matches them against a database. The program is able to differentiate between whistling, singing and humming and is supposed to be able to compensate for any typos or errors you make while using its search functions. "We have created one of the most entertaining search engines on the web," boasts Keyvan Mohajer of Melodis Corporation. "Users of midomi.com will be able to both search our extensive database as well as help grow it; when a user tags (sings and saves) their favorite songs, the submissions immediately become part of the searchable MARS universe."
89-Year-Old Pastor Arrested For Sex Assault89-Year-Old Pastor Arrested For Sex Assault     He's an old man. He's a religious man. And he may be a troubled man. Toronto Police have arrested an 89-year-old pastor and charged him with a historic sexual assault. Cops allege Vernon Larthur Hirtle, who's still actively involved with the Baptist Church, repeatedly attacked a young girl when she had contact with him between 1987 and 1990. Investigators claim the attacks started when the child was just ten and continued for the next three years. Detectives maintain the accused was a good friend of the family involved and even assisted them with some immigration issues. The Mississauga resident has been a pastor since the 1940s and worked in a variety of locations across this province, as well as in Nova Scotia. Because of his long association with various congregations, cops are wondering if there are any other stories about Hirtle that they need to hear. If you have one to tell, call the Sex Crimes Unit at (416) 808-7474.

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Leafs clear goalie logjamThe Toronto Maple Leafs solved their logjam in goal yesterday, sending Mikael Tellqvist to the Phoenix Coyotes in exchange for forward Tyson Nash and a fourth-round draft pick.
Sundin  is eager to resume a full leadership role. The captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs was eased back into the lineup by coach Paul Maurice with a fourth-line assignment Saturday after missing seven games with an elbow injury. "It doesn't really matter," said Sundin, who has been the ultimate team player during his 11 years in Toronto. "I haven't played for three weeks so, whatever Paul wants to do, I'm fine with that.

This 10-second countdown signal was one of the first installed in the city. The signals will be at more intersections across the city within months to help increase pedestrian safety.
Nicolo (Nick) Rizzuto, 82, father of Vito Rizzuto, the reputed head of the Mafia in Montreal, was among those arrested yesterday morning. Nicolo Rizzuto smiled for photographers and TV cameras when taken to RCMP headquarters.Nicolo Rizzuto ex Don of Canada (22/11/06)73 netted in raids, including alleged mafia kingpins

The Mafia can no longer feel comfortable in Montreal, police say after completing a massive operation that targeted the alleged heads of the criminal organization

An unidentified suspect is escorted into the RCMP headquarters in Montreal following a raid of suspected organized crime figures. Police launched a sweeping crackdown on organized crime in Montreal on Wednesday, arresting 69 people, including a Canada Border Services employee and about 10 airport employees. Police issued 90 arrest warrants and said about 1,000 charges in all are expected to be laid. Those nabbed included 82-year-old Nicolo Rizzuto, father of Vito Rizzuto, who was deported to the United States earlier this year to face charges related to the murder of three members of the reputed Bonanno crime family in New York.The charges to be laid include attempted murder, drug dealing, gangsterism, extortion, bookmaking and possession of restricted weapons. The RCMP, Montreal police and Quebec provincial police took part in the raids, which also included the seizure of houses and bank accounts. Bessette said Project Colisee began two years ago. In Ottawa, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said he was "very pleased" with how the operation went.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper passed  the motion recognizing Quebec as a nation within Canada, a pre-emptive strike against Quebec sovereignists. Harper's actions in Parliament seemed to pre-empt a planned motion by the Bloc Quebecois. The wording of that motion, however, does not include the words "within Canada," leaving federalists worried it could be misinterpreted. Harper said the Bloc Quebecois motion was an "unusual request" that could lead to another referendum for Quebec independence."Do Quebecers form a nation within a united Canada? The answer is yes," Harper on Wednesday told a cheering House of Commons to numerous standing ovations. Newspaper editorials weighed in on the issue."The surprise bombshell that Harper dropped will never placate Quebec separatists, even as it potentially weakens Canada said the newspaper."Harper's unwise intervention in this debate promises to embolden separatists and create division and bitterness."
A yacht capsized in the Southern Ocean on Thursday during the Velux 5 Oceans solo around-the-world race. British skipper Alex Thomson was not hurt and was trying to repair a damaged keel when he finally decided to abandon ship. Alex Thomson, 23, a British sailor abandoned 60-foot Hugo Boss, 1,000 miles south of Cape Town, South Africa Nov. 23, after his keel snapped during an around the world race.

Mike Golding of Britain, who was in second place ahead of Thomson, responded to a request for assistance and turned upwind to pick up Thomson. Thompson said he was napping in his bunk when he was suddenly thrown across the cabin, according to organizers. “The boat was leaning right over on its side with the (mast) spreaders in the water,” he said. Thomson said he was in touch with his shore crew, trying to find a way to regain control of the keel. He had been closing in on Golding when the keel broke free. The 56,700-kilometre race has been has been held every four years since 1982. The fleet left Bilbao, Spain, on Oct. 22. The first leg is to finish in Fremantle, Australia, in early December. The race ends in Bilbao in April. As of Wednesday, defending champion Bernard Stamm was leading. He was followed by Golding, Thomson, Kojiro Shiraishi, Robin Knox-Johnston, Graham Dalton and Unai Basurko.


British skipper Alex Thomson capsized Thursday, November 23, 2006 in a remote area of ocean south of the Cape of Good Hope.

The deportation hearing for an alleged Russian spy has been delayed because he was not given an outline of the case against him in time to review it with his lawyer. Federal Court Judge Pierre Blais told a hearing yesterday he was "very surprised and angry" his orders were not followed, though, he noted, "there was no negligence" by his jailers. "I don't like this," he added, telling Canadian Border Services agents to make sure the accused, Paul William Hampel, has "very extensive access" to the file and his lawyer by Tuesday. Hampel was arrested Nov. 14 at Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport as he was to leave the country. He is being held under tight security
Dust Collector with aerogel blocks
 Dust Collector with aerogel blocks (NASA) NASA scientists reported finding minerals  olivine, diopside, forsterite (also known as peridot in its gem form), and anorthite. This is consistent with previous astronomical observations as olivine dust is commonly present where comet formation is thought to occur in the tails of other comets.

      story.vert.atlshooting.ap.jpg Police said 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston was the only resident in the house at the time of the shooting. The niece of a 92-year-old woman shot to death by police said her aunt likely had reason to shoot three narcotics investigators as they stormed her house. Police insisted the officers did everything right before entering the home Tuesday evening, despite suggestions from the woman's neighbors and relatives that it was a case of mistaken identity. The woman, Kathryn Johnston, was the only resident in the house at the time and had lived there for about 17 years, Assistant Chief Alan Dreher said.The officers had a legal warrant, "knocked and announced" before they forced open the door and were justified in shooting once fired upon, he said. Sarah Dozier, the niece, told WAGA-TV that there were never drugs at the house.

HOMELESSNESS ISSUES   Eight years after homelessness was declared a national disaster, a class at Ryerson University inspired Peter Lebuis and his fellow classmates to get involved in the fight. Lebuis and other anti-poverty advocates held a car rally yesterday composed of about 30 vehicles and two buses -- so those who don't drive could participate -- decked out in anti-homelessness signs. "We decided on a car rally and we were super excited," said Lebuis, who is taking a class called Homelessness in Canadian Society. "We figured if people can drive around and honk their horns for the World Cup of soccer than we can drive around and honk our horns to raise awareness." Drivers met at Sunnyside Park before hitting the road and passing key points such as City Hall and the Moss Park Armoury with the rally ending at Queen's Park. The top homelessness issues include long waiting lists for affordable housing, a need for emergency shelters and help for those already on the streets.As the train of cars steam-rolled ahead, Toronto Disaster Relief Committee housing advocate and rally host Beric German beamed with pride at the number of people that came to lend their support. "It's great because it shows people who aren't homeless, who have a car, are willing to put their time in," German said.
SHOOTOUT ON THE 401!!!Three men face a combined 130 charges a day after police officers were shot at during an early morning high-speed chase on Highway 401. While one man waited in a van at the rear of the Thornhill Social Club on Finch Ave. W., west of Dufferin St., two others entered through the back door of the store at about 3:30 a.m. with firearms and their faces covered, Toronto police said today. The patrons, ordered to the floor while gunshots were fired into the ceiling, complied when told to empty their pockets of valuables, including jewellery and cell phones. The men left the club in the van and proceeded eastbound on Finch before turning south onto Dufferin, where officers responding to the robbery pulled the vehicle over. When an officer approached the driver’s side, the van sped off southbound on Dufferin. The high-speed pursuit started as the van raced onto westbound Highway 401, reaching speeds of 140 km/h. When the front passenger pulled out a silver and black handgun, leaned out the window and began shooting at the police cruiser before the van exited on Keele St., the pursuit was terminated, police said. Investigators shut down part of the highway, causing traffic headaches for commuters, as they scoured the road for shell casings until mid-morning. Two Toronto men were arrested early this morning. About 11:30 a.m., a third man from London was arrested. Omar Jermaine Betty, 25, and Ryan Shields, 26, both of Toronto; and 21-year-old Ezra Lottery of London each face 18 counts of robbery, 18 counts of forcible confinement, two counts of discharging a firearm endangering life and attempted murder.
A yacht capsized in the Southern Ocean on Thursday during the Velux 5 Oceans solo around-the-world race. British skipper Alex Thomson was not hurt and was trying to repair a damaged keel when he finally decided to abandon ship. Alex Thomson, 23, a British sailor abandoned 60-foot Hugo Boss, 1,000 miles south of Cape Town, South Africa Nov. 23, after his keel snapped during an around the world race.

Mike Golding of Britain, who was in second place ahead of Thomson, responded to a request for assistance and turned upwind to pick up Thomson. Thompson said he was napping in his bunk when he was suddenly thrown across the cabin, according to organizers. “The boat was leaning right over on its side with the (mast) spreaders in the water,” he said. Thomson said he was in touch with his shore crew, trying to find a way to regain control of the keel. He had been closing in on Golding when the keel broke free. The 56,700-kilometre race has been has been held every four years since 1982. The fleet left Bilbao, Spain, on Oct. 22. The first leg is to finish in Fremantle, Australia, in early December. The race ends in Bilbao in April. As of Wednesday, defending champion Bernard Stamm was leading. He was followed by Golding, Thomson, Kojiro Shiraishi, Robin Knox-Johnston, Graham Dalton and Unai Basurko.


British skipper Alex Thomson capsized Thursday, November 23, 2006 in a remote area of ocean south of the Cape of Good Hope.

The deportation hearing for an alleged Russian spy has been delayed because he was not given an outline of the case against him in time to review it with his lawyer. Federal Court Judge Pierre Blais told a hearing yesterday he was "very surprised and angry" his orders were not followed, though, he noted, "there was no negligence" by his jailers. "I don't like this," he added, telling Canadian Border Services agents to make sure the accused, Paul William Hampel, has "very extensive access" to the file and his lawyer by Tuesday. Hampel was arrested Nov. 14 at Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport as he was to leave the country. He is being held under tight security.Yesterday was the first court appearance for Hampel , who listened intently using a translation device - French and English were used. There were more than 10 uniformed immigration and border services agents in the courtroom wearing bulletproof vests. Documents filed in the court do not disclose Hampel's real name. He is alleged by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service to have pretended to be a 40-year-old Toronto native, a former lifeguard and a travel consultant who has lived in Montreal since at least 1999.This was his "deep cover" for what CSIS says was his true identity - an elite spy working for more than a decade under a false identity for the Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki (SVR), the foreign intelligence arm of the Russian Intelligence Services. He was believed to have lived at two Montreal addresses: an apartment on St. Jacques St. and a bungalow on Somerled Ave. in Notre Dame de Grace district.News reports indicated he operated a Montreal-based offshore company and travelled often to the Balkans.Hampel, who has light brown hair and appeared to be in his early 40s, was dressed casually yesterday in jeans and a checked grey shirt, with a charcoal sweater draped over his shoulders. He made eye contact with reporters and smiled as the judge postponed the case to Tuesday.

An internal Toronto Police report written only months before an RCMP-led 25-member task force was formed to probe an allegedly rogue drug squad team suggests such a move "may avert" an embarrassing public inquiry. Expressing fears that when allegations against numerous cops were "played out" in court, "the inevitable outcry may lead to a Public Enquiry" that would encompass officers from the rank-and-file to the top brass, Toronto Police professional standards Insp. Tony Corrie suggested that in creating a full-time task force, "the service will be seen to be making a commitment to getting to the bottom of all the issues. "The faster the review is done, the less chance there is of committing more damage ... Taking these steps may avert a Public Enquiry," states a "business case" report written by Corrie in the summer of 2001. Citing numerous problems, Corrie warned that if more "problematic" cases were revealed, there could be more civil court lawsuits and a "potential for a massive lack of trust in Police Officer testimony and also greater problems in confidential informant use and obtaining search warrants." After a three-year probe, the Neily task force charged Schertzer and five former subordinate drug cops with taking part in a conspiracy to obstruct justice on allegations that search warrants, memo books and court testimony were fabricated and that cash and drugs were stolen. Another four ex-drug cops named as "unindicted co-conspirators" were not charged. Schertzer, Steve Corriea, Ned Maodus, Ray Pollard and now-retired Joe Miched were committed to trial in June on conspiracy allegations and other charges. Rick Benoit was sent to trial on allegations that he took part in an assault. All 10 cops face internal Police Services Act charges.

NOMORE "HIGH-WAY" DRIVERS!!!The federal Conservatives have introduced legislation to crack down on drug-impaired drivers, and while they're at it, strengthen the laws on alcohol-impaired driving as well. The bill, tabled yesterday by Justice Minister Vic Toews, had been trumpeted in advance by Prime Minister Stephen Harper as part of the Tory law-and-order agenda. Toews acknowledged that, in fact, it's similar in some key respects to legislation proposed by the previous Liberal government. He insisted, however, that the Conservatives have "enhanced" the initiative. Toews also expressed hope that opposition parties will agree to move the bill through the Commons "as quickly as possible." But NDP justice critic Joe Comartin said he fears some of Toews's proposals could infringe the Charter of Rights.

The grave health condition of a poisoned ex-Russian spy deteriorated dramatically Thursday as heart failure left Alexander Litvinenko critically ill and on life support as family members rushed to his bedside. Litvinenko, a fierce critic of the Russian government, remains under heavy sedation, a family friend said, as doctors struggled to determine what sickened the 43-year-old. Doctors have virtually ruled out thallium and radiation — toxins once considered possible culprits behind the poisoning. "Despite extensive tests, we are still unclear as to the cause of his condition," said Dr. Geoff Bellingan, director of critical care at University College Hospital. In a statement, the hospital said Litvinenko was "critically ill in intensive care.'' Litvinenko believes he was given poison on Nov. 1, while investigating the slaying of another Kremlin detractor — investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya. His hair has fallen out, his throat is swollen and his immune and nervous systems have been damaged. A friend, Andrei Nekrasov, said Litvinenko's skin had turned yellow, a possible effect of liver failure. Another family friend, Alex Goldfarb, joined Litvinenko's wife Marina, his son Anatoli and the former agent's father by his bedside. "He went into a cardiac failure overnight and the hospital put him on artificial heart support," Goldfarb said. "He's on the ventilator, he's getting artificial resuscitation.'' Anti-terrorist police were investigating the poisoning, which friends and dissidents allege was carried out at the behest of the Russian government. Litvinenko sought asylum in Britain in 2000, and has been a relentless critic of the Kremlin and the Russian security services ever since. On Wednesday, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, the SVR, issued its strongest denial yet that it was involved in any assassination attempt. "Litvinenko is not the kind of person for whose sake we would spoil bilateral relations," SVR spokesman Sergei Ivanov said, according to the Interfax news agency. "It is absolutely not in our interests to be engaged in such activity.'' Litvinenko worked both for the KGB and for a successor, the Federal Security Service. In 1998, he publicly accused his superiors of ordering him to kill Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky — now exiled in Britain — and a year later spent nine months in jail on charges of abuse of office, for which he was later acquitted, and which prompted his move to London. On the day he first felt ill, Litvinenko said he had two meetings. In the morning, he met with an unidentified Russian and with Andrei Lugovoy, a former KGB colleague and bodyguard to one-time Russian Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar at a London hotel. Later, he dined with Italian security expert Mario Scaramella to discuss the October murder of Politkovskaya. Scaramella told reporters in Rome on Tuesday that he had traveled to meet Litvinenko to discuss an e-mail he received from a source naming the killers of Politkovskaya, who was gunned down Oct. 7 at her Moscow apartment building, and outlining that he and Litvinenko were on a hit list. Goldfarb said that he had a photocopy of the four-page e-mail and confirmed that it did read like the hit list described by Scaramella. "What's in there confirms what Scaramella said. It lists several targets for assassination, among them are Politkovskaya, Litvinenko, Scaramella, Berezovsky and others," he said. But he refused to say who compiled the document, saying that it could jeopardize the police investigation into the poisoning. After visiting the hospital on Thursday, Berezovsky told the AP that British police have yet to speak to him, but hoped they would be in contact over the next two days. The police declined to comment about whether they had the e-mail. Goldfarb said Wednesday that there was nothing out of the ordinary in Litvinenko's meeting with Lugovoy, who also worked as bodyguard to Berezovsky, the most high profile Russian exile in London. Litvinenko has refused to implicate any of the people he met on the day he believes he was poisoned.

The province has changed disability support rules to make it easier for people to overcome the "welfare wall" and get jobs. Ontarians receiving disability support who find work could see their monthly incomes go up by hundreds of dollars under changes the government announced yesterday. Recipients will now be able to keep their drug, dental and vision benefits if they get a job that does not provide these; claim $600 a month for informal child care (up from $390); receive $100 a month for work-related expenses; and keep more of their income if they do some work while receiving support. "We have made changes to better support those who are working and ... encourage more people on the (Ontario Disability Support Program), who are able, to move into the workforce," Community and Social Services Minister Madeleine Meilleur said in a statement. The government introduced similar changes for welfare recipients last year. Advocates for low-income earners have long argued many people receiving welfare and disability support want to work but cannot afford to because they would lose benefits by taking an entry-level job. Disability support isn't much to live on — a single person receiving disability gets a maximum of about $1,000 a month — but it comes with benefits like drug and dental coverage and a winter coat allowance for kids. That means giving up assistance to take a low-paying job, which rarely includes benefits, could put a person even deeper into poverty. "This is much better," Maureen Fair said of the changes. Finding work will still be a huge barrier for people with disabilities but being able to keep their health benefits gives them more options, said Fair, acting chief executive of St. Christopher House, a social service agency that helps low-income people. "It's very hard for people leaving the (disability support program) to find an employer with a benefit package," Fair said. "The drug and dental costs that people have to bear, especially when they have disabilities, is just an incredible barrier for moving on. Leaving that coverage behind is risky. It's an unfair burden for someone who is trying to work." More than 220,000 Ontarians with severe physical and mental disabilities receive monthly support from the Ontario Disability Support Program. Under the new rules, a single person earning $750 per month, who has to spend $300 per month on work-related disability equipment, will have a monthly income of $1,416, up $319, according to the ministry of community and social services. That's about $400 a month more than the maximum a single person can receive by relying solely on the disability program.

Toronto-led team of international researchers has revealed a new map of the human genome that will break new ground in finding out the genetic origins of disease, including heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's and various cancers. Stephen Scherer, senior scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children, has found new kinds of genetic variations hidden within the genome, which scientists say could change their entire understanding of inheritance of disease and evolution. The study, published yesterday in the journal Nature, also reveals that genetic variation between humans is much greater than previously thought. "We have a common heritage through our common humanity, but we also have a lot of differences that make us unique," says Scherer, who is also a professor of medicine at the University of Toronto. "Now we have more biology to explain the differences between brothers or cousins or spouses." The map will soon be used in 20,000 labs around the world, says Tom Hudson, president and scientific director of the new Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. In the six years since scientists mapped the human genome, researchers continue to find new information hidden deep within our genes. Scherer and his team discovered many hundreds of genetic variations called copy number variants (CNVs), large segments of DNA that either have an extra or missing part, as opposed to a single pair. Scherer and his colleagues at several different research centres in the United States, Japan and Europe, used state-of-the-art technology to locate CNVs within the human genome, creating a new map that shows 1,477 new locations for this form of genetic variation. This is a big leap forward from the Human Genome Project that helped identify millions of base-pair changes in the DNA code. These single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) have been mapped in more detail and scientists have long thought that they were the primary source of genetic variation within humans. But as Scherer continued to build on his research, the team found that CNVs had a much wider reach. They compared chunks of DNA from 270 people with African, Asian or European ancestry and found nearly 1,500 CNV regions, which covers 12 per cent of the human genome. "We were shocked at the number of these things that we found," says Scherer, who adds that the team spent six months checking and double-checking their data to make sure it was valid. "We knew they existed, but we never predicted this many of them." Roderick McInnes, scientific director of the Institute of Genetics at the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, says that Scherer and colleagues were right in concluding that scientists will have to incorporate CNV analysis in every new study on genomes. Last month, Scherer released the CNV map to the scientific community via his website, and scientists from all over the world, working in clinical science, evolutionary biology and basic science, began using the new database. Hudson, a founding member of the Human Genome Project, says the CNV study is a significant step forward because the techniques and tools are immediately available to the research community. Hudson is now leading a new project called Assessment of Risk for Colorectal Tumours in Canada to find ways of predicting a person's genetic susceptibility to colon cancer. He is eager to see if CNVs can push his research forward. Scherer says that CNVs could influence how genetic tests and personalized genome sequencing methods are developed, and may be used in the field of pharmacogenetics to explain the body's response to different drugs. CNVs could also provide clues to evolutionary biologists about how chromosomes evolved between species, he says. Scientists have found CNVs in the genome of other animal species, including mice and chimpanzees. For Scherer, the next step is to look for CNVs at an even higher resolution to create a second-generation map and a more complete database. There are likely many, many more. "We would like to sample 1,000 people from around the world to get a better survey of the characteristics and content of CNVs," he says. "We want to know where all of them are in a human population and fully understand their implications in development and disease."

Bulgarian archaeologists have unearthed 15,000 miniature golden rings that date back to the end of the third millennium BC. Many of the rings are so finely crafted that their design etchings are invisibleto the naked eye. The golden ornaments have been gradually unearthed over the past year from an ancient tomb near the central village of Dabene, 120 km east of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The site consists of an ancient settlement and three burial mounds. Archaeologists on site have not identified the ancient inhabitants.They say the treasure is a find that equals the famous treasure of Troy.


During a recently aired debate with Raj Sharda for Mayor

Susan Fennel stated she gets 300 emails a day and answers them all personally. Below is a one of many issues forwarded to her as well as her secretary and assisant never answered. Sent to cityhall@brampton.ca,          Election 2006

Raj Sharda says the six months he spent as a regional councillor in Halton, combined with his legal knowledge, has given him the skills to be mayor of the City of Brampton. "In all humility, I feel my experience on town council in Oakville, and on regional council in Halton, gave me that foundation, the skills to take on the leadership role," he said, adding he has a long history of legal experience and negotiation, too. Coming from another town can be advantageous, too, he said. "I haven't been part of the consistent problem," he said. "You bring a different set of eyes. I think I can bring a fresh look." The 40-year-old has lived in Brampton for four years, but has been practicing law here for the past nine, opening his own office in the downtown core recently. He moved here from Oakville, where he applied for and was appointed, to fill a vacancy on the Town of Oakville council in Ward 2 in June 2000. The terms of the appointment requested that he not run for the seat in the November 2000 election, and he honoured that arrangement, he said. As a town councillor, he also sat at the regional council table, and he was on the town's planning committee. "I can leverage my experience in municipal politics, community boards, and the legal profession. I believe having a new vision is a healthy part of the municipal process," he said because many issues facing the city fall under federal or provincial jurisdiction, being a determined advocate for Brampton is key, he said. Sharda said he believes there are a lot of Bramptonians who feel disconnected from city hall. "There are a lot of people who strongly feel their voices are not being heard," he said, as mayor, he would hold numerous town hall meetings. "My vision is to be a mayor for the people," he said. "I very strongly feel, the people are telling me, that's not happening right now. It may be despite best efforts. I think I can improve that by making myself available throughout the neighbourhoods of Brampton he would listen to residents' concerns, take them back to city staff, and ask them to find solutions that work for residentsit is "skyrocketing" growth and gaps that have been created in the last six years that he said he is determined to address and "get the job done right, the first time." "I feel I can serve Brampton as a leader with vision, the openness to listen, the courage to speak up, and the determination to act swiftly," he said his sense of the cap on residential housing that the city has imposed is "shutting the barn doors after the horses have left the barn"I believe it's relatively ineffective," his concern is whether or not there is "any political will" to slow growth. "What's to stop the cap from being taken away in a year?" he asked. He said what needs to be done is a gathering of "stakeholders" into the picture and get them to "buy in" that it's in their best interests to building functioning cities. He said it isn't the developer's fault, but there is no "push back, no hold-on". "How is that leadership? This is what people need and want, and you negotiate." As for finding money to build much-needed infrastructure, he said he believes city staff hold the key and just need positive encouragement. "I think they can find ways of saving money," he said. He promises to launch an outreach program for those who are not coming to city hall to be involved, engage youth, make the case for economic investment in commuter links to help address gridlock and put plans in place to head off future gridlock. Immediately, though, his priority will be to "tackle high property taxes, lack of public infrastructure (libraries, recreation centres and inadequate roads)." He said he will explore creative solutions to feed the Brampton Transit main grid routes, because some residents must walk 20 minutes to a bus stop, which is a "major disincentive." Sharda is a provincial adjudicator on the Consent and Capacity Board and a volunteer legal advisor to the Brampton Small Business Enterprise Centre,. Sharda's Web site is www.rajsharda.ca,/a> his e-mail address is rajshardaformayor@bellnet.ca/a> and his telephone number is 905-454-2402.

TURN YOURSELF IN...Investigators with the Special Victims Unit are trying to identify a man wanted for a sexual assault against a 33 year–old female, which occurred at Blue Lake Parkette on October 16, 2006, at about 3:15 p.m. The victim was sitting in the park, which is at Marotta Avenue and Chinguacousy Road, when she was approached by the suspect, who engaged her in conversation, then inappropriately touched her. The victim left the park and saw the suspect speaking with another woman. The suspect is described as male, south Asian, late 50s to early 60s, 6'0" tall, 170 to 190 lbs., a long face with full beard, and a mole beside his right eye. He was wearing a burgundy turban, and a beige sports jacket with small multi–coloured pattern. Police are looking for the public's assistance in identifying the suspect and locating the unknown woman who was also approached by the suspect in the park.

As inexpensive as $7,000 or pricey as $1 million, going out on a limb can be a personalized way to add fun and value to your home -- and it's not just for kids.

By Douglas MacMillan, BusinessWeek.com

When brothers Ron and John Daniels were growing up on a ranch, they built elaborate forts and treehouses to pass the time and earn the envy of family and friends. Nowadays, not much has changed for the Danielses -- except that their creations sell from $7,000 to upward of $1 million and can be found in the backyards of homes all over the world.
Once a symbol of childhood imagination and the test of a father's carpentry prowess, treehouses are becoming a luxury commodity for people of all ages. Custom makers like the Danielses supply adults with a fun space for entertaining, relaxing and working. With proper insulation, wiring and plumbing, a professional treehouse can even become a livable extra bedroom for guests.

Winter trees


A 40–foot spruce decorated with more than 15,000 twinkling lights will illuminate the evening sky on Friday, Nov. 17, when the Rotary Club of Brampton South presents its Sixth Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony, from 6:30 to 8 p.m., in Ken Whillans Square at Brampton City Hall. The spectacular tree–lighting ceremony also launches the City of Brampton's Second Annual WinterLights Celebration, held at various locations throughout the City. Last year, the City of Brampton received five stars in the juried competition. The Canadian Tenors and Brampton's own Get Loud singers will provide the entertainment during the tree–lighting ceremony. Brampton Salvation Army will serve free hot chocolate and coffee with the Brampton Downtown Business Association giving out free candy canes to the young and young–at–heart. Free glow sticks will be given to children. Anyone dining in the downtown area on Nov. 17 will receive a 15 per cent discount at participating restaurants, if you mention that you attended the tree–lighting ceremony. Some restrictions may apply. Once again this year, Brampton Hydro One will offer its free LED Light Exchange Program. Residents can bring one string of old Christmas lights to the tree–lighting ceremony and exchange them for one string of energy efficient LED lights, at no charge. In addition to free food and entertainment, bring the children into City Hall to e–mail a letter to Santa Claus – at no cost. Horse and carriage rides will be available around the City's historic downtown for only $10. For more information about the tree–lighting celebration and the WinterLights Celebration, visit the City's website at www.brampton.ca.Mixed martial artists Sean Gravalos (left) and Derek Begley are scheduled to compete this weekend against U.S. fighters in Ohio.ARGOS MAULED
Argonauts quarterback Damon Allen is sacked by Alouettes linebacker Dwayne Taylor.Thyron Anderson caught a 52-yard touchdown pass and Robert Edwards scored on the ground as the Montreal Alouettes downed the Toronto Argonauts 33-24 in the East Division final yesterday. Cornerback Mark Estelle, a source of distraction last week when he and tackle Alain Kashama had a run-in with police over a traffic violation, made news again with a 78-yard interception return off Damon Allen. The 43-year-old Allen was pulled for a second consecutive playoff game and Michael Bishop mounted a comeback with TD passes to Arland Bruce and Michael Palmer. Ricky Williams scored on a one-yard plunge with 2:03 left to play, but Damon Duval's fourth field goal of the game from 44 yards with 51 seconds left sealed the win. Meanwhile...Saskatchewan out due to an...



Montreal Alouettes quarterback Anthony Calvillo (left) will face the B.C. Lions and counterpart Dave Dickenson in this weekend's Grey Cup in WinnipegLions advance to Grey Cup against Montreal
Saskatchewan is Next Year Country, a place where the promise of tomorrow never seems to arrive. The Great Tomorrow will remain a pipe dream on the Prairies for at least another year after the Lions established that they are the unquestioned best in the West Sunday at B.C. Place.

Raycroft's Injury Gives Aubin Chance To Redeem HimselfRaycroft's Injury Gives Aubin Chance To Redeem HimselfThe Toronto Maple Leafs will be without captain Mats Sundin and starting goalie Andrew Raycroft when they square off against the rival Montreal Canadiens on Saturday night.  Raycroft strained his groin in a victorious return to Boston and will be replaced by Jean-Sebastien Aubin. 

Jean-Francois Racine will back him up, signifying the first time in 10 years that two French-Canadians  will share the goaltending duties for the blue and white.

Shuttle to repair Hubble
On the eve of the Day of the Dead, NASA administrator Michael Griffin gave the Hubble Space Telescope a new lease on life by announcing that Space Shuttle astronauts will visit the observatory in 2008 to replace worn-out parts and install powerful new scientific instruments. The servicing mission will enable Hubble to continue producing landmark astronomical discoveries until 2013 and perhaps longer. Without servicing, Hubble is doomed to die a slow electronic death in the next two to three years as its aging batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. Griffin traveled from his Washington, DC, office to the Goddard Space Flight Center in nearby Greenbelt, Maryland, where he spoke to a rapt audience of Hubble scientists and engineers, many of whom have been working on the project for decades. "We are going to add a mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope to the shuttle's manifest before it retires," said Griffin, and the crowd rose to give him a standing ovation. Only three years ago, many of these same folks were in mourning when Sean O'Keefe, Griffin's predecessor, canceled plans to repair and upgrade the observatory amid concerns for astronaut safety in the wake of the Columbia disaster.

BAD COPS.....Two police officers who had an aboriginal teen in their cruiser the night he was last seen alive have lost an appeal of their dismissals. A hearing officer presiding over the appeal under the Police Act has found former Saskatoon constables Larry Hartwig and Bradley Senger "unsuitable for police service." Hartwig and Senger were fired from the Saskatoon police force in November 2004 after a public inquiry concluded the pair had Neil Stonechild in their cruiser the night he was last seen alive. Stonechild was found frozen to death on the outskirts of the city five days after he vanished in November 1990. There were marks on his body that inquiry commissioner David Wright decided were probably made by handcuffs. Members of Saskatoon's aboriginal community had accused police for years of dropping off perceived troublemakers on the city's edge and leaving them to find their own way back. Neither Hartwig nor Senger ever faced criminal charges.

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Police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons to disperse protesters yesterday in anti-government demonstrations coinciding with Hungary's commemoration of the 50th anniversary of its uprising against Soviet rule. A line of about 150 police in riot gear, behind three water cannons, slowly advanced on a crowd of about 200 protesters, who threw bottles and rocks. Police fired back with tear gas as a police helicopter circled low above the crowd. An Associated Press photographer said one protester in the streets near Kossuth Square -- the site of previous large demonstrations -- was hit in the head by a rubber bullet and was bleeding but conscious. Demonstrators carried placards with two-metre-tall letters spelling out the word "freedom" in Hungarian.

Police Fear Accused Suspect May Be One Of G.T.A.'s Most Prolific PedophilesPolice Fear Accused Suspect May Be One Of G.T.A.'s Most Prolific Pedophiles  An alleged pedophile faces over 280 new charges in cases that go back more than 20 years.That's what Durham Regional Police are contending, after laying a staggering 282 new charges against a man already facing a wide range of child porn and sexual misconduct allegations.  Michael "Ross" Stratton. (That's him at left in his varous incarnations overs the years.)Police arrested the 39-year-old Whitby resident last June and issued a public appeal about him two months later. Cops allege they found a large number of videos in his possession depicting young children involved and are trying to figure out who the victims are. Many have come forward since the summer and police allege the attacks they describe go as far back as 1985. They charge two of the victims were only six years old when the crimes took place. They're now in their late teens. 
Pastor Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 14-Yr.-Old Girl At His ChurchPastor Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 14-Yr.-Old Girl At His Church
A man in the ultimate position of trust has been thrust into a scandal involving a young girl, a church and some serious charges. Toronto Police have arrested a pastor who works in a local house of worship and charged him with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. Charles Gayle ministers to the needs of congregants at the Faith House Apostolic Church near Lawrence and Caledonia Road. That's where cops allege he attacked the teen on at least one occasion.

They claim the assaults started in the 'first few months' of this year.

He's currently facing four counts of sexual assault and a similar number of sexual exploitation charges.

But authorities are wondering if anyone else has anything to tell them. 

American Sex Offender's "Exile" To Canada Raises Anger & QuestionsAmerican Sex Offender's "Exile" To Canada Raises Anger & Questions
Which would you choose if you were convicted of a major crime: prison or 'exile'? t's the stuff of fiction, but for one now convicted sex offender from Buffalo, it's become a bizarre reality. Malcolm Watson, a 35-year-old American seminary teacher, was found guilty of having a sexual relationship with one of his own 15-year-old students, his sentence was stunning - he was given the option of staying behind bars for about 365 days or facing three years 'exile' in Canada. Needless to say, he went north in a hurry and his sentence officially began on Monday. The decision has angered advocates on both sides of the border.  Americans are furious that a man found guilty of having such an inappropriate relationship with a youngster seemed to escape justice,t6hey wonder if it's even legal for a judge to exile an American citizen from his own country. Canadians are infuriated that a U.S. jurist would simply release a pedophile across the border and make it our problem. Watson has chosen to live in Ft. Erie with his Canadian wife and three sons and can only go stateside to meet with his parole officer. Prosecutors over in Buffalo agree it's an unusual deal. "They were making out in a car in a mall parking lot," complains Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark. "
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Mississauga City Council Candidate Charged With Impersonating Police OfficerMississauga City Council Candidate Charged With Impersonating Police Officer
Charges of police impersonation, intimidation, and a political scandal - it sounds like the makings of a Hollywood movie, not the race to become a Mississauga city councillor, the controversy is very real leading up to the November 13th municipal election. Adnan Hashmi, a candidate in Ward 10, is accused of pretending to be a police officer in order to intimidate one of his rivals to throw in the towel.Fellow candidate Ishrat Nasim claims the 32-year-old Hashmi went to her home Sunday and tried to get her landlady to admit that she doesn't actually live there and subsequently isn't eligible to run in the ward.According to a report by Peel Regional Police, two men forced their way inside the residence, claimed to be police officers, and instructed the homeowner to write a note saying that the candidate doesn't actually reside there."I am surprised. I was shocked, I couldn't sleep," Nasim complains. She contends she's eligible to run because her official residence is listed as the location of her husband's business. "Since five months I am here in Mississauga," she defends. While her license still shows Brampton, Nasim was able to prove her change of address using other documents.

Fringe Candidate For Mayor Holds Up Debate At U Of TFringe Candidate For Mayor Holds Up Debate At U Of T
The most interesting part of Monday night's mayoral debate at the University of Toronto may have been what preceded it. The face-off between three top candidates Jane Pitfield, Stephen LeDrew and incumbent David Miller was delayed by an hour by a fringe candidate who's also one of the most recognizable homeless people in the city.Kevin Clarke showed up at the U of T's Hart House Monday holding a broomstick, a chief prop in Miller's last election campaign, and demanding to be included in the Youth Votes 2006 debate.Clarke refused to leave the stage and accused Miller of preventing him from participating because he's black. At one point Pitfield approached him in order to calm him down so the scheduled debate could begin, but he apparently responded with insulting sexual comments.None of the major candidates would take the stage until Clarke had left - but because it's university policy to cancel events rather than remove people, it took nearly an hour for the situation to be resolved.
Part of Anti-terrorism Act violates charter: judgePart of Anti-terrorism Act violates charter: judge The first person charged under the federal Anti-terrorism Act in Canada won a legal victory on Tuesday when an Ontario judge struck down a provision because he says it violates charter rights.Justice Douglas Rutherford of Ontario Superior Court ruled that a section of the Anti-terrorism Act that defines "terrorism" violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Mohammad Momin Khawaja, shown in 2004, is accused in Britain of being part of an extremist organization accused of plotting to blow up the country's electricity supply network, trains, pubs and nightclubs

The man who served as political master of the RCMP for most of the Maher Arar affair says the Mounties kept him in the dark about the fact they had passed erroneous information to U.S. authorities on the case.

Wayne Easter, testifying Tuesday at a Commons committee, said he wasn't informed the national police force had wrongly labelled Arar an "Islamic extremist" - a tag that likely led to his deportation to face torture in Syria.

RCMPvs Arar Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli has told the same committee he learned of the mistake shortly after Arar was shipped to Syria in the fall of 2002. Zaccardelli testified that there were "discussions"with the minister at the time and briefing material was prepared. The commissioner also reiterated several times that the Mounties had contacted the Americans and "tried" to correct the faulty information. Easter, who was Liberal solicitor general from October 2002 to December 2003, told a dramatically different story. "I was not so informed," he said Tuesday. He said he had checked all his briefing notes and other documents and consulted with former ministerial aides to be sure what the Mounties told him. "There was no reference to erroneous information, no reference to false information, nor was there any reference to any corrective efforts having been made by the RCMP." Easter noted that he met John Ashcroft, then U.S. attorney general, in the summer of 2003 and "basically gave (him) hell" about the way the Americans had handled the Arar case.

- North Korean leader Kim Jong Il made his first-known public appearance since his country's nuclear test, official media reported Wednesday, amid concerns that the regime was readying a second detonation. Kim, accompanied by top Communist Party officials and military officers, attended a performance of songs praising him, the official Korean Central News Agency reported. The exact date of the performance was not specified, but Kim most likely attended the event Tuesday evening on the 80th anniversary of the "Down-with-Imperialism Union" - a political platform on which the ruling party was built. A second nuclear test was not ruled out by Ri Gun, director-general of the North Korean Foreign Ministry's American affairs bureau, in an interview with ABC News in Pyongyang that was broadcast Wednesday. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice smiles as Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso, right, answers a reporter's questions   In Tokyo, U.S. State Secretary Condoleezza Rice met with Japanese officials and said the United States was prepared to use the "full range" of its military might to defend Japan in light of North Korea's Oct. 9 test. Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso said he was reassured by Rice's comments and emphasized that Japan had no plans to develop nuclear weapons, a prospect the U.S. fears could trigger and arms race in Asia.
U.S. spies 3 potential nuke sitesU.S. spies 3 potential nuke sites The intelligence community has observed potential preparations for a nuclear test at at least three sites in North Korea, a U.S. intelligence analyst has told CNN, but it is not known what the reclusive communist nation may do at any of them.

Sanctions urged after bomb test. North Korea faced global condemnation and calls for harsh sanctions yesterday after it announced that it had set off an atomic explosion underground, a test that thrusts the secretive communist state into the elite club of nuclear-armed nations
North Korea graphic  N. Korea's nuclear test ...TORONTO -- Greenpeace activists held a rally at Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square Monday, condemning nuclear weapons in the wake of North Korea's claim it has conducted a nuclear test. A person dressed in a dark cloak sounded a small cymbal as a second person depicting the Grim Reaper carried a North Korean flag. The Reaper figure held the flag up against surrounding flags from countries that have nuclear weapons, including China, Pakistan and the U.S.

 The Ontario government is asking Ottawa to investigate a series of cigarette billboards near a Six Nations aboriginal reserve that the province's health promotion minister believes are a violation of federal law. The lighted signs and billboards, which line a highway leading to the southern Ontario reserve near the town of Caledonia, advertise cigarettes for sale on the reserve. "These clearly, in our opinion, are a breach of the federal advertising law," Jim Watson said Tuesday before the Liberal government's weekly caucus meeting. "We hope the federal government takes its responsibility seriously and is very proactive in making sure the law is upheld." Since the province's Smoke-Free Ontario Act does not apply to aboriginal reserves, Watson has written to federal Health Minister Tony Clement to ask for an investigation on the grounds the billboards violate federal laws that forbid tobacco advertising. One of the billboards features a cartoon bull with a feather between his horns, having a drink and a smoke, Watson noted. "We're trying to get young people not to smoke," he said. "This does exactly the opposite." Transportation Minister Donna Cansfield said Tuesday that the tobacco billboards were being removed. "The advertising signs on Highway Six between Caledonia and Hagersville are currently being removed in accordance with normal ministry policy," she told the legislature. Cansfield contradicted herself minutes later, outside the House, when she told reporters that the province was investigating the roadside signs to determine if their placement violates Ontario's Highway Traffic Act. "What we're doing is doing that investigating to ensure that they are first of all illegal, and on our property and not on reserve property and not on private property," she said. "I think we'll just follow the normal ministry procedure." Cansfield said the ministry would give the signs' owners 24 hours notice to remove any signs found to be illegal - and on public property - before the ministry removes them.

U.S.: We won't bend to North Korea bullyingNorth Korea's Promise To Conduct A Nuclear Test Brings New Dilemma For The West
A North Korean soldier stands in a patrol tower. MENTAL CASE WITH A BUTTON...
World Leaders Condemn North Korea's Reported Nuclear Test09t[1].gifWorld Leaders Condemn North Korea's Reported Nuclear Test
North Korean officials may see Monday's nuclear test as a "great leap forward," but almost every other world leader sees it as a major step in the wrong direction. Members of the UN Security Council condemned North Korea over its claim Monday, and demanded at an emergency meeting that the communist country return to six-party talks on its weapons program.

A young Hungarian girl waves a national flag together with many thousands of right wing demonstrators in Budapest as they call for the resignation of the country's socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany on Oct. 7, 2006. (AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky) A young Hungarian girl waves a national flag together with many thousands of right wing demonstrators in Budapest as they call for the resignation of the country's socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsanybecause of his admission on a leaked tape that he had lied to the country about the economy.A new leaked recording of a Socialist minister was broadcast, raising more questions about the government's integrity. Protesters have gathered outside parliament pressing for the removal of Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany since Sept. 17, when he was heard admitting on a leaked recording that his government had lied about the economy to win re-election in April.The second Saddam Hussein trial has been adjourned till Tuesday, the acting chief judge said Wednesday.

Hussein and six co-defendants are on trial for crimes during the Anfal campaign in 1988. That was a military operation conducted in the Kurdish region of Iraq.

Trial sessions were held Monday through Wednesday.

Hussein and seven other co-defendants also face a verdict in the Dujail case

 story.paris.nicole.ap.jpgParis and Nicole have put aside their differences and will work as camp counselors in the next season of "The Simple Life." After a yearlong public feud that nearly killed the reality show that made them famous, Hilton and Richie have agreed to film a fifth chapter of "The Simple Life" together, executive producer Jon Murray told The Associated Press."The thing the viewers love is the two girls together," he said. "America, Paris and Nicole are going to camp."

British officials evacuated Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport in London Tuesday over security fears. Police said everyone was ordered out of the building after a man ran up to the Air Algeria desk, dropped off a package, and ran away. The airport's bomb squad was called to the scene of the incident, and emergency services are reportedly checking the nature of the suspicious item.British Authorities Evacuate Heathrow Terminal U.S. to bolster missile defense program in reaction to NKorea 'aggression
The United States will bolster defense cooperation with its allies in response to North Korea's reported nuclear test, President Bush said Wednesday.That will include "cooperation with ballistic missile defense to protect against North Korean aggression," as well as economic sanctions "to prevent North Korea from exporting nuclear and missile technologies," he told reporters in the White House Rose Garden.The president said Washington "will take the necessary actions" to ensure peace in the region and a nuclear-free Korean peninsula. Authorities Evacuate Heathrow Tuesday October 10, 2006


(Brampton) - The red carpet was rolled out in Theatre Square for Friday's gala opening of the Rose Theatre

Krall enthralls at gala opening
ARTS PERSON OF THE YEAR MAUREEN ADAMS....Maureen Adams always wanted to be on stage, but a severe case of stage fright prevented her from taking up acting in her spare time. She decided to use her passion for the theatre in a different way, delighting thousands of children from across southern Ontario over the past 50 years. Adams is a puppeteer. And a very proud one at that. "Puppetry has been a big part of my life and I love it," said the spirited 82-year-old. "I can't imagine if I had never picked up a puppet." Adams' contribution as a puppeteer was recently recognized with the 2006 Arts Person of the Year Award. The honour is presented annually by the Brampton Arts Council to a local resident who has been active on the arts scene. "I couldn't believe it," she commented about the recognition. "It was overwhelming receiving this award. I've been in puppetry for so long-- I just love it and that has always been enough for me." Adams first fell in love with puppetry during a three-week workshop on the craft in the early 1950s. At the time, she was a children's librarian at a public library in Niagara Falls and was looking for a way to spice up story time. After the workshop, she was hooked. Not only was it a good way to add some variety to her job, but it also proved a good way to spend time with her husband John, who was also a librarian with a passion for theatre. The couple regularly put on puppet shows at library branches in Niagara Falls and continued the tradition when they moved to Welland. "These were full-scale productions," Adams recalled. "We would record the story with sound effects and music ahead of time, then we'd add special lighting effects. Sometimes we got local school children to read some of the parts. John and I also made the puppets and marionettes from wood, Plasticine and other materials." The Adams' puppet shows were popular in Welland. Adams knew children's literature intimately, so she chose shows she knew would be popular, like Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin and Cinderella. She also created productions based on North American Indian legends to promote Canadian history. Adams said the response she and John received was worth the many hours they put into producing the shows. "In Welland in the 1950s, more than 100 kids would come out for our show on a Saturday morning," she said. "You could see the wonder on the children's faces. That's when you realized what you have done-- you have created magic." After several additions to the family and a few relocations, with stops in Saskatchewan and England, the Adams family finally settled in Brampton in 1962. John continued to work as a librarian at different branches in the region, while Adams spent time raising their children, eventually becoming a librarian/teacher and finally a kindergarten teacher in various Brampton schools. The couple's four children-- Andrew, Christopher, Richard, Delores-- and some of their school friends became interested in puppetry, leading to the creation of the Adams Marionettes. The travelling family group regularly presented shows in libraries and schools across Ontario from 1972 to 1982. As the children grew older and left the nest, Adams and John continued to do shows and attend puppet festivals hosted by the Ontario Puppetry Association and the Puppeteers of America. Adams co-founded the Puppetry Guild of Peel in the late 1990s. Marnie Richards, president of the Brampton Arts Council, said it is easy to see why Adams is the ideal recipient of the 2006 Arts Person of the Year Award. "Puppetry throughout the world is a big part of the arts," Richards commented. "It is very intriguing when she works a marionette. People become riveted and they want to be part of that make-believe world. She's a wonderful person and is very talented." Adams underwent major heart surgery two years ago, which she said led to a hiatus from puppetry. John's death this January was also difficult for Adams to deal with. However, she said she hopes to give puppetry talks again in the near future. "Some of the best memories I have with John and my children were when we were doing puppet shows," she said. "I'm so happy it was such a big part of my life."

see captionDespite the fact that the eruption was comparable to that of the far more famous eruption of Krakatau in Indonesia in 1883 and so near the continental United States, it was hardly known at the time because the area was so remote from English-speaking people.Right: An aerial view of the Novarupta Dome in Alaska. USGS photo by Gene Iwatsubo, July 29, 1987. Almost a hundred years later, researchers are paying attention. Novarupta is near the Arctic Circle and its impact on climate appears to be quite different from that of "ordinary" tropical volcanoes, according to recent research by climatologists using a NASA computer model.

Frances Elaine Campione was supposed to have gone to family court Thursday for the latest in a long-running custody battle over her two children. The 31-year-old mother did appear in a Barrie court - but for a very different reason. She's now accused of first-degree murder in the deaths of her daughters: three-year-old Serena and her one-year-old sister Sophia. Following the brief appearance she was remanded to custody.According to police, Campione called 911 at about 6am Wednesday. When officers arrived at the family's 13-storey apartment building on Coulter St., near Bayfield St. and Highway 400 in the city's north end, they found the two youngsters dead.Campione was taken to Royal Victoria Hospital to be examined and then to Barrie police headquarters for questioning. She was subsequently charged in the girls' deaths.Looking back, she wasn't a pleasant person when she moved in, you know what I mean?" asks former neighbour Stephanie Cassita. "So even before they had kids, she wasn't a pleasant person."Things got worse in 2005, when Leo Campione was charged with assault against his wife and then only child, Serena. But residents recall the father as a man who doted on his kids and insist they never believed the allegations. "From Leo?" an incredulous Wendy Ramsay asks. "No, I don't think so. I definitely don't think so." "She wasn't a nice person," she adds. "And she put him through a lot, a lot." "He would never do anything to hurt those two little girls," insists Mary Ramsay. "He loved them so much."Leo's lawyer came to court on Thursday trying to get the charges withdrawn, one day after his client's children had been forever taken from him. While no one's sure just what could have led to the terrible ending that took place in that lonely fourth floor apartment, those who lived next door to the couple for so long are finding it hard to forget the faces of the little kids that were lost.

The new MINI has its world premiere at the Mondial de l'Automobile 2006 in Paris as the sporty two-door car is presented to the public for the first time. The new version of the best-selling small car in the premium segment - with over 800,000 sold-- reveals a fascinating evolutionary development of its characteristic design, a complete reworking of the interior and entirely newly designed 4-cylinder engines. The 2006 Mustang GT Convertible is a throwback to the muscle car era. It comes with a 4.6-litre V8, producing 300 horsepower and 320 lb/ft of torque. That is 50 per cent more power than the 289 cu. in. V8 in the original 1964 Mustang. A 4.0-litre V8 with 210 hp and 240 lb/ft of torque is standard on the Mustang.

Guaranteeing the outstanding agility of the new MINI Cooper S is its 1.6 litre 4-cylinder turbo engine with 175 bhp. The new MINI Cooper's 1.6 litre 4-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with 120 bhp provides impressive driving pleasure. The world premiere of the new MINI is one of the major attractions of the Paris automobile show, which runs from Sept. 30 to Oct. 15 and is expected to attract 1.5 million visitors. "From original to original"-- this is the body design philosophy of the new MINI. The striking details of this evolutionary revision include the newly design hexagon radiator grille which emphasizes the friendly expression of the car. The large circular headlamps are also new, with direction indicators now integrated in them. This means that the front has greater clarity; an additional eye-catcher is provided by the position lights which are placed below the headlamps. From the side perspective, the characteristic all-round row of windows tapers off to the rear more markedly than in the predecessor model. The rear of the new MINI is sportier and more powerful with its commanding shoulder section. The more striking powerdome and the opening in the bonnet are particularly characteristic of the MINI Cooper S as compared to the MINI Cooper. The second MINI generation offers a completely new interior design. The atmosphere in the interior is characterized by additional leg space for driver and front passenger, high-quality materials and an unmistakable cockpit design. The instruments are designed in circular shapes and reduced to an absolute minimum. The central display unit - the Center Speedo - now has a significantly increased range of functions, including the entertainment system controls and the display for the optional navigation system. The range of fascinating equipment details also includes the new ambient lighting, part of an optional lighting package which creates a unique interior atmosphere.

Mario Lemieux's seven-year struggle to keep the Penguins afloat in Pittsburgh is over.
Mario Lemieux's seven-year struggle to keep the Penguins afloat in Pittsburgh is over.Canadian business executive Jim Balsillie, whose company makes the BlackBerry wireless messaging device, signed an agreement to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins.The announcement Thursday came hours before the Penguins were to open their season against the Philadelphia Flyers. The team did not disclose terms of the purchase agreement but said Balsillie was to be available Thursday night at Mellon Arena.The Penguins, two-time Stanley Cup champions in the 1990s, were purchased in federal bankruptcy court in 1999 by a group that was led by Hall of Fame Penguins forward Mario Lemieux. Lemieux retired as a player last season and later put the team up for sale."Jim is a tremendous businessman and a passionate hockey fan, and I think he is going to be a great owner for the Pittsburgh Penguins," Lemieux said. "I know his hope is to get a new arena deal and keep the team here in Pittsburgh for the long-term."The 45-year-old Balsillie, co-chief executive officer of Research in Motion Ltd., stepped in and began negotiating after the Penguins and Toronto businessman Sam Fingold could not complete a deal. The team said on July 28 that Fingold had reached a preliminary deal for approximately $175 million.
Argos Clinch Playoff Berth After Close Call with EdmontonArgos Clinch Playoff Berth After Close Call with Edmonton
It wasn't easy but it's a done deal. The Toronto Argonauts officially clinched a playoff berth on Monday, with a hard fought 28-23 win over the visiting Edmonton Eskimos,whoever said getting there was half the fun never took this journey. Argos took an early lead in the first half at the Rogers Centre after QB Damon Allen hit Arland Bruce III with two touchdowns.

story.lowenthal.cnn.jpg Former Vice Chairman of National Intelligence Council Mark Lowenthal. With the war on terror a top campaign issue in midterm elections, President Bush has declassified key findings of an intelligence report after parts of it were leaked findng the Iraq war is fueling terrorism.It's very unusual, as I mentioned, for a president to declassify the information. Do you think it was a mistake?LOWENTHAL: Well, I think he had to because one paragraph -- out of an estimate that apparently is over 30 pages long -- was leaked. And I think the president felt that in order to get the true sense of the breadth of the estimate, you had to show more than .... just that one paragraph.Let's take a look at some of the declassified key judgments from the report. This one: "The Iraq conflict has become the cause celebre for Jihadists, breeding a deep resentment of U.S. involvement in the Muslim world and cultivating supporters for the global Jihadist movement,other parts of that seem to be relatively straightforward. But there are other parts in this key judgments that almost contradict talk about progress made.In fact, I think the two paragraphs in the parts that were released that I found much more significant than the Iraq paragraph that you read, that everyone is excited about is ... that the underlying factors spreading terrorism outweigh the ones that are likely to limit it. Which is actually the paragraph after Iraq. Later on that same page, they say that we have to do more than kill or capture terrorists!



 The 3-D scan of the Mona Lisa has  helped to further our understanding of Leonardo's work. The analysis of the portrait also found that in addition to her veil, she was wearing a dark bonnet that is not visible because of a layer of varnish. Furthermore, the researchers found that one of her hand's had originally been painted in another position.

Poisonous Snake On The Loose In Weston Rooming HousePoisonous Snake On The Loose In Weston. It's eight feet long, poisonous, and on the loose. Residents of a rooming house in Weston have been forced out of their homes by a vicious cobra, which managed to escape its enclosure and is now on the loose inside the building.The creature (similar to the one in the photo) is believed to belong to a 38-year-old man who lives there and owns several exotic pets. The threat posed by the silent slitherer was great enough that officials insisted people evacuate the building for safety reasons.

Clothing That Incorporates Light May Illuminate The Fashion IndustryLight May Illuminate The Fashion Industry It's starting to get colder out, which means you might want to break out the light clothing. No, you didn't read that wrong. It's just a reference to what may be the next big thing in fashion and the next big profit centre for clothes makers - apparel that lights up when you wear it. It's called Lumalive and it was developed by an electronics firm. Dutch giant Philips created the fabric that contains light emitting diodes as part of a research project last year. But it's only now that they've decided it may have a commercial use. Enter fashion designer Anke Loh, who believes there's lots of money to be brought to light from the idea. Her "Dressing Light" line of clothing is expected to hit stores in 2007. "I had the idea of putting different lights into clothing and seeing what kind of moving images and atmosphere I could create," she explains. The fabric can display text, graphics and even animation

Postcard:  A Greeting from NASA's Newest Mars Orbiter

From: NASA's Newest Mars Orbiter
To:   A Hardy NASA Rover

Hey Opportunity! I see you down there on Mars. Impressive new digs you
have! Hope you're enjoying the view of Victoria crater as much as I am.
I'm on the job up here, busy scouting things out and getting ready to
study Mars in great detail. Gotta go--lots to do up here, too.
In this image, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Sees Opportunity!
HiRISE camera sees Opportunity! - 10/06/06
Showing its capability, HiRISE reveals the Opportunity rover near the rim of Victoria Crater in Meridiani Planum, as well as its shadow on the Martian surface and wheel tracks in the Martian soil behind it. The HiRISE image also reveals eroded segments of the crater rim and other landscape features in great detail.

Starbucks Sued For Millions Over Refused CouponStarbucks Sued For Millions Over Refused Coupon The story began brewing last month, when the company sent out an email to its employees offering a coupon for a free iced drink. The letter purportedly encouraged the recipients to forward the coupon to family and friends. Starbucks didn't take into account the power of the Internet and the caffeinated-drink vendor received a rude wake-up call. So many people sent that offer to so many others, the coffee giant was overwhelmed by the response. And it began costing them too much money. So they quickly rescinded the offer and refused to accept the coupons. That was a slap in the face for 23-year-old Kelly Coakley, who tried to cash in her freebie and was refused. Most of us would simply forget about it and move on. But the regular customer claims she felt 'betrayed' and did something we likely wouldn't - contacted a lawyer. Now what started as a simple good-will freebie promotion has spiraled into a potential $114 million class action lawsuit. New York lawyer Peter Sullivan is accusing the Seattle-based coffee giant of fraud and has filed a complaint on behalf of the company's millions of customers. How did he reach the multi-million dollar figure? Sullivan explains it represents an estimate of the average cost of one daily cup of Starbucks coffee for all of the people turned away.
What's In The Leanne Domi Divorce Document? What's In The Leanne Domi Divorce Document?
Here are some excerpts. Remember that none of the allegations have been proven in court, and we have yet to hear her husband's side of this issue. "Tie Domi has committed adultery with Belinda Stronach. I believe he has been involved in an intimate sexual relationship with Belinda Stronach that may have commenced when he began working on her political campaign in 2006 ...Over the period of 2006, Tie Domi has spent numerous nights away from the matrimonial home when he told me he was in fact at the matrimonial home and our security cameras captured him leaving for the day and returning home at 12:15am ...When confronted by me about his lies about his whereabouts, Tie Domi deactivated all the security cameras for our home (and admitted to doing so because he 'didn't want to be watched')."Tie Domi admitted his adultery to me on one occasion . All he could say repeatedly was "I am so sorry Leanne." He stated repeatedly, "Just leave Belinda out of this."

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Plugged In byMIKE BEGGS... Although they come from a reggae/R&B background, the band WarmFront cuts a swath all the way from Bob Marley to Luther Vandross, from Sting to Blue Rodeo. They're doing a weekly show every Sunday night at Oscar's. We go all over, man," says lead singer/bassist Martin Lamont, who teams with keyboardist Bruce Skerritt and drummer Mike Goodrich. "We try everything, and we do a bit of ourselves." Depending on how many jammers show up, these well-schooled vets will play just three or four songs and then, "get things happening right away." We have room for guitar players to come in and jam," Lamont says. "There's a (mixture of) everything-- slow jazz to folk, you name it. Whoever comes in, we're flexible enough to go there with them. We strive not to get complete bands up, we like the individuals to showcase themselves." Six years on the go, WarmFront always aims to, "keep the groove as tight as possible." While some 30 years removed from his native St. Lucia, Lamont's roots still show through in his bass playing, an extended stint with veteran Toronto soul man Jay Douglas surely didn't hurt. "When I play any type of music, reggae always seems to sneak in there somewhere," he comments. "My drummer and I are so close together. We read each other pretty well." They've been working on an original CD for several years. And in the live show, Lamont says, "They go over great, people don't even know." This "hobby band" gigs two or three times a week. "Oh, I live for that, man," he adds. "In fact, last night the boys just came by to visit and we all plugged in and started to play. We're talking 1 in the morning."

The Rose is open!


During the weekend at the grand opening of the Rose theatre, well known and beloved local artist Phillip Leow was there with a showing  of his wonderful works. Our photos follow...PHOT0054.JPGMayor Susan Fennell proudly stands in front of the completed Rose Theatre, which opens its doors this month. The $55-million performing arts centre will be open to the public for guided tours. For the average person that may be their only chance to visit this very beautiful and sophisicated  piece of architecture. Admission is free, but people are encouraged to phone the box office at 905-874-2800

Beyonce Stages Free Concert In TorontoBeyonce Stages Free Concert In Toronto...When it comes to music stars, she's about as big as they come,R&B sensation Beyonce rocked Dundas Square, thrilling thousands of appreciative fans on 15/09/06, who crowded Toronto's busiest intersection. Yonge street had to be shut down from Shuter to Dundas on account of the spirited and free concert turnout.

The shooting spree and how we failed 
 What a gunman has done on a terrible rampage at a Montreal college,should not have occurred. The tradgedy at Dawson College Wednesday afternoon was very obviously imminent, through dress, behaviour, online predictions and collection of guns. I even blame the so-called homeland security who supposedly keep tabs on such matters. Government security groups, such as the Canadian Security and Intelligence Agency, don't monitor websites such as vampirefreaks.com -- a notorious U.S.-based site that has made headlines several times for links to Canadian killings, said Wesley Wark, an associate professor at the University of Toronto's Munk Centre for International Studies. RCMP don't monitor ..unless there's a complaint generated by someone. We don't have guys all day looking at different sites," said RCMP's national spokesman. There are two other well-known cases of murder connected tovampirefreaks.com. In a Toronto trial last year, the girlfriend of a youth accused of killing his younger brother and attempting to kill his stepfather was revealed to have had a profile and pictures on the site. The following is what transpired at Dawson College on Wednesday afternoon ...
Students and staff fled screaming in panic as the intruder continued sending off round after round, 20 shots were fired. Teachers pounding on classroom doors, telling people to get out as fast as possible.Gill refused to allow a fellow student to help a wounded Anastasia Rebecca De Sousa, instead ending the life of the "good girl" with a hail of bullets, sources say. 

A powerful Senate committee has rebelled against President Bush, passing a bill it said would protect the rights of foreign terrorism suspects and repair a U.S. image damaged by harsh treatment of detainees.A powerful Senate committee has rebelled against President Bush, passing a bill it said would protect the rights of foreign terrorism suspects and repair a U.S. image damaged by harsh treatment of detainees. Hours after Bush went to Capitol Hill to urge fellow Republicans to back his proposals for putting terrorism suspects on trial, a divided Senate Armed Services Committee approved its own bill which it said would meet demands of the U.S. Supreme Court that struck down Bush's original plan.The committee also resisted Bush's bid to more narrowly define the Geneva Conventions' standards for humane treatment of prisoners, which Bush said was essential to enable the CIA to elicit valuable information from detainees.Bush has been under fire for indefinite detentions and harsh treatment of foreign suspects at Guantanamo Bay as well as abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Human rights groups say mistreatment of prisoners has damaged U.S. moral standing.

Bush Admits Secret CIA Prisons ExistBush Admits Secret CIA Prisons Exist  After months of speculation and rumours about secret CIA prisons overseas, U.S. President George W. Bush confirmed the intelligence agency did operate detention centres where terrorism suspects were interrogated and forced to reveal details of alleged plots. Fourteen suspects, including the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks and men said to be directly responsible for the bombings of the USS Cole and American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, have been transported to the U.S. detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for trial.
  Peel Police arrest 'acquaintance' of man who was murdered Peel police arrested an "acquaintance" of a man stabbed to death in his Orenda Court apartment Friday afternoon during an argument about a woman, drugs and money, according to investigators. Anthony Ricardo Bogle, 33, of no fixed address, has been charged with murder in the death of Donald Wheeler, 49, of Brampton. Bogle was arrested by Peel police in a car in a plaza parking lot in the area of Steeles Avenue West and McLaughlin Road at 9:40 p.m. Monday. It took police some time to identify a suspect, but some time over the long weekend a warrant for first-degree murder was issued for Bogle. Police were called to the apartment building at 80 Orenda Crt. in the area of Kennedy Road South and Clarence Street at 5:45 p.m. There were other people inside the apartment at the time of the stabbing, and they have been interviewed by investigators, according to Peel homicide Insp. Norm English. He said the dispute was generally about a woman, drugs (crack cocaine) and money. The victim was in and out of a common-law relationship and had two children. He was unemployed. Wheeler was rushed to Peel Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later. It was Peel's seventh homicide this year.
another Peel stabbing
A 20-year-old was stabbed in the chest during a street fight in the northwest corner of Brampton last Tuesday afternoon, Peel police report. He suffered a punctured lung and was rushed to hospital. A 17-year-old acquaintance of the victim has been arrested and charged with attempted murder. The 5:30 p.m. stabbing happened on Park Estates Court, in the area of Main Street North, south of Bovaird Drive. The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call Peel police, 22 Division detectives, at 905-453-3311, ext. 2233, or Peel Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).
Parents Against Media Violence
You can register online at www.pamv.net, e-mail info@pamv.net or call 905-457-9201 or 905-495-9201   ...please include me as a supporter and participant on Sat 23/09/06 Mike PH 416-760-4755 on Good News and Injustice! 2006 FIFTH ANNUAL RUN

Toronto-Scarborough Parent Community in 'PAMV Run' 
Present Hon. Councilor Michael Thompson, Rose Dyson and Bala Kumar

American children between ages two and 18 spend an average of six hours and 32 minutes each    
day using media.

-Average 12-year old has seen 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence on network television.
-Research has associated exposure to media violence with variety of physical and mental health

problems for children and adolescents including aggressive behavior, desensitization to violence,
fear, depression, sleep disturbances and nightmares.

Our Mission
To create awareness among parents and children about adverse health impact of media violence
targeted at children.

Al-Qaida Releases Taped Message On Anniversary EVIL


Al-Qaida Tape On Anniversary Extremists were anything but silent on the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the United States, releasing a videotape, warning that the Persian Gulf countries and Israel would be the terror group's next targets. Osama bin Laden's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri accused Egypy, Jordan and Saudi Arabia of supporting Israel in its month-long war against Hezbollah in Lebanon. Hundreds of Lebanese citizens died in the bloody conflict. Your troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are doomed, al-Qaida's number two also says  we should flee to the Gulf and Israel where you would be thrown out ...

Schmooze Festival Hosts Plethora Of StarsFilm Fest Reaches Fever Pitch With Pitt Appearance
If there's one thing that makes women scream, it's Brad Pitt and that's exactly what hundreds did Saturday night, as the actor walked the red carpet solo in front of a frenzied crowd outside the premiere of his new film, Babel. Dressed all in black, Pitt took his time signing autographs in front of Roy Thompson Hall as part of the Toronto International Film Festival. He praised those that worked with him on the film, including Babel director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu.
Schmooze Festival Hosts Plethora Of Stars The annual Schmooze Festival once again transformed the Chum building on Queen St., into a virtual cosmos of revolving stars and hopeful wannabes Friday night. Samuel L. Jackson may have best summed up his warm reception, stating with the simplicity of a layman, "It's great to be liked by people." The pride of Scotland, Billy Connolly, also walked the red carpet and was enthralled by the raucous crowd  "It's so wonderful to see this kind of enthusiasm. I love coming back to Toronto." Canadian comedian Eugene Levy pegged Toronto as,  "the most exciting city in the world tonight." Stars were everywhere in the city Friday.  Reese Witherspoon was spotted downtown, commenting, "Toronto's always great like this. The audiences love that people come here and see the films. We love being here with audiences that are enthusiastic. Sorts of a win/win situation."Things will only get more thrilling on Saturday for star-gazers as both Brad Pitt and former president Bill Clinton are expected to saunter into town. Clinton will be celebrating his 60th birthday party at the Royal York.

Solar Eruption This solar outburst extends hundreds of thousands of miles above the Sun’s surface
Volunteers Bringing the Solar System to the Public"

Ambassador Matt Oltersdorf's
The Solar System Ambassadors Program is a public outreach program designed to work with motivated volunteers across the nation. These volunteers communicate the excitement of JPL's space exploration missions and information about recent discoveries to people in their local communities.There are now 470 Ambassadors in 50 states and Puerto Rico bringing the excitement of space to the public. Ambassadors are space enthusiasts from various walks of life who are interested in providing greater service and inspiration to the community at large.The Solar System Ambassadors Program builds on and expands the outstanding efforts undertaken by the Galileo mission since 1997. Because of the success of the original Galileo Ambassadors program, JPL missions exploring Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Asteroids, Comets, Earth, the Sun and the Universe now come together to expand the program's scope to the Solar System and beyond.



U.S. Capitol Locked Down After Man Crashes Into Security BarricadeU.S. Capitol Locked Down After Man Crashes Into Security Barricade     Monday 18/9 2006 The U.S. Capitol in Washington was locked down for a brief time after a man crashed his vehicle into the building's security barricade. Police shut the complex down as they investigated the incident, which occurred just before 8am. Staff members were advised to stay in their offices as Capitol Police investigated to make sure there were no other intruders. According to Capitol Police Sgt. Stephen James, the man drove through a barricade on First St.,the vehicle also crashed into a water fountain. Witnesses said the man, wearing a blue ballcap, was chased by police into the Capitol near the Rotunda. The suspect's name has not been released and there's no word on a motive behind the incident. Within an hour the Capitol was reopened. Police cordoned off the vehicle, described as a light-coloured SUV. It sustained a damaged front fender in the crash and authorities planned to search it. In the summer of 1998, two officers were shot to death after a man with a history of mental illness opened fire inside the building. He was wounded and subsequently apprehended.

Kimveer Gill is shown in an undated photo taken from a website.  (Canadian Press) Kimveer Gill in an undated photo.
One woman was killed and 19 people were injured before the gunman, 25-year old Kimveer Gill of Fabreville, died in a shootout with police officers at the school. Gill, dressed in black from head to toe, started shooting randomly at people just before 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Gill is believed to have been carrying at least three weapons: a handgun, a 12-gauge shotgun and a semi-automatic or automatic rifle.

A New Hampshire teenager was diagnosed with autism as a child and did not like to be exposed to any noise until he was 6. Audio therapy and a toy piano unlocked his gifts. "Our house had been completely quiet," Matt's mother, Diane, said. "No music. No sound. And then my husband and I heard 'London Bridge' being played perfectly down in the playroom. We looked at each other. Matt had just started playing: from nothing to playing perfectly." Matt, now 14, releases his seventh album on his parents record label this month. Even he does not understand how he is able to play as well as does, improvising effortlessly on the piano. "It kind of transfers from the brain to the fingers. It goes through your body. That's how it feels," Matt said. Stephen Wiltshire is another prodigious savant. His genius is the ability to see something once and draw it in exquisite detail -- even something as complicated as a city skyline. George Widener, too, is a prodigious savant. Widener says he has been diagnosed with a mild form of autism called Asperger's Syndrome. He knows without thinking the day of the week for any year in the past or future. He now uses these calendar skills to produce critically acclaimed artwork, combining his love of numbers and calendars with an astonishing memory of days and dates in history.

Toronto Police To Take Part In 9/11 Memorial EventsToronto Police Take Part In 9/11 Memorial Events
New York City marking the fifth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks on Monday. Close to 100 officers from police forces across the GTA - including Toronto, York, Durham and Peel
Solemn Ceremonies Mark 9/11Solemn Ceremonies Mark 9/11
Monday September 11, 2006. On a cool and blue-skied September day not unlike the one exactly five years ago, New York City held its solemn remembrance of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks - events that forever changed the world. Nearly 3,000 lives were lost when terrorists hijacked passenger planes and flew them into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan and the Pentagon in Arlington, Va. A fourth plane crashed in Shanksville, Pa. after the passengers stormed the cockpit to overthrow the terrorists. Four moments of silence were marked at 8:46, 9:03, 9:59, and 10:29am - the times when the jetliners struck each of the trade center buildings and when each tower fell. Officials rang a bell to signify each one. Family members travelled to the 16-acre New York site where the center once stood, clutching bouquets of flowers and bearing photos of their lost loved ones.Among the relatives mourning there were Canadian widows Cindy Barkway and Maureen Basnicki, who lost their husbands David Barkway and Ken Basnicki in the attacks. Standing side by side, they assisted in reading out the names of the 2,749 people who died at the trade center at a memorial service.
U.S. Secretary Of State: Canada Will Win In AfghanistanU.S. Secretary Of State Visit with Stephen Harper   I<